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  1. still a few more days left in the year.... but i'm going with post of the year nod.... not sure if anything else will come close
  2. B roy is never allowed to question old guy for the rest of time. wow
  3. landing Gordon will feel better than a Cubs fan seeing a World Series
  4. Showing love
  5. bottom line.... does it matter? we're going to suck this year. Im okay with that because there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. We could play 5 dudes out of simon rec for all i care this year. see you in vegas though
  6. you do know that there are lots of sports on TV today??...
  7. you're right.... the fact that he was held out of practice today had me thinking otherwise
  8. is that French in the "Practice #1" photo on the mens bb twitter?
  9. From a quick review of French's twitter account, it seems like he leans towards UMASS
  10. i heard he was upset about the parking situation around the arena
  11. its fun to be a billiken fan
  12. it took awhile, but the briefcase is handed off after the campus tour
  13. is this really that important? the purpose of the mascot is to run around the arena and take pictures with little kids.... it is what it is.
  14. all in all.... who cares.... i just want to win basketball games again