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  1. lindenwood was looking to shut down and sell its assets roughly 40 years ago and they turned it around using this strategy, looks like it worked
  2. typically athletes would get a reduction in tuition, the scholly part and then would pay room and board fees, keeping the dorms full and making the food service profitable or at least not a loser.m the school gets a bunch of students who want to play sports that otherwise would maybe not choose lindenwood, their tuition would be greatly reduced and the dorms wouldnt lose money. happens in a lot of small schools
  3. my son was recruited by lindenwood and at that time they probably had near 30 on some kind of scholly for basketball naia at the time, sports played a big role in saving lindenwood from bankruptcy
  4. I am going to assume that okoro has been working on his passes out of the post and he will be excellent this year. who would sit if cisse plays along with him> i dont see that happening much
  5. we sat in the upper seats on the end line above the basket, had those seats for years best place to watch. ended up at the arena in an almost unwatchable seat
  6. got screwed on seating with that debacle, never got any answers, but did get crappy seats
  7. if parker is the real deal i can see jimerson with a few less and pickett about 20, who fills the ten minutes when collins sits? is that thames or thatch?
  8. other than playing time juco has little to offer in comparison to being at slu. most jucos have mediocre to poor facilities, dorms and food service. i get that guys want to play but i think when an offer to play d-1 ball comes it would be hard to pass up
  9. i like our juco guys too, my post was in ressponse to the question would rivera be better off to play at juco or sit on the bench with billikens, my opinion was sit with the billikens for a whole lot of reasons, competion in practice, trainers, dietitians facilities etc, it was never to be taken that i didnt think talented players came from juco. juco games i watched, i have watched many look about as organized as rec plex, little passing, no defense, and so on. welcome daniel, coach ford wants you so i am all in
  10. Big step up in level of play that year and he didnt know robinson and stewart would go off the rails. ryan grant got injured and what would have been i decent season turned into a disaster.
  11. I wasn’t referring to talent, I was referring to style of play and learning to play in a d-1 system more will be learned practicing with the Billikens than playing Juco. Most Juco players take quite awhile to adjust. Just my observation not trying to pick a fight
  12. Juco is one step above rec plex ball, he is better off with the Billikens
  13. Disagreeing is not the same as disrespect
  14. i agree everyone deserves respect, why then is it ok to single out poster with disrespect. I had a lot of prisoners as patients, some were murderers. i treated them with the same dignity as all my other patients. rather than shoot barbs, just ignore the ones you dont like. it is easy. maybe they dont have enough years behind them to understand. with God's grace they might live a long life and understand i would white knight for you if i felt you were unfairly treated,
  15. respecting elders is about your own personal integrity not whether the person deserves it, remember this when some snot nosed punk gives you constant beratement have your cane ready to give him a beatdown
  16. "polite to othe mbm's"Would that include old guy? just asking for clarification
  17. untrue or not it is not a civil way to respond, i am sure most on this board would prefer a courteous respond to a disagreement as to the way old guy has been treated. as for as policing the board, it is Steve's to police as he will, not mine or yours
  18. that would be advice he well should heed, there are a number of posters i dont care to read and it is real easy to move on
  19. I am sorry you were not raised to respect your elders, i hope that works out for you when you are the elder that is disrespected, time will tell
  20. My father told me to be courteous and respect my elders and if he saw that i didnt he would have given a well deserved ass whipping. i think we should be courteous to all posters regardless whether we like them or not. i see shots taken at old guy that i quite frankly are petty and undeserved. class up and respect your elders, we will all be old someday
  21. Would it be ok if i choose a poster and take potshots at him and make snide remarks about him like some do toward Old GuY? it must be fun because a number of guys do it
  22. we can forget the nil's but the recruits wont
  23. Coach Tate says the first question is what about your nil?
  24. who did he call a superstar that didnt perform?
  25. the quote that i pin my hopes on is coach ford saying he will be a superstar. he could have described him in many ways but superstar is the word he used
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