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  1. TFord is a beast.
  2. Marcus Relphorde with Team Colorado still alive
  3. To be fair.... when traditional powers land a kid i wonder "How did they do it?"
  4. Ooooooonly 500k... What a loser
  5. I hope they were practicing how not to dunk
  6. i really like the dog park, so does my dog
  7. Because of this i thought 05 had crafted a really deep intelligent joke..... I'm still floored by this
  8. if this is true im done for the day
  9. Loser mentalites... College sports can be ruthless.. Cut the dead weight
  10. Fun story.... Wearing a SLU shirt coming off the elevator in my apartment. Older gentleman spots my shirt and says, "hey did you hear they got Javon Bess?" I was in shock
  11. Crews isn't our coach anymore. You need to retrain your brain.
  12. hopefully cash money
  13. wow!!! no big deal i guess.... #12 in his class taking a visit here... thats a change of pace
  14. Perfect