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  1. Did some research and identified who is in STL and who had to stay home from NC State. Looks like they lost a decent amount of scoring from last year (27ppg) and their star freshman (Cam Hayes) is not in STL. Sounds like 10 might have actually travelled to STL instead of 9 but we will see at tip. The one in question is DJ Funderburk. I pulled prior year stats for all returning players and current year for the frosh. Yellow = Graduated Light Blue = Playing Orange = Didn't make it to STL Bills by 15 NC State - Actives.xlsx
  2. I actually wonder if your number of listeners would increase if you split this into two separate pods - each about an hour when you edit and trim some fat? You could also provide some commentary on the topics covered in each pod at the start and end to build upon the fans perspective of the conversation. As you have seen, many people shy away from listening based on the length alone. I feel that you could take this route to still utilize the full interview, increase your pod downloads and provide the content you are looking to provide without sacrificing a large portion of the interview.
  3. Was shown this site that has pretty cool merch for a lot of colleges. You can request your school to have mercy added so thought we could have the board flood it with Saint Louis requests to hopefully add some more apparel options to our arsenal. https://www.homefieldapparel.com/pages/suggest-a-school
  4. His dad passed away a few months back. I think you underestimate the ability to get home in 10 minutes to see / be with his mother as compared to 3 hours.
  5. This actually isn't all that uncommon. Most accounting schools offer a full slate of classes that don't start until late March so that students have the opportunity to complete internships / work full time during busy accounting seasons. Same idea just replace tax / accounting for basketball.
  6. So if McKinney has gone JUCO - that means he would be eligible to rejoin a D1 squad in Jan 2021?
  7. Looking for two for Davidson on Saturday if any are available - happy to trade or purchase
  8. Anyone have any they will not be using for St. Joes on the 18th? Parents are coming in town and want to let them watch us murder that Hawk
  9. I actually don't think the academics would be the issue at a school like Duke/ND/Stanford etc. They weren't the issue at SLU either. These programs all have isolated and well defined programs for athletes who struggle in the classroom and give them every resource/opportunity to succeed. They are essentially placed in a bubble that minimizes their risk in the classroom to a maximum degree. Gordon's issue will always be his attitude - no matter the level of academics he is challenged with at his next school.
  10. He just takes the team that is at the top of the conference standings and plugs them in as the auto-bid for every league. They are the only team with a win so they are the auto bid. Has nothing to do with what he thinks about them actually being good.
  11. Any word on recruits in attendance yesterday?
  12. Also looking for two tonight if anyone has any?? Willing to trade for later games as well
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