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  1. Speaking of "experts" I see that Maurice Scott is set to join Frank C's show at 11:30a. I'm sure we'll all be enlightened.
  2. Very cool...thanks for sharing. Think SLU needs to step up and stake claim to the National Championship in 1948!
  3. Thanks for sharing. I'm always a little skeptical to base opinions off highlight reels as they are selective in what they show but appreciate your insights and thoughts. You didn't address the comparison of Gordon vs. Tilmon...interested to hear what you have to say.
  4. Having seen Gordon and Tilmon both play a couple of times, I am of the opinion the Bills clearly have the better of the two coming to play at Chaifetz. I wasn't overly impressed with Tilmon but admittedly am not an expert on projecting talent long term for big men. He seemed timid, slow and lacked any sort of mid-range game and would be challenged to play a meaningful role in an up tempo offense. Would love to hear some other opinions but I see Tilmon as much more of a project and Gordon as someone who will step in and contribute right away when he slips on the Bills jersey. This doesn't mean having both would be a bad thing but all the talk has been about where Tilmon ultimately lands...not about his game/ceiling.
  5. This argument has now taken over two threads. Please stop.
  6. Agree with this. Let's see how he plays the remainder of the season with Webster and than over the summer.
  7. Bingo.
  8. Not the thread for this but disagree with your comment on Welmer. I don't think you give up on a 20 year old 6'9" freshman who can shoot from distance and has a frame that can pack on pounds allowing him to play more physically under the basket. He could end up like John Manning or he could turn into a Frank Kaminsky...either way you let him develop and prove what his ceiling is. Where's the downside?
  9. Came away very impressed with Goodwin after last night. First time I've seen him play live and his size and build really stuck out to me along with his overall quickness, both his foot speed and his hands which lead to a number of steals...he also wasn't afraid to dive after loose balls and put his body on the line. IMO his skill set and what he brings will immediately translate to the college level. Would be shocked if he doesn't start next year. Specifically in regards to the game, Goodwin was a man among boys against Highland who was completely over matched and I have to suspect that it was tough for him and the Crusaders to get up for this game after O'Fallon the night before. He rebounded at will and had a thunderous dunk in the 2nd half unlike anything we've seen at SLU in my 25 years as a fan. He missed several bunnies off the back of the rim on drives through the lane or could have easily had 20+ points. The game wasn't a track meet and there was really no need for him to take over, he stepped up when needed but was content to let the game come to him and get his teammates involved, especially Marvin Bateman who was unconscious in the first half and ended up with 8 3's. He played a mix of positions shifting from PG to the 2, 3 and 4 but again he wasn't forced to show all of his skill. Really looking forward to getting back over to Highland on 1/7 for their annual shootout tournament . Althoff plays East Side in the headline game (not sure how they will handle Tillman) and Webster plays Belleville East earlier in the day. Good opportunity to see both our prized local recruits on the same day. Full lineup here http://www.highlandshootout.com/.
  10. Saw in a video posted that he said he'd be playing PG this year. In an effort to GSTKP I'm heading over to Highland, IL to watch Althoff play Highland...excited to see Goodwin for the first time live.
  11. Ran into Chris May at Lambert on Saturday night and gave him a thumbs up on Goodwin. He smiled and said, "we're not done...hoping for two more." Take it for what it's worth, but starting to connect the dots leads me to believe he knows we're in with another big time recruit (or two).
  12. Great memory...we actually road tripped to this game as well as the DePaul game during the 14-0 start that year. I think it was about -20 below with windchill in Chicago that weekend and then snowed like mad the next day making the drive home take about 6+ hours. Got back just in time to watch Joe Montana and the Chiefs topple Warren Moon and my Oilers. My top 5 (in person only): 1) Columbus - first time back in the dance since 2000 and got to spend it with my Dad. Glorious weather, St. Patty's weekend, Backhand getting in a verbal sparring match right behind us with MSU Fans during the Memphis game. Weekend can't be topped (yet). 2) NC State - just happen to luck out that we were in West Palm for Spring Break and made the drive up to the game...sat center court and couldn't believe what I was watching. Extended the trip so we could watch Louisville 2 days later with my 2 1/2 year old...even that loss couldn't dampen the afterglow. 3) Beating Butler at Hinkle - another road trip with my pops. First time at that building and got to see an amazing game with a ton of rabid Billiken fans who screamed the entire game. What a special team. 4) Miracle in Memphis - after the UC win, I hopped a flight and was in the air for the Tulane game (not sure what I would have done it we lost that one). Arrived in Memphis and proceeded to live it up that night. Was one of the 2000+ (maybe) in the Pyramid that afternoon. Flight delayed on the way home so we drove back and went straight to Humps to continue the celebration 5) The SIU game at the Arena...Spoonball officially arrived that night
  13. The only way I buy season tickets next year is if Crews is gone. Not signing up for another year of this.
  14. Haven't heard anything credible on how he views the Athletic Department's role in his vision for the future but I pray he understands that a change is needed and doesn't handcuff May by going on the cheap.