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  1. God ... so many of the regular posters here make this place unbearable to read. Like a bunch of small town gossip girls in here. That being said, absolutely zero shock that Gordon is leaving. We have always known he is a head case. I will be shocked if he actually graduates from anywhere. People defending him as "being a kid" are laughable. This isn't someone who got caught drinking in his dorm room. He has had numerous chances since he has been in HS. Eventually, his talent wont keep giving him a pass. If I was his handler, I would probably be pushing him to play international ball, but honestly I dont think he is mature enough to handle a foreign country and foreign teammates to last long.
  2. im making out slu to be the innocent victims? LOL okay buddy. This board is ridiculous in so many ways... no wonder most students/alumni decide to stay away and not converse with the insane regulars that are posting here day in and out. SLU and St Louis in general have a lot of problems...this board is a small snapshot of just that. Im done.
  3. I have never been under the impression that Title IX officers were anything but bias? Where did this belief that Title IX was created with the intention of being unbias? look at every single person in a title ix office/department.. for starters they are always 100% women. I dont think showing her at the women's march is going to make any person in academia or on the left flinch twice... But like I stated months ago when this all first came out.. SLU is going to lose out bad on this regardless of the results. SLU had NO chance at wining here. Either you are victim blaming or throwing black men under the bus...you are going to have the left eating each other between the "women's rights" vs "BLM" victim groups. Now...this is exactly what is happening. Going to be a lof of conflicted leftists out there on this one. But this is the world we live in now.
  4. I just got a live update text pop up from CBS Sports about the SLU suspensions. bad.
  5. Wow... I thought that maybe we had some issues with the 3 players, but the 4th player news came out of left field.
  6. Yeah, looks like its official. They have been suspended and removed from campus activities.
  7. lol you just keep admitting that you have no clue what you are talking about and like to make huge accusations of racism and sexism based on rumor. Thanks though, ill make sure to put you on ignore. I am not worked up at all... just stating that you guys should find out the facts before asking for national media to come down on SLU for racisim and sexisim and for firing specific people that you do not even know if they are involved in this
  8. lol... i think that sounds better then this "OMG THEY ARE ALL RACIST AND SEXIST!!!!!!!! I HAVE LIKE ONLY ASSUMPTIONS AND I HAVE NO CLUE WHO IS EVEN INVOLVED BUT ITS RACIST AND SEXIST AND INCOMPETENT AND THEY SHOULD SUE THE SCHOOL AND FIRE EVERYONE NOW!!!" Can anyone even name the title IX that is for sure spearheading this thing?
  9. I agree 100% with you on this IF SLU is dragging this out by putting it off to the side on their desk and not dealing with it (which I would bet 100% did not happen); or the more likely scenario is that things are much more complicated by the fact that you have multiple parties and multiple attorneys involved which is dragging this out.
  10. Lol thanks for admitting that your entire stance is based on ASSUMPTIONS I have no details, and the ones that have been released by official sources have not told us enough about the situation to call every person who may or may not be part of this as sexist, racist, and incompetent. I personally wait for facts before going on witch hunts.
  11. Ah yes.. you are wise.. you know exactly what is happening in the situation. It can't possibly more complicated then this board is making it. Sorry to question you.
  12. You do not... because you literally have no clue which party is dragging this thing out.
  13. love that the 'oh holier then thou' billiken poster has an issue with me wanting to wait for the actual story to come out before i start calling every person who may or may not even be involved in anything racist, sexist, and incompetent.
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