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  2. I wouldn't sell them so short. JGood had only one game last year with under 30 minutes. He has more games with 39 or more minutes than 30 or fewer.
  3. https://www.redbubble.com/i/mask/Saint-Louis-Billikens-by-Afino/47995255.9G0D8?ref=product-image i can’t verify quality yet but I ordered 4.
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  5. Believe unfair comments and comparisons being made to BOTH Thatch and Jacobs. Fred was a tweener in high school who used his speed, strength and height to score - and he scored a lot. He joined our team with a lot of Senior/upper class leadership and did whatever it took to play -- relentless, hard-nosed defense and he rebounded better than most upper class guards not named Goodwin. His weakness as a true Freshman? probably the lack of a deadly perimeter/3 point shot and the lack of PG skills -- both skills not unusual for Freshmen. Hell most Freshmen barely get off the bench and can barely defend their own man much less becomes a defensive specialist. And by all accounts, Fred improved on his weaknesses and came back last year a new player -- all ready to be an offensive player instead of solely a defensive specialist - but his season never really got started due to medical issues. Jacobs came to SLU, like Fred, with impressive high school skills Like Fred, Jacobs faced the same Senior/upper class dominated players, also tried to find a way to play and be a factor, but unlike Fred, he lacked the strength of Fred and he sustained injuries. Had our team not been so shallow and one-dimensional due to Situation 2, Jacobs would have redshirted or would have sat the bench with no expectations of his playing. Instead, we were short-handed and we lacked perimeter shooting so we looked to Jacobs - a Freshman - for immediate help. And in response, we saw a deer-in-the-headlights look, together with non-muscular frame, and we wrote him off as a guy who won't make it here at SLU. Then, after he matures, heals and undergoes his own "Conklin summer" and becomes a starter, we then place more undue expectations upon him. Our team again desperately needed an outside shooter -- and unfortunately Jacobs was not able to be that guy each and every game (though he did carry us in some games and he did dominate in parts of certain games) in his first season of real playing time Again, a lot to expect of a Sophomore. Most of the time, this role falls upon the best guard (Goodwin) and the upper class guards (Goodwin, Weaver) or is shared by the others -- but Goodwin is not a perimeter shooter, Tay Weaver had some limitations and was adjusting himself when Fred (1 of our Big 3) sustained medical issues and Jimerson broke his foot. As a result, we put unfair pressure on Jacobs for the second year in a row. Why can't we be happy that Jacobs, as a Sophomore, became a starter/contributing role player for us. Next year: Jacobs will be a Junior -- an upper class leader. No more excuses for him from me. Normally, I would say the same about Fred -- though he missed last year and, unfortunately, will never be 100% from a medical standpoint. Though next year, we will have a diverse team including outside shooters and Jacobs and Thatch will be able to be -- Jacobs and Thatch.
  6. I suggest you take up this conversation about the Mitchell twins with Adam Zagoria.
  7. A little surprise coming for you guys tomorrow. Make sure you check https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsvJmviAdNdku6QWWu8J-xw/ tomorrow morning.
  8. Multiple outlets reporting including the Green Bay Press Gazette that Will Ryan, son of former Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan will be named next head coach at Green Bay (UWGB). He was chosen over three other finalists, which included former SLU head coach, and current Virginia assistant Brad Soderberg. https://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/sports/2020/06/06/uwgb-name-ryan-its-new-mens-basketball-coach/3158834001/
  9. I don’t like this. this team can’t get better, it’s already too good.
  10. Yes, HP, I read the story ...... but again, as I understand the transfer rule as it currently exists, you have to be ENROLLED in your next institution in order to start the clock on your one-year transfer residency. The Mitchell twins signed on February 29 and March 3 of 2020, meaning, to me, December is a pipe dream. Hell, schools started sending kids home due to COIVID at the time they signed, all tournaments were cancelled, and all classes for all intents were shelved. I'd also like to see the waiver request Carey files. He's from Harlem so Kingston ain't no sick grand ma. He's not going home. He's had injuries; so too have others including Thatch and Jimmmerson. Big deal. And yet the coaching staff "recruited" him to play with Fatts. Fatts is a senior ----this is it and a no go unless Carey gets this waiver. That's bullshite, cheating, tampering ---- call it what you want, yes?
  11. Is there a way to check points online?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Agreed. Dayton is clearly the more accomplished program based on the last 10 years of results. And one bad off-season doesn't stop Wichita State from being Wichita State. And that's just the midwest. We have to get it done over an extended period of time. There are no shortcuts.
  14. I agree with this. We also have to go on quite the streak of not missing NCAAs for any reason. That is what builds a program. Yes, there is also the issue of advancement, but a team needs to get there first. It will take a long run of tournaments and a couple 2nd weekend runs or greater before SLU gets mentioned among the elite of non-football schools.
  15. As an athlete I feel like this quarantine made me realize how bad i want to be great at basketball and how dedicated i am to this sport. I think it’s brought out another side of me that I needed to get at. my workouts have been great and my body feeling even better!! This is what you want to hear. JB Jr dominating next year
  16. All these P5 programs that had decades of success before falling into a rut have the same problem. Their fans refuse to live in the present. Lou Henson and Bill Self are not walking through that door. Team bloggers like Prince could lower the collective blood pressure of their fanbases by managing expectations but that wouldn't get clicks.
  17. Do Illini fans and media ever think that Illinois isn’t a recruit’s top choice? Apparently Prince works for Rivals.
  18. Some activity in Springfield, MO......2021 guard Isaac Haney, two time Missouri Class 1 Player of the Year at Dora, and Missouri St. Commit, is transferring to Kickapoo, which already has Mizzou commit Anton Brookshire. Greenwood (Boo Williams) has 2021 uncommitted 5 star guard/wing Aminu Mohammed who is wide open with a long list of high major suitors. He is targeting a possible November commitment somewhere. Both schools will be playing in Tourney of Champions next season.
  19. https://www.zagsblog.com/2020/06/05/rhode-island-adds-syracuse-transfer-jalen-carey/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rhode-island-adds-syracuse-transfer-jalen-carey
  20. Personal leave of absence is a nice way to put flunked out.
  21. The current points system does not require you to have season tickets. All club members have points. I am a club member on the list but my tickets remain in my father's name. Last season the number of season tickets sold was in the low 5k. That does not mean we have 5k season ticket holders.
  22. Are the Mitchell twins eligible as you say? This was asked before. You need a full year in your school before you are eligible and the Michell twins only declared in April. So I doubt they were in Kingston in January. Everyone would have known.
  23. This. Anybody that has ever had season tickets or donated to the athletic department probably has an account. There may be some look back time period that it cuts off at.
  24. I haven't had season tickets in 2 years but I still have a billiken points ranking.
  25. If there were 6,066 STH it stands to reason that would likely account for over 12,000 tickets.
  26. My source is the Saint Louis Billiken Account Manager website for season ticketholders. One can access their 'Personal Profile' listing name, address, contact info etc. Within that there is a listing of your Total Billiken Points and in turn your ranking of xxx out of 6066. I can only assume that the 6066 represents total season ticket holders. That number has increased steadily over the years. Perhaps that includes student ticket accounts, nevertheless the source is SLU. If you have season tickets you should be able to access the same information.
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