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  1. just revisiting old posts... found this one to be timely
  2. yeeeeah that video is sweet. Bess over Roby all day
  3. i think id do a better job recruiting students to SLU, not athletes.
  4. something about the way he said it though.... makes me wanna hit the recruiting trails myself
  5. my mouth starting watering when i read that
  6. that makes me angry
  7. we catch a little mention here:
  8. none of us know anything about anyone.
  9. Corey Remekun
  10. WELCOME!!!
  11. ill be there with my father (VaTech Alum)
  12. id be pleasantly surprised
  13. if theres a 1% chance, you know Ford is sniffing it
  14. i heard the whole team is entering the NBA draft
  15. sweeeeet. Thanks