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  1. Best dog park in the city.
  2. said it before and ill say it again... he is going to WRECK the A10
  3. Travis handled the whole thing like a pro.... i wonder if he has a media coach
  4. cameron biedscheid
  5. SLU should build a statue of Hines
  6. wayyyyyyyyyyy too much talk about Hines..... who cares.... he will never step on the floor for the billikens ever again.... maybe he can sit on the bench, but who cares. this is not some jim crews ymca rec league team anymore
  7. jordair jett has missed dunks that rank high on the best Billiken dunk list....
  8. fake news
  9. Tatum will be like 8th overall according to mocks ive seen
  10. look at it this way.... next year's bench has won a few games
  11. yes..... dude looks like a young Shaq.
  12. 20 pt watch for the jr bills
  13. he has the potential to absolutely WRECK the A10.... i was day dreaming about alley oops from Goodwin to Gordon the other day.
  14. #goseethekidsgetscared
  15. and so it begins