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  1. You know it's a bad call by the ref when Ford goes straight to Rammer instead of the ref to complain...
  2. Does Weathers act hurt to get a breather?...Seems like it's happened 4 times now.
  3. During the Dayton game it got so loud that my 8 year old daughter had to leave with approximately 1 minute left in regulation because of the loud noise. She was 2 seconds from sobbing. I agree that most people are not leaving for an emergency, and we stayed in the lobby and watched the remainder of the game on the TVs. So be careful making a proclamation about who can walk out during a game.
  4. I'm almost positive the radio station still broadcasts on campus. I have a friend who is a veteran who ran a show during lunch hour a few years ago on the SLU station. I don't know the details though.
  5. They sent out 4 GA tickets to all season ticket holders to tonight's game.
  6. As a SLU season ticket holder I normally get the prerequisite mailed paper asking for my intent on post season tickets. Did I miss this mailing in all of the bad winter weather?
  7. Bess has been in a walking boot when not playing basketball games. I think we should give him a break. Alsilo between him and Thatch Powell has 0 points at half.
  8. DJ enters the game and within 30 seconds turns the ball over.
  9. They decided on a shot clock violation instead of a foul on #4 of Richmond.
  10. When the refs left the floor, some fans yelled at them 8 to 1.
  11. It took all of their energy to make it to class today. They felt it was asking too much to go to class this morning...
  12. I missed the injury on #32. He's has no weight on his ankle. Anyone know what happened?
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