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  1. AND he never considered you girls. Tear, maybe two.
  2. Hello Billiken fans. I like the new guys that are coming SLU this season, looks as if you will have a successful season! WARNING... HERE COME THE BONNIES. Glory to Ukraine !
  3. Hello Old Guy, The Billiken Message Board Cancel Culture (ankle breaker) was offended because of my name.

    Yes, recruiting has now thrown a curve ball to all of college sports

    Your new guy Cisse was overlook by SBU Coaches.

    Lets face it the Bonnies have and always will attracting high level talent.

    The Olean Area and the entire Southern Tier of Western New York is in an economic collapse, NO JOBS.

    I've got to go mow the South 40, more later.

    Last thing is that by the end of February this years Bonnies Team could win the A10 in the Conference Play-offs.

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    2. Old guy

      Old guy

      Unfortunately for us the talent our coach recruits oftentimes is very much underused. I do not think that he can play a game based upon constant aggressive motion and constant attack. I can see basically more of the same for SLU next year.

    3. brownwolves


      sorry about the brown lettering that I sent you, oops

      This years team may be the best sense the Nickolson/Adams era.

      Reading the comments on your board about Olean and the Bonnies makes us all laugh! 

      SBU has an Alumni base that is very strong an assists more than I can share with you. 

      Stay Healthy

    4. Old guy

      Old guy

      You know I wish you guys the best, even though I still hope we will beat you in our games.

  4. I'MMM BAACK... ya can't keep a good Bonnie down!
  5. IF and only if St Bonaventure University wins the A10 Conference - there will be four teams going to the Big Dance. The Bonnies Davidson Dayton VCU
  6. #1. SLU is a good team that is peaking at the right time. #2. we do not want to play the Billikens. (ever again) Good bye. ACE " I'm not sure how any Bonawelding fan can be happy with the regular season that they've had ". Ace why do still TROLL the welding thing? Very childish on your part. And as for the season the Covid thing took its toll on the Team, the University and the Greater Olean Community. Then. before the resent VCU game, the Flu went through the team and VCU won. Stand for Ukrainian Freedom
  7. Nothing wrong with your Coach. Problem is player performance.
  8. Most of us Bonnie fans will miss SLU when you transfer to the MVC. Hopefully we can get a Home & Home OCC game with you. Mask up Cover up Keep your Distance.
  9. This was a must win game for the Bonaventure. A tiny Catholic University stuck out in the middle of nowhere victorious over a large 20 thousand Jesuit school from a major city. We have more to win for than you big city slickers. AND your poster 3star recruit is trying to blame the loss on the Ref's. Shame on you. As for the next game on Monday February 14, it will be another SBU vs SLU slugfest. The Billikens will come out swinging and the Bonnies will be bobbing and weaving with a dash of rope-a-dope tossed in just praying for that bell to ring victory at the end of the 15th round. The only outcome that really matters is the A10 Conference Championship game. We support our Canadian students and those that encourage Liberty in Canada.
  10. No excuse, Covid has taken a toll on St Bonaventure University and the entire Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. I think the Billikens have the advantage over the Bonnies. Looking at two loses against SLU and a Bonnie victory in the A10 Tournament. See you in Olean - mask up glove up and keep your distance. Support the Canadians
  11. I TOLD YOU SO. Don't shoot me I'm only the messenger.
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