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  1. Attendance? It needs to be said, some real reasons: overall, county people have the money to go to games, not city people, it is a long drive for casual fans and their children (and we ain't The Cardinals, and it is a winter sport, cold weather, during the school year as opposed to The Cardinals) it is a war zone, safety is an issue, let's face it, take your woman, your kids down there? Not as well protected as The Blues parking isn't that good for some, the bars are a bit far to go to before the game then walk to the game and back... leave your car, "where"? no name recognition teams on the home schedule, Wichita State and VCU, the rest are ???; even teams like Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, though maybe not top notch, have name recognition (we needed to get into the Big East, though that time may have passed) no regional rivalries on the home schedule, so 1) less local fan interest and 2) no regional fans of our opponents come to fill seats fans are more and more disenchanted with the character issues, the kind of "student athletes" in basketball (and football), even just the last 10 years it as worsened, and the fact that other school can load up with players who clearly could not be admitted and / or succeed academically at SLU no local players, the modern era days of Highmark, Claggett, Lisch, Liddell, were such a plus for fan identity, they were local town warriors we had a great run with HOF coach Rick Majerus, middle-of-the-road curious fans attended, but his miracles are behind us, so on top of everything else, as we re-tool with our young players, casual fans do not want to see a sub .500 team 40+ years, The SL Post treats us like sh*t, carefully finesses us with intent (had to put that in here)
  2. "I'd die if a basketball player ever came to a baseball game."
  3. It could be time for a change, the AD et al need to know what is really going on, I do not. The two most highly touted SOPH players, MY and DR, with offers from about a dozen power conference schools, who most everyone on this board had praised last year have regressed. If they were factors, especially MY if he played inside, rebounded, played "D", posted up, passed... we might be much better off. Everyone here trashes Crews... but Chaeney and others have responsibility, why don't the kids listen to any of them? Sometimes you recruit a kid and he just plain does not cooperate, does not go with the program, doesn't get it, trust me. It happens a lot. Are these two in that category? I do not know. Maybe it is Crews. I see poorly executed screens, huge defensive lapses, bad footwork, and I assume the coaches have taught them all the proper techniques over and over but it does not happen, so yes to me it could be "coaching leadership", the kids do not buy in or have given up since they realized they are not going to post season play over a month ago. But, again, just those two players, if they had improved since last year instead of regressing, then we had something even though we are very light in the BIGS category. If the AD and others close to the program see that Crews is not effective in leading the kids, then yes it is time for a change. However, it might be decided to let him have next year, when his two recruited classes are JR's and SOPHs to truly see if the rebuilding is making progress (100th time... the only classes Crews is responsible for is current FR and SOPHs, the others were when he was interim, do you go to work somewhere when you do not know who the boss will be? Not me.). Our three most reliable/productive players, Ash, Reggie, and MC... oh... all upperclassmen. What a coincidence. (they have shown progress this year, have been developed, as has MR, even Jolly a tad... any credit to Crews and Chaeney? Bishop has shown promise, and walk on Hines has contributed, the staff saw it and made the right choice). Think about the two top rated recruits, especially a critically needed BIG, MY, but also DR, if only they had progressed... still SOPHs. To all: if you do not like Crews, fine, but show some class. BIGS. Our only BIG that is productive is Reggie. He has worked his tail off, a warrior, has really helped, and I respect him for that. MY should be a productive BIG, inside presence on "D", rebounds, post up "O" a la DE, but it hasn't happened. None of our young 5's are strong enough to compete, yet. Our legendary RM success run was when Conk, CE, RL, DE, CR, and GG were all experienced... we had a deep line of seasoned BIGS... some were not so hot until they had a few seasons under their belt.
  4. some fan. roy you absolutely rip billiken coaches and players sometimes. i never have, never will. i take on some posters who do, sure. answer the question: do you think the 14 photos in the sl post gallery on last nights game almost all of which showed us falling, getting stuffed, on our asses, losing the ball, helplessly flailing, etc, are fair, and that the sl post has represented us well the last 20-30 years? yes or no. (bonanza?)
  5. the whole point is not that we are playing poorly, but that the sl post methodically misrepresents slu hoops all of the time. think. i agree we are not playing well. no sh*t. i have been a season ticket holder on and off since the late '80's, maybe 15-18 total years, traveled a lot so had to skip some years, once for 6-7 of those years bought tics under the name from a well known figure who is bantered about on this board occasionally, another time thru another alumnus, and on and off with my own name (trish the dish was a ticket manager i remember). and years ago my family made a formidable donation to billiken athletics. i will explain to you some day. and you are in a business where you can get anybody's business, individuals, small firms, large firms, so your business interests can be mixed with being a billiken fan, good for you, it does not work that way for me, 10,000 people at a game, maybe 1-2 would have any possibility to have any input into my area of business. just pointing it out so you can get off your high horse. (note: i just quoted spaulding) * had ash had a 2nd half like the first, we win. give me a break. if grandma... http://www.stltoday.com/gallery/sports/college/slu/slu-loses-to-duquesne/collection_3b0c2c94-8d79-56ed-a0f6-9968364aecc8.html#0
  6. no I never said one picture, or all 5 pictures, and I never said I want the story/pictures to only cover the billiken good. nice try. i want a fair representation, not 90+% pics of billikens falling, getting stuffed, stumbling, losing control of the ball, that is not representative of what happened. i saw it, we didn't play as represented 90+% of the time, nothing to be proud of but we were in it til the end, and you know it. and again, they do it win or lose, back for decades, they must laugh their ass*s off, and men like you and bizzle and spaulding are oblivious. http://www.stltoday.com/gallery/sports/college/slu/slu-loses-to-duquesne/collection_3b0c2c94-8d79-56ed-a0f6-9968364aecc8.html#0
  7. Yes, but not one picture of Ash, or any Billiken doing anything right, and they did, though not right enough. Admit it. Look at the photos again, 1/2 of the pics with full player photos, our Billiken is literally slipping and / or falling down! This is not representative of what happened, we shot the same %, the same # of turnovers, we were in it. only 4 points down very late in the game. This is not fair coverage. It is horsesh*t. Look at the Davidson (win) photos, and the GM photos, not quite as bad but the same thing. We all are disappointed in the team this year, I get it, Bania. This is not a comment on the game yesterday, it is a comment on the crappy SL Post coverage that has hurt the program for decades. That is it for me on this matter, til next year... http://www.stltoday.com/gallery/sports/college/slu/slu-loses-to-duquesne/collection_3b0c2c94-8d79-56ed-a0f6-9968364aecc8.html#0
  8. Dude, we held them to the same... 38% shooting, forced 18 turnovers, they had 4 blocks, though.
  9. no roy i was not, saw it at home on a big screen, i stopped with the season tics a few years ago... i assume you were there groveling for customers for your business, as usual? yes another bad game, only big we have is reggie, jolly contributes a bit, throws his body in there, that is our biggest problem above anything else. yarbrough is needed to be an inside presence, that does not seem to be working out, injury or not. and we cannot set screens, terrible. not enough intensity on "d". if we do not hit our outside shots, we cannot win with this new offense. re: the st. louis post, do you all not understand that, all these years, a potential fan who is thinking of coming to a game sees that sh*t and it is a turnoff? how about recruits? same thing for all these years, even when we had our NCAA run, a pic on page 5 of a fallen billiken, the ball off to the side, him looking the wrong way, whilst a nice, sleek missouri jump shooter rising over a hapless opponent is on the front page. do you still get that rag delivered to your home, roy?
  10. Look again. Most every picture we look foolish, clumsy, overpowered, completely disproportionate to being fair about it. We were in this game, down 4 points, with a few mins to go, we didn't look like assh*les on every play as depicted by the Post. And look at the other 2 games on the photo gallery (Davidson, GM), same thing. For years it has been this way. No coincidence.
  11. Photo gallery, bottom of sports page online. 95% of the pictures show SLU player in awkward position, falling, getting stuffed, out of control, looking foolish. > 90 % in Davidson win. > 90% in George Mason loss. The St. Louis Post pimps us all the time, win or lose, it is no accident (like pictures of Romney looking a bit cross eyed, 10,000 pictures to choose, they put one like that in). First time I mentioned it, this year. They have been doing it since I can remember; win or lose. I remember we were HOT, after a big win, hard copy before I DC'd by subscription, but they chose a pic of KC on the floor, sitting down, the ball off to the side of him, he's looking the wrong direction, hands flopping all over... http://www.stltoday.com/gallery/sports/college/slu/slu-loses-to-duquesne/collection_3b0c2c94-8d79-56ed-a0f6-9968364aecc8.html#0 (now Bonwich with his fruit avatar will defend The Post)
  12. http://www.stltoday.com/gallery/sports/college/slu/slu-loses-to-duquesne/collection_3b0c2c94-8d79-56ed-a0f6-9968364aecc8.html#0 Picture gallery... look at all of them and tell me what you see.
  13. Yes he has the kind of background that is a possibility, he has a good profile in some categories, but who knows if he is head coaching material? There is so much more to it. Does he have head coaching X & O capabilities, leadership skills, overall demeanor, org skills, attention to detail, energy, all of that, who knows? But to come from a big program with big time recruiting success and pipelines is a good start. Who really knows how much of the recruiting can be attributed to him? Insiders would know, not us. And if he has all the attributes above, he might want a better gig than SLU, so I would be skeptical about him. IMO to think about all of this is pointless right now. But that is just me. Some who are being mentioned are absolutely NOT going to be interested in SLU, no way, some posters are not being realistic. And Crews might coach us next year, who knows?
  14. It is an old habit of mine, I use A+ down to F- ratings to communicate sports, business, whatever, everyone identifies with it. Some of the new defensive metrics are not entirely credible, simple example is Molina's defensive WARs have been +1.5, 2 when we know he contributes more than that. Baseball people in town that I talk to occasionally including one well known insider are high on Piscotty in all 5 tool categories as an outfielder, and is a plus defender, but no, not saying he is definitely 5 tool, yet. For what it is worth, last year after spring training this guy was very high on Grichuk and Gonzales, pointing to breakthrough years.
  15. Wrong, as usual. Baseball people will tell you that Piscotty is a plus defensive outfielder, maybe our best now that Heyward is gone. He has outstanding instincts... moves immediately to the ball off the bat, good lateral and backwards movement but also has the rare ability to quickly go in for a ball in front of him, he has good speed (but not top end) / so good range, very good arm, and excellent glove skills. 5 Tools: Arm: B Range/glove skills/defense: B+ Speed on bases: B- Batting average/on base: B-B+* Power: B-* * too small a sample, TBD Every category Piscotty is a plus, above average... "C" being the average corner outfielder. Roberto Clemente = all A's and A+'s!
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