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  1. Thanks for posting! He was one of those players I always felt comfortable with handling the ball. Could create space, drive to the hoop, great shooter, and excellent defender.
  2. Its the fastest because it's on an airplane! Sorry just had a kid and caught the dad joke virus.
  3. Hey OG I may have missed this in this thread or others, but what kind of MD are/were you? This is a serious question not sarcasm or anything.
  4. Time allows more resources to diagnose and treat the disease. Also I asked you to link the references so I can read them please. Thanks!
  5. By not overwhelming our healthcare system, we have allowed ourselves to spread our resources more efficiently, thus treating more effectively. I dont agrea with "you are eventually going to contract and most likely still die from it". Where are you getting your information about years away from a vaccine and herd immunity won't be effective until 90-95% of the population contracts it? I am genuinely curious and would like to read this information. Can you link it for me to read too?
  6. Lives have definitely been saved... The less people outside, gathering, and going about their daily business leads to less exposure to the mass populus. Less exposure equals less death. Unless there is something wrong with this logic...
  7. Seriously curious what your definition of facts and reality is.
  8. Apples and oranges. Can you at least admit that you understand how alcoholism is neither contagious nor a highly infectious disease. You do understand that, correct? This doesn't mean that this will be our response with every virus going forward. Hopefully we learn from this and better prepare for future episodes. And his question has been answered, by me and others on this board. Several times.
  9. Shutting down the economy wouldn't have been necessary initially. What is with your 2 dimensional view of things. Ramping up testing, having people who can work from home do so, begin awareness and campaigns for standard precuations/hand washing, checking temperatures, GETTING SOME/ANY EDUCATION TO THE ENTIRE COUNTRY etc. were all things that could have been done first. And again, Kudos to Trump for banning travel from China, but still 40,000 people still flew directly here from China.
  10. I would rather us come up with a way to provide these services than jam 30 kids in a classroom without having some form of vaccination/testing/protocol to follow.
  11. Gotcha. I misunderstood. I still don't think an effective opening back up can occur without planning that contains significant amounts of testing. An honest discussion isn't worth much, and frankly I don't feel like an honest discussion is going to be coming from the federal level anytime soon (political views aside)
  12. The goal isn't to keep society shutdown until there are 0 deaths. We just can't go back to complete normalcy without effective testing, a vaccine, and a better understanding in how to treat the virus. The world will open before the virus is erradicated, because that isn't going to happen, there are a few things that need to happen first. This isn't a black/white issue.
  13. People other than old people are dying.... Where are you getting most of America is for ripping off the bandaid? Please tell me. Both me and my wife work in healthcare and I know none of our coworkers agree with that sentiment. We will recover from this.
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