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  1. its fun to be a billiken fan
  2. it took awhile, but the briefcase is handed off after the campus tour
  3. is this really that important? the purpose of the mascot is to run around the arena and take pictures with little kids.... it is what it is.
  4. all in all.... who cares.... i just want to win basketball games again
  5. okay.... waited all day for this.... 3 Heineken pints in....... The new look is starting to grow on me.....
  6. you have my attention
  7. Going with a ROWDY group of 3
  8. you guys had to have a meeting to realize this year is going to suck? I could of saved you the trip.....
  9. I have a disabled brother who lives in a house of 4.... I asked SLU to donate 5 tickets to ANY game.... (4) for the residents, one for their chaperone..... their response.... we can only give 4. Butts in the seats my a$$....
  10. as a reward for renewing your season tickets on time...... SHOULDA WAITED FOR THE $99 promo!!!!!
  11. interesting article in STLtoday about TFord picking out a house recruits would like. Love everything this guy is doing/saying
  12. gay
  13. Remember this one??
  14. never gonna happen. dominate the A10 first and be satisfied