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  1. Does anyone make a Billiken Statue? Like the Brass one on campus, but smaller?
  2. Oklahoma State Won the 2014 tournament
  3. The Billikens are not an investment. We just got a new coach, and i wish him very well!
  4. Rick was a 'wow" candidate for us. Unexpected and well qualified. Who would be that candidate Now??
  5. Jayson Tatum commits to Duke Good luck to him, not my choice, but understandable.
  6. Supposedly announcing @ half tonight
  7. score time pls
  8. but one can understand your avatar. Obviously you don't have the sense to recognize impropriety of your message in this forum
  9. Glad to hear it went well, Continued prayers for speedy recovery.
  10. Great year, team, Thanks for the memories. Played classy!
  11. Nice Job Sir.
  12. +1
  14. 10