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  1. I hope JGood wins the state champ in football.... go get it young man while ya can....
  2. did i dream that TFord was remodeling the locker room and or player lounge??? seem to recall this..... if this is reality... anybody know how this is shaping out?
  3. FWIW Gordon is now ranked #9 in ESPN updated 2018 rankings. Get'em TFord
  4. 12 courtside seats are available... $4200 a piece
  5. 3rd time I've had to say this..... Travis Ford will go down as the greatest coach in Billiken History. If he is still here in 6 years, there will be no debate.
  6. that's a Crews mentality..... New Era
  8. I am in the camp of seeing a lot of improvement in the current team.... Ever had a terrible boss get fired and someone you like get promoted or hired.... Makes a big difference
  9. more about PARLAYS!!!!!!!
  10. He will go down as the greatest coach in SLU history.
  11. bout a week late posting this
  12. well said. i agree. we deserve TFord
  13. is "crews hater" a thing? I was under the impression we all hate Crews.... am i wrong? I hope he loses all his retirement money to a telemarketing scam.
  14. I woke up this morning still not sure if yesterday was real.... Im pretty convinced now