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Hey guys, some of you may remember years ago when I covered Billiken basketball for "Arch City Sports," and after a 4 or so year hiatus I am happy to announce that I am back writing for them once again, under the new brand name "Arch City Media."

Most of the content I produce will not be groundbreaking news for any of us avid fans, but the brand has a social media following of over 170k (greater than the Post Dispatch) and gets tons of website traffic so this is a great opportunity to draw some attention to the program from the STL market that may not show Team Blue the love they deserve.

The point I'm getting at is that I would love y'all's help promoting my content, providing me with suggestions as to what should/needs to be covered, and giving constructive criticism whenever possible. I plan to use this as a thread to link my articles as they are posted and the more publicity the get the better so any and all help is greatly appreciated. 


NOTE: I am not the greatest of writers, but this is a great opportunity and something I thoroughly enjoy doing, so I will be producing as much content as my schedule allows. I have loved the emergence of Carter Chapley and the effort he puts in as it forces Stu to compete at that level, so hopefully I can contribute to some capacity in the same way. 

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If they hold a press conference after the senior night festivities I will be in attendance. Any questions y'all would like to get answers to? 


There's at least a chance I'll ask them. 

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