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  1. Off topic: Moderation

    Get a room guys. I’ve been spending some likes on historic posts. Might I recommend the best post ever made. http://www.billikens.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15829-refs/&do=findComment&comment=173436
  2. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    I only get FS1 from DirecTV Now, but I only have the lowest package so no regionals. If you have AT&T cell service on unlimited data, you get DirecTV Now basic for $10 a month. I have an AppleTV on all of our TVs so the Fox Sports Go app gives you access to all the stuff on FS1 plus the regional FS that the account has.
  3. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    I have a Directv now subscription. I just have no use for Fox Sports Midwest unless it’s for a SLU game. I’d actually say me watching the game on Fox Sports Go is more valuable to SLU than watching it on your cable box in St. Louis. My watching will be tracked, logged, recorded as a tally of interest. Unless you are a Nielsen family, no one knows or cares what you’re watching on a cable box. More people tracked watching SLU is good for the future of having games on tv, as revenue, whatever. But that’s just another view of it all.
  4. Off topic: Moderation

    Really well said. It’s always been “look at all the ways I like SLU” when the ulterior motive was always Something First-SLU second. Stlhi said it himself. He was on here touting his boys from STL originally. Then he was trying to build up his St. Louis website. Then it was just general self promotion. (Sad!) Youre a St Louis basketball guy and that’s fine. You’re not a SLU fan. I think you’d find the respect you’re apparently desperately looking for if you just admitted that. And dropped the spumac crap. There’s been people on here that have come from an unbiased view talking about recruits without being SLU fans. You could easily do that. Instead you come around at weird times and always have some sort of...motive. And you’re terrible at hiding that motive.
  5. Off topic: Moderation

    You’ve still got it Ace! Great to see it. Master troll detective.
  6. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    The Fox Sports Go app will get you access to all the events on Fox Sports regional channels if you have a password for someones account that has those channels. I recently cut the cord in a house with my wife and two small kids. It has been awesome. The key is to just borrow someones account password and you're golden. All the content in a pretty much on demand format.
  7. Off topic: Moderation

    I don't see anywhere to actually award points, like someone or something. The only thing I can see is the little dot with a 0 under the avatar.
  8. Off topic: Moderation

    Reputation points! Finally a way I can measure myself versus other posters, besides height!
  9. Off topic: Moderation

    Steve, it seems like there is a lot more post volume over the course of the last, say, 6 years than during the Soderberg era? Is that accurate or just anecdotal? The other thing that you touched on - the insider part. Unless Chaifetz himself is posting here, those guys churn through the program as well. It is all based on connections so anytime a coach leaves, an AD employee leaves, or whatever the "insiders" are going to change up. Even boosters on the large end of donations will ebb and flow with the info they have access to. That doesn't even touch on students who are friends or acquaintances of players that change every single semester. Life changes sometimes.
  10. Off topic: Moderation

    Isn't this mostly a spumac problem? The VCU fans at least have the topic of a game that SLU will be playing to discuss. There also seems to be a ratio of about 1:9 of good to bad posters when that happens. But then they fly away, onto their next opponent. Through the years there have been Washington, VCU, Butler, Xavier, Cincinnati, and Marquette fans. There is really no reason a spumac fan should be posting here. They have nothing to provide, period. The problem with the other 349 schools fans only seems to arise when they want to come around in non game related things to stir the pot or claim some sort of double allegiance. I seem to recall this being prevalent with Marquette in the CUSA days. But those are few and far between, and you occasionally get a gruehls that is well worth it. I'd nuke spumac discussion out of everything unless there is a game scheduled where it makes sense. If not, what can they possibly provide?
  11. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    You’d think the league office would also be more up to date. I’m not sure how much say they have in these games, but you’d think they would have an interest in the best of the A10 out there as much as possible.
  12. This is a good thing. It’s nice to see they are wanting to get all they can out of the research building as welll.
  13. OT: Finally Some Good STL News

    Nothing will get some folks to turn on you like a cancelled U2 concert AND a cancelled Ed Sheehan concert.
  14. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    +1. See Blackhawks, Chicago
  15. Message from Dr. P regarding STL community

    I hadn't really heard of this case before this thread, but apparently there has been a not guilty verdict?