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  1. Yeah, I’ve done nothing that egregious to have so many negative points. This restriction mathematically will never be lifted. I’ve contributed to this board for 13 years, provided interviews with recruits and current players, even assisted on a recruiting visit. Just ban me. Thanks for the opportunity and God Bless you all.
  2. When you get time Steve, can you explain how my post limit works? How many posts in a day, when does the day end and reset, how many in a week? And is it a permanent or indefinite post limit?
  3. Keep Ford and his 2018 recruits and we will be fine. Just need some good Juco transfers
  4. What Master’s program did he choose. He didn’t play at Seton Hall, doesn’t really get to play here. I’m curious as to the reason why he transferred. Could he be the rare kid in today’s age that truly transferred for academic reasons?
  5. Well, definitely like that he is a qualifier and would have 3 yrs of eligibility
  6. How could he be on the bench with 3 scholarship guards that would’ve fought him for minutes suspended?
  7. Yes, however I could not foresee a season long Title IX investigation completely changing the entire roster composition and forcing people to play out of position. I don’t think he should play the 3, but this thread is about French playing the 3, and if someone has to do it, let it be JJ instead of French for obvious reasons.
  8. Why not JJ work on being more of a 3? Gordon, French and Foreman should share the 80 minutes at the 4 and 5.
  9. Glad to win, but would’ve felt so much more comfortable with Goodwin, Roby, Bess playing all the guard minutes down the stretch, even with Roby struggling.
  10. Worst case scenario, we lose all three Pgs Goodwin, Graves, and Bishop in addition to graduating Hines and Roby, don’t we need at least 2-3 Pgs in the class since none of the current signees are Pgs?
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