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  1. Everytime a troll comes around on this board, I always think to myself, like Clark in Christmas Vacation, "Where is ACE, he usually eats these goddamn things." He's the best in the business.
  2. Is Brett Jolly a starter caliber player for a team with only 5 players?
  3. Tour of major metro areas for the non conference season? NYC, Seattle, Detroit, Houston, Indy..
  4. Medical redshirt is usually a slam dunk unless there is a weird circumstance like Carter had - playing in a game randomly right before transfer - or a guy exhausting the 5 year clock because of injury. Bishop shouldn't have a problem at all because he played the first 9 games, was injured, and did not return. If he transferred out before he graduates from SLU, he would run into a problem of trying to play 4 seasons in 5 years though. He needs to stick another 2 years, graduate, and then has options.
  5. He better hope that the Kings don't ****** him at 5. Sacramento is where careers go to die.
  6. The article is a point I've made about Tatum. If he would have been at SLU last year, I think he winds up as the #1 pick in the draft. Playing at a Duke, UK, KU, etc. presents an interesting few problems for players. The first is obvious - you are playing with 10 other McDonalds AA types and fighting for PT. You aren't the star of that show. But it also gives them a huge level of exposure. That is good, until it isn't. People start picking apart your game, finding flaws that they might not see before. Of course Tatum will still be a top 10 pick, but playing for Coach K did not help his draft stock in any way. If anything, it hurt it.
  7. Good news! Gus is in the "voted on by listeners nationwide" category. If we pull together, we can make sure that he never comes within a muffin whisker of this so called hall of fame.
  8. I like it. A home and home with a top 50 team and a coach who has been in trouble with the NCAA. Sampson will have that team in the tourney next year. A great matchup for a heckling student section as well. Totally unrelated, but that Mario fella is still working for Xavier and is still their DBO. He has to be by far the longest tenured DBO in the country. I remember giving him hell as a student and that was 11+ years ago now.
  9. I'd tell Roy to stick to basketball, but even basketball has passed him by. Lately he's broken out a good one that he used to pull all the time. He starts calling out people that are stealing his content or not giving him credit but never does so by name or directly @ anyone. It's a special kind of rant.
  10. To cap off a weird recruitment, a weird announcement. It looks like the first mention anywhere was from the official Mizzou MBB twitter account. Don't know if I've seen that before.
  11. Tool
  12. I wasn't aware that an acceptance rating was the end/all be all of school standing. Evansville and Valparaiso Valparaiso Valparaiso are classified by most as a regional university, thus not appearing in the national rankings.
  13. Agreed. Supposedly they are looking to add more in the near future, but, like the Big East, I will believe it when I see it. Valpo is a weak program and a weak add. This will be looked back at similar to how (You People in) Evansville was added. Seemingly a great addition at the time, but lack of a true commitment rendered them an also-ran in the MVC.