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  1. This pbp guy has had a Gus-level bad performance.
  2. Gillen should be restricted to Fordham games. And, yes, I know they are shut down.
  3. I'm holding out hope that the Blues coming back will jump-start a resolution.
  4. Yep. That's my current work-around for the YouTube TV-FSMW spat.
  5. Sent mine via PayPal on 11/26. Much appreciated, Steve.
  6. This perfectly describes my prior experiences with Charter. And I agree with the others that YouTube TV is excellent. I had PS Vue and was very disappointed when they folded, but like YTTV even more.
  7. Oh hell yeah. Great cast. Every time I see Stephen Root show up in something, I giddily blurt "Jimmy James!" like I've got sudden-onset Tourette's.
  8. This. And horrifyingly ugly at our worst. Often within the same game. As Pistol noted, some brutal mistakes down the stretch. But Rhodey failed to capitalize. Great win!
  9. Given what Thor accomplished vis-a-vis our collective hopes/dreams based upon his lineage, I'm sticking with debacle.
  10. Ditto. I've convinced myself that this is the basketball karmaverse atoning for the Thor debacle.
  11. I had high hopes, but found the Aquarium to be hugely underwhelming. It pales in comparison to others I've been to over the years. Still a good idea in terms of attempting to revitalize Union Station, but it was just very "meh".
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