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  1. I think his original question was a perfectly reasonable question to ask. I'd ask the same, if I cared about soccer.
  2. Old guy - just had the same conversation with my dad tonight re: pro shops. I always love the 10% off MSRP on the $75 Nike type shirts when the local Macy's has them at an everyday price of $40.
  3. Was in town two Saturday and Sundaxys ago. Stopped by both days. Closed.
  4. Can someone dig up "GAME OVER" by BaW?
  5. TFord only recruits top 100 PGs. Not this 150 crap.
  6. Only 81250 a year? There must have been budget cuts. Guys under Self and Weber were getting 6 figures a year.
  7. Jordan Goodwin backup plan. Hope they secure their backup plan for Tilmon soon too.
  8. What a time to be alive
  10. If soccer falls in the woods, but no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?
  11. Meh. Bartley is a guy. Easily replaceable. There are a dozen of him available at any given time and half of those aren't nearly as injury prone. Opening up more rides for 2017 is a good thing. I just hope there are enough warm bodies when injuries inevitably occur during the year.
  12. @prepbullseye: Some Illini fans calling Jeremiah Tilmon a liar. Wait a minute--those aren't true fans, just jackasses.
  13. Ford is on whatever the sports radio station in STL is called today. Said he celebrated on Friday in Cabo with family -they were on vacation. Can't talk specifically, but very thinly veiled. Talking about recruiting hometown guys - went to lunch with Larry the other day, but talked about how he chose to come back to STL after his playing career. Mentioned Claggett and others in that topic. Large area but small town feel - going to recruit nationally but wants guys from STL who want to stay home and be local legends. Lived at the Cheshire Hotel for the past 3 months. Talking about gonig to Vegas for the tournament. Nothing exciting - just that the team never really leaves the MGM Grand...stay there, play there, eat there. Bunch of other basic fodder, hardest place to play, so on and so forth. Talked about Corey Tate. Relationship person. Held on to the position to figure out what he needed. Wanted someone with great STL ties. Didn't want someone with only ties to one specific program - HS, AAU. Said Tate gets along with all the programs. Gateway, Jets, Eagles, HS - has relationships with everyone. Not just one. Asked how it came about with Tate - being assistant at Mizzou coming to SLU. Ford says hes known Tate since his JUCO coaching career. When he decided he wanted a guy with STL ties. Tates name kept coming up. Family lived here. Approached him. Not an easy decision, but this is home. Excited to be a part of a program in his hometown. Said he had to go drop off a briefcase somewhere in East St Louis.
  14. Wait I thought Lisch was from Belleville? Are we sure it isn't Cody Ellis playing on this team?