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  1. Ran into Chris May at Lambert on Saturday night and gave him a thumbs up on Goodwin. He smiled and said, "we're not done...hoping for two more." Take it for what it's worth, but starting to connect the dots leads me to believe he knows we're in with another big time recruit (or two).
  2. Great memory...we actually road tripped to this game as well as the DePaul game during the 14-0 start that year. I think it was about -20 below with windchill in Chicago that weekend and then snowed like mad the next day making the drive home take about 6+ hours. Got back just in time to watch Joe Montana and the Chiefs topple Warren Moon and my Oilers. My top 5 (in person only): 1) Columbus - first time back in the dance since 2000 and got to spend it with my Dad. Glorious weather, St. Patty's weekend, Backhand getting in a verbal sparring match right behind us with MSU Fans during the Memphis game. Weekend can't be topped (yet). 2) NC State - just happen to luck out that we were in West Palm for Spring Break and made the drive up to the game...sat center court and couldn't believe what I was watching. Extended the trip so we could watch Louisville 2 days later with my 2 1/2 year old...even that loss couldn't dampen the afterglow. 3) Beating Butler at Hinkle - another road trip with my pops. First time at that building and got to see an amazing game with a ton of rabid Billiken fans who screamed the entire game. What a special team. 4) Miracle in Memphis - after the UC win, I hopped a flight and was in the air for the Tulane game (not sure what I would have done it we lost that one). Arrived in Memphis and proceeded to live it up that night. Was one of the 2000+ (maybe) in the Pyramid that afternoon. Flight delayed on the way home so we drove back and went straight to Humps to continue the celebration 5) The SIU game at the Arena...Spoonball officially arrived that night
  3. The only way I buy season tickets next year is if Crews is gone. Not signing up for another year of this.
  4. Haven't heard anything credible on how he views the Athletic Department's role in his vision for the future but I pray he understands that a change is needed and doesn't handcuff May by going on the cheap.
  5. Looks like we're traveling to Bloomington, IL to scrimmage Illinois St. on 11/1 Pretty extensive list posted on ESPN.com http://sports.espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/insider/story/_/id/13945801/full-list-college-hoops-secret-scrimmage
  6. Impossible.
  7. Yep...halfway through coffee. Was thinking about FBJT's class and what we'd have available but with only Ash graduating, realize we'll just have two as kshoe pointed out.
  8. EDIT: Won't we have three for next year?
  9. New uniforms tonight? Not sure what I think of them.
  10. Agree on Grandy giving a jolt of energy if/when he comes back. Tanner is an enigma. He has flashes and has no problem giving effort but he appears to have lost his shot. Hopeful he keeps the right attitude and fights through it. The team could use his skill set.
  11. Are Tanner and Grandy going to be the water boys?
  12. Finally...a voice of reason. Personally, I'm choosing to look at this season as nothing more than monthly benchmarks for individual development and team cohesiveness. If things come together sooner and we rattle off a few good wins that's a bonus but as we've seen, it can go the other way too. I fully expect to see improvement across the board from everyone as the season progresses (some more than others - I'm looking at you JM). There are just too many new faces and lack of experience, maturity and familiarity to the system to realistically expect anything else. Come the first week in March, I think we'll be around .500 and have a pretty good idea of what type of players/talent we'll have on our hands next year.
  13. hopefully the pre-game happy hour pricing will return...
  14. Come on...we all know he was only there for the nachos