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  1. Gotta keep him around to stack some classes and build on this. Not surprisingly, his name is already popping up on lists for other jobs.
  2. Truth. Everything else aside, love the team gumption.
  3. We picked a bad time for one of our patented 6-minute droughts
  4. Given his game, would rather him work on those all summer even more than jumpers.
  5. No sense sitting Has any longer. Ain't gonna pull this off without him on the floor.
  6. What a horseshit foul call on Has. Foul issues are gonna be the undoing this half.
  7. This is our team. Taking the fight to them. Could be too late, but glad to see it nonetheless.
  8. Really nice final few weeks to his Billiken career. Happy for him.
  9. Could've easily been a foul on VT when DJ got tripped on the runout. And they get a 3 off the scramble. One o those nights.
  10. Best of luck, Nick. You may want to incorporate Box's plan into the equation.
  11. This. And, based on a non-scientific google search, we only need 2 FGs and 7 points to avoid the futility records.
  12. I have no idea what the tournament record is for fewest points scored, but I'm worried that it's in jeopardy.
  13. The offensive ineptitude isn't really a surprise. The defense getting shredded....
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