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  1. Looking for two for Davidson on Saturday if any are available - happy to trade or purchase
  2. Anyone have any they will not be using for St. Joes on the 18th? Parents are coming in town and want to let them watch us murder that Hawk
  3. I actually don't think the academics would be the issue at a school like Duke/ND/Stanford etc. They weren't the issue at SLU either. These programs all have isolated and well defined programs for athletes who struggle in the classroom and give them every resource/opportunity to succeed. They are essentially placed in a bubble that minimizes their risk in the classroom to a maximum degree. Gordon's issue will always be his attitude - no matter the level of academics he is challenged with at his next school.
  4. He just takes the team that is at the top of the conference standings and plugs them in as the auto-bid for every league. They are the only team with a win so they are the auto bid. Has nothing to do with what he thinks about them actually being good.
  5. Any word on recruits in attendance yesterday?
  6. Also looking for two tonight if anyone has any?? Willing to trade for later games as well
  7. We can't hate on people for not supporting the team en masse and also hate on new fans coming out to support. A whole new crop of people are getting excited for the bills and you should be excited about that as well. Glad you're on the bandwagon @slufan06 and help bring us a W! If you call the ticket office they should be able to help you out: http://www.slubillikens.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=27200&ATCLID=211660007
  8. I would just like to again state that whoever is now in charge of MBB social media needs a raise and they needed it yesterday
  9. Most of the power schools do midnight madness - but more as a recruiting tool than something for the fans. Indiana for example brings in their top 5-7 targets for Hoosier Hysteria every year as part of their OV.
  10. Does a small part of anyone think they have all heard on their appeals? I have no basis for this other than my own thoughts but this would be day 10 of the player's appeal, 2 players already left the school as if they know their fate and it would make sense the girl would give a statement AFTER the appeal was complete and not before.... Again - no facts, just my hunch (hope)
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