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  1. I understand the circumstances but I'm just devastated... we were out for everyone's neck. We were gonna be back to back tourney champs. Fuock Dayton, but also I hate to see their season end this way. It's all just so sad, I already miss basketball.
  2. Or Richmond gets the win over Dayton and we beat them in the finals. I'm OK either way.
  3. The way I see it there's no better gift than a Saturday night home win to guarantee a conference double-bye, potential podium spot in the regular season, and keep at-large hopes alive. I just hope he doesn't come out firing on all cylinders and make a lot of unnecessary mistakes.
  4. Wishful thinking but I certainly wouldn't complain. I imagine this is 19? He's so good for being so young.
  5. Didn't know this. Halfheartedly hope that Andre leads a Happy Birthday sing a long. Double digit assists for the birthday boy today?
  6. Leaving Cape Girardeau shortly to make my way up, group of 8 coming tonight. The MBMs alone will comprise a larger crowd than Duquesne had in their entire stadium last night. Anybody notice that pathetic turnout?
  7. If they hold a press conference after the senior night festivities I will be in attendance. Any questions y'all would like to get answers to? There's at least a chance I'll ask them.
  8. Preview for tonight's game. http://archcity.media/2020/03/07/billikens-host-st-bonaventure-for-final-game-of-regular-season/
  9. Recap of George Mason, forgot to post. http://archcity.media/2020/03/06/billikens-winning-streak-improves-to-four-at-george-mason/
  10. Yuri tied with jordair (164) for 3rd on single season assists list
  11. Got it. 50%FG for the 6th straight game
  12. I loved that too. Need to make one more FG to keep up the 50% or greater
  13. Love to see that kind of 3pter, great job Patriots
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