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  1. @billikenbill Thanks again for the updates. What’s the assessment of what you saw tonight?
  2. @billikenbill Thanks for the updates. Stuck at home and am relying on your play by play. Thanks brother!
  3. Just sent via PP under Matt Dickey.... Thanks, Steve!
  4. I’m not done... This dumbašš also questions Ford about the character of the kids he is recruiting. I’ve met these kids. They are great kids. Śhitty situation that they got caught in. Nothing more....I guess no one showed up at his apartment ready to tango so he wouldn’t understand.
  5. This.... I very much agree. Clearly, JJdO has established himself as a No Talent Ašš Clown slinging irresponsible opinion pieces sold as fact that will have a negative effect on these young men forever. What a joke of a reporter. Comparing this to the other schools is so off base. He clearly has no clue as to what happened and to make this connection shows just how stupid he is. I do believe he is trying to be a villainous/edgy writer playing the dark side but he is only failing and ruining lives. The fact that he glorified a pedophile should give him a permanent seat i
  6. There is a very high level of probability that JJdO will not be able to understand your email due to the fact that it was well-written, contained nuances within a single sentence, and based on facts. Ill have my third grader translate this to his level and resend. Well done.
  7. Just read this piece of ßhit. The fact that someone at the PD clearly failed the vetting process of making sure JJdO is capable of crafting a story exceeding that of a fifth grader should be investigated. I let my wife read the article without my opinion nor revealing the “author”.... Quoting her - “who in the hell is this lady...she must really hate men”....pretty much sums it up. Jesus should now be referred to as “Susie”...
  8. This is a pretty good summary... The inability to make a decision is devastating to many lives. It’s a shame...limbo sounds like a terrible place to be stuck.
  9. I always hedge but this was my heavy side.
  10. You see what happens, Larry... You see what happens, Larry... You see what happens when you...
  11. What the article doesn't tell you is that the Taylor's are the bankroll and it hinges on a quid pro quo a la "the arch" funding.
  12. Since it's slow this time of the year... I was was privy to a couple conversations recently (this week and about three weeks ago) between Garber and some that draw some serious water in this town and it turns out MLS is not dead. Looking at a private equity deal that will build the stadium and pay the franchise fee as long as the city cooperates on the land deal. We should hear more in the next six weeks. Go Bills!
  13. Yep. That was the feeling then; things came up about PT, expectations, etc and they were not on the same wavelength. Amazing what happens when you sitdown and have a discussion in depth about what your expectations are and what is expected of you. Sometimes when the rubber hits the road there is no real traction. Sorry guys... If things change I'll keep you posted. Next year's class seems to be the new priority at this point.
  14. Like @BillikenBob stated he wasn't offered. Looking at a grad transfer and the next class.
  15. I'm sorry you feel that way. I will do some self reflection.
  16. Santos fills a need and adds diversification in the paint. He also fits the future plan. Bigs are not linear. Bigs take time to develop and you have to look at this position completely differently than any other position. Here is the upside - he already has the size; the outgoing bigs will never have the size, you can't teach size or develop size. Now, combine this with having him play a year without losing a year of eligibility - development while playing against good players. When evaluating bigs you look for potential. Paper stats don't mean a ton especially when you are looking
  17. Size matters at this level. You can be tall but if you don't have some size it's a problem. Also, a guy like this needs some help from the other four which was not really there. This will be a totally different fit and result. I bet he won't shoot it over the backboard - just some perspective for those that are concerned and worried...
  18. This one just needed the cherry on top - ie the visit. These guys do some much recruiting prep. It's insane.
  19. This is good as it will give us some stability in the paint. Beastmode....
  20. Here is the scoop... Visit went great and both sides feel this way. I'm hearing this from both sides. PT is the biggest issue at the played position as if will be earned and most likely shared to a decent degree. The rub is this: do you want to be a part of something special especially with a group of locals (in your front yard) and make a memorable four years with some NCAA runs; or, be a big fish in a small pond (instant starter with tons of PT somewhat close to home). The staff still feels really good about JP. With 3 to give and plenty of visits coming in there will be slot
  21. Just got through customs and have been radio silent since last night. Let me do some checking in. I have emails and texts to sort through and will report back here shortly.
  22. Hearing the JT recruiting is cooked...on to the next. 3 in the bullpen...
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