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  1. My (amateur) understanding of how it would work for Bishop. He could transfer and sit out 17-18. He would then play as a junior in eligibility during the 18-19 season. He would also play in the 19-20 season for the new school. He would then petition the NCAA for a sixth year in his five year to complete 4 years of eligibility. He would be denied and be done because the one year was within his control. I could be wrong on this, but the rule has always been 4 years in a 5 year window and it is hard to get the 6th year extension. So his career would look like: 15-16: SLU freshman 16-17:SLU injury season soph medical rs 17-18:SLU RS soph or transfer school sit out junior 18-19: SLU RS JR or transfer school RS JR 19-20: SLU RS SR or transfer school RS SR 20-21:done or petition NCAA for a 6th year of window and lose. Finish transfer with only 3 seasons in 5 played at transfer school versus 4 in 5 at SLU.
  2. She might as well start selling off assets now. She's toast. Personally liable and damages! Damn. Lawyer words all over the place.
  3. I will not stand by and let someone tell me Chris May has been nothing but an excellent athletic director. He's been the definition of mediocre.
  4. Getting pantsed by Jim Crews coaching basketball is like getting sprayed by a skunk. And no tomato bath is getting that stench off. It smells like moth balls and dried piss.
  5. Trade showcase time. Hope they can flip him for a decent 8th grade prospect at the deadline.
  6. Was that the Dayton game that a certain group of fellas in the front row was going to back up Salecich in a fight after he got shoved out of bounds on top of them? A great moment in the early Majerus days.
  7. Who is holding Kevin and what kind of ransom are they asking for?
  8. A SEC program is never going to let money stand in the way of a tire fire coaching regime in football or basketball. There is too much money on the table. The biggest turn off to Mizzou would be the general toxicity of the campus right now. There hasn't been much positive coming out of the Boone County Correctional Facility lately in any way.
  9. ISU just lost one of their top guys, MiKyle Mcintosh for a handful of weeks with a meniscus injury. But one of Yarbrough's cell mates got arrested again in the past couple days, Deontae Hawkins. He should probably be suspended, but who knows. They should make the tournament though, even as an at-large. Northwestern should be in their first tournament in school history, which is probably one of the crazier streaks going in sports now.
  10. Good thing Terrell gave the scoop to a big time reporter and not a high school reporter. Whack - oh.
  11. Anyone else really surprised when they saw the picture this thread that Dana was a guy?
  12. Disco Bennett has broken more SLU news than his pappy. Also Rameys dad sounds like a handful. Not someone you want 20 minutes from campus. More manageable a few hours away.
  13. That Majerus freshman media ban is really paying off.
  14. I don't think anything that happens in the NCAA season, barring major injury, is going to majorly change the stock of Tatum. However i I think he's more likely a mid 1st rounder (8-18 range) than a #1 overall at this point.
  15. Coach K pulling out some old bs tactics. What a weirdo.