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  1. Have these exact thoughts every single game...
  2. Wouldn’t mind having Hines and Remekun back..
  3. Isabell’s shots always seem to be short...
  4. They would be, but I don’t think anyone’s first comment on their skills would be their 3pt shooting, so the hypothtical of status quo on the team overall would stay the same
  5. Getting into hypotheticals here but I would argue AD was the only for sure shooter that’s missing
  6. Disagree, but only that everyone’s not at some fault. I believe Tate clearly had the relationship with Gordon, I agree the risk was worth the reward with him and the others no longer on the team. But regardless not enough shooters were brought in and crazy situations occurred. e
  7. I think this is a forgotten point. although unforeseen at the start of the year, he definitely could have had a huge role this year
  8. Fair point, guess my view point is skew’d based on the overall team 3pt appearance. He just seems to be the next best option behind Bess
  9. Ya I think if we are going to salvage this season (a10 tourney), Wiley is gonna be the biggest key as far as wild card. Unfortunately he has been inconsistent as far as shot/injury
  10. Think he’s the definition of hit or miss, but I’d love to bring him back on next years team
  11. I think it’s difficult based on results, but curious where people would put Bess as far as talent. I would rank him behind Jett/Kwamain but ahead of Evans/Loe/McCall. Can’t really go further back for comparison and won’t touch Reed.
  12. Unpopular opinion: Goodwin most overhyped Billiken. Great rebounder, not much else
  13. The way SLU has handled this. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were the ones to “ask” Ford to leave
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