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  1. Neighbor Dave

    Radford? Rutgers? Bowling Green?

    I've always thought I was the only person alive who despised Forest Gump. Nice to know I've got some company.
  2. Neighbor Dave


    Today, NC State (ranked 23rd, btw) made a run at the Bills 20-point debacle vs GW in 2008. Alas, the Wolfpack fell a little "short", losing 47-24.
  3. Neighbor Dave

    GDT Patriot League Rams

    Win is a win and all, but that was fugly. Hope I'm wrong, but at this rate, safe to assume a beatdown is lurking in the near future. Gotta hope that JGood didn't mess up his shoulder in any significant way, as Rammer implied.
  4. Neighbor Dave

    GDT Patriot League Rams

    Early success from 3 was fool's gold. This team just can't win chucking 3s all game long.
  5. Neighbor Dave

    OT: Darius Miles

    That was one helluva read!
  6. Neighbor Dave

    Coach on the Big 550, Practice starts Sept 29

    Looking at the respective lineups in that box score, the line STILL seems absurd, even knowing the outcome. That Mizzou team was loaded with talented players: Paulding, Johnson, Rush, Gilbert, Bryant. It's unreal in hindsight that the game was close. And then Wesley *#$%@ Stokes, the one guy you wanted to force to shoot the ball, hits the buzzer-beater. I'm gonna go watch the video of the Conklin screen about 33 times to reset my mood.
  7. Neighbor Dave

    2018-19 season

    As I noted in my first post: not drawing any conclusions about anything from one viewing. Pistol - no set 5v5 groupings today. Lots of different combos. I am fairly comfortable in stating: The depth of very athletic bigs is unreal for a non-power 5 program. Goodwin and Bess are damn good and are clearly the leaders of the group. Coach considers the size/strength/depth of this roster to be a major team strength. They know that they're gonna be able to wear opponents down and that they need to play in a manner that does so. Consistent outside shooting still a question. If they find that.....scary good.
  8. Neighbor Dave

    2018-19 season

    Thatch as advertised. Big & strong for a frosh. Jacobs is thin. The size of the rest of the guys really makes him look small (both height and bulk). But very athletic and showed a nice jumper today.
  9. Neighbor Dave

    2018-19 season

    Isabel finishing up work at Drexel, per coach. He's been in town, hanging with the guys and playing pickup, but can't do official team stuff yet. Wiley was there but not participating. Had ice on his leg. Drills only for Welmer.
  10. Neighbor Dave

    2018-19 season

    Had the pleasure of taking in practice this morning. Coaches were introducing a lot of new stuff, so don't want to draw any premature conclusions re: anything specific. However... the strength/athleticism/skill-level of the 4 bigs is OFF THE CHARTS. And they are getting after it. Coach said (paraphrasing): There's teams out there with one or two bigs better than our guys, but nobody has four as good as our four. The talent on the floor in 5 v 5 at practice is light-years ahead of the last few years. And that was without Isabel, Wiley, or Thor. You also get the sense that these guys know they've got something cooking. Gonna be a fun year!
  11. The analogy that comes to mind is chemotherapy. It ravages your body (which you love and wish to protect) in an effort to destroy the cancer that will otherwise kill you.
  12. Neighbor Dave

    Recruiting - 2018 class

    Couldn't agree more, Pistol.
  13. Neighbor Dave

    Torrence Watson

    The first "fact" in this piece claims that he's from Illinois. Judge the accuracy of everything else accordingly.
  14. Neighbor Dave

    Recruiting - 2018 class

    I'm not holding out. I have no idea. And I won't contribute to any rumors/speculation/leaks that might somehow disrupt how the young man and his family are choosing to handle his recruitment. But without a doubt, the fan base of whichever school TW chooses should be ecstatic!
  15. Neighbor Dave

    Recruiting - 2018 class

    Without a doubt. There are probably a few rosters where such a discussion is valid. Not many. Any such discussion on this board at this time regarding this team is a serious waste of keystrokes.