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  1. Yeah who cares about marketing and silly things like that.
  2. This doesn't look bad at all (beside the amateurly made and smallish size of the head.
  3. Mostly I speak in kinda joking about firing Chris May and similar acts. But either way this latest snafu has only two possible causes. 1. If they change it - it shows their is way too much group think and no one in the administration that has the sense to speak up and say "wow this is awful!" A lot of other things that have occurred with this AD would also go towards this theory. 2. If they don't change it or do anything- this is an athletic department that has zero clue what their fan base and potential fan base likes or wants. Both things could alsi also be true , but regardless this has been quite the fuok up.
  4. From the post dispatch article, Pestello said "(Students) pushed for a Billiken that was a little more contemporary. More aggressive looking, but still smiling and giving that knowing wink." ----------------- That's been the company line on the logo, but frankly the students aren't really the target audience for a mascot.
  5. Here I thought this might be a overreaction. The SLU facebook page posted the video. There are currently 362 comments on it. There are two non-hating comments out of 362. And one of those was an old lady saying "great video!" might be be a new incompetency low for Chris May.
  6. Shocked that this athletic department missed the mark...again. If they want a W out of it, the image has really gotten a lot of reaction on twitter. All of it is terrible, but any twitter action is good twitter action right?
  7. Just a huge one eyed monster.
  8. Except SLU is still not a top school in academic rankings either. Unless someone has a long term passion for health care law... But he could still work on his Harvard degree with some of his millions from the NBA.
  9. Well there are SLU soccer threads because it's a SLU forum. And no ND hasn't been relevant since they last won anything, 1988. That was 10 years before the current freshmen class was even born.
  10. Why is there a 4 page thread on regarding a football program that hasn't been relevant in the last twenty years?
  11. Many people have sad that Humphreys is the best bar in St Louis. Not anymore. Sad!
  12. It's weirdly religious. Like "wouldn't be surprised to read a mass suicide news story" religious. Good job to the social media person to live stream, on Facebook, the quasi press conference today. A nice touch.
  13. Maybe Biondi wasn't so crazy after all.