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  1. @billikenbill Thanks again for the updates. What’s the assessment of what you saw tonight?
  2. @billikenbill Thanks for the updates. Stuck at home and am relying on your play by play. Thanks brother!
  3. Just sent via PP under Matt Dickey.... Thanks, Steve!
  4. I’m not done... This dumbašš also questions Ford about the character of the kids he is recruiting. I’ve met these kids. They are great kids. Śhitty situation that they got caught in. Nothing more....I guess no one showed up at his apartment ready to tango so he wouldn’t understand.
  5. This.... I very much agree. Clearly, JJdO has established himself as a No Talent Ašš Clown slinging irresponsible opinion pieces sold as fact that will have a negative effect on these young men forever. What a joke of a reporter. Comparing this to the other schools is so off base. He clearly has no clue as to what happened and to make this connection shows just how stupid he is. I do believe he is trying to be a villainous/edgy writer playing the dark side but he is only failing and ruining lives. The fact that he glorified a pedophile should give him a permanent seat in the trunk. What a loser. Slinging JG’s name through the mud for his betterment through clicks makes me want to puke. Also in reading the chat - he can’t bring himself to admit JG’s acceptance of violating school policy. He is still wording it to sound like a Title IX violation. Just because there is a Title IX investigation doesn’t automatically make you guilty. Rant over for now....Karma will bite him in the ašš one day....
  6. There is a very high level of probability that JJdO will not be able to understand your email due to the fact that it was well-written, contained nuances within a single sentence, and based on facts. Ill have my third grader translate this to his level and resend. Well done.
  7. Just read this piece of ßhit. The fact that someone at the PD clearly failed the vetting process of making sure JJdO is capable of crafting a story exceeding that of a fifth grader should be investigated. I let my wife read the article without my opinion nor revealing the “author”.... Quoting her - “who in the hell is this lady...she must really hate men”....pretty much sums it up. Jesus should now be referred to as “Susie”...
  8. This is a pretty good summary... The inability to make a decision is devastating to many lives. It’s a shame...limbo sounds like a terrible place to be stuck.
  9. I always hedge but this was my heavy side.
  10. You see what happens, Larry... You see what happens, Larry... You see what happens when you...
  11. What the article doesn't tell you is that the Taylor's are the bankroll and it hinges on a quid pro quo a la "the arch" funding.
  12. Since it's slow this time of the year... I was was privy to a couple conversations recently (this week and about three weeks ago) between Garber and some that draw some serious water in this town and it turns out MLS is not dead. Looking at a private equity deal that will build the stadium and pay the franchise fee as long as the city cooperates on the land deal. We should hear more in the next six weeks. Go Bills!
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