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  1. OT: SLU needs new marketing staff

    Not really sure where to put this so bumping this thread up as it seems relevant to the marketing staff and/or game day opps. Saw this on twitter today and wanted to share as I know there has been discussion on here through the years about the teams pre-game intros and music selection. Obviously can't compare a 60K+ football stadium to the Fetz but watching this gets me pumped up and yearn for SLU to start a tradition that fans can embrace and help jazz the joint up before tip off.
  2. Butler Roll Call

    Waiting for Situation 2 to play out before deciding to make the trip.
  3. New Locker Rooms

    Actually, I should have typed my reply in blue
  4. New Locker Rooms

    Was that supposed to be in blue font?
  5. Jesus Ortiz

    Simply proving the point that he only wants and cares about clicks. He's an outsider with no ties or connection to this region and clearly has developed an agenda of pandering to the masses. Hey Jose, why don't you study up, show up and man up. Until you do that Ortiz, your will be perceived as a fraud and a click chaser.
  6. Recruiting - 2017

    Speaking of "experts" I see that Maurice Scott is set to join Frank C's show at 11:30a. I'm sure we'll all be enlightened.
  7. Thought this was kind of interesting

    Very cool...thanks for sharing. Think SLU needs to step up and stake claim to the National Championship in 1948!
  8. Thanks for sharing. I'm always a little skeptical to base opinions off highlight reels as they are selective in what they show but appreciate your insights and thoughts. You didn't address the comparison of Gordon vs. Tilmon...interested to hear what you have to say.
  9. Having seen Gordon and Tilmon both play a couple of times, I am of the opinion the Bills clearly have the better of the two coming to play at Chaifetz. I wasn't overly impressed with Tilmon but admittedly am not an expert on projecting talent long term for big men. He seemed timid, slow and lacked any sort of mid-range game and would be challenged to play a meaningful role in an up tempo offense. Would love to hear some other opinions but I see Tilmon as much more of a project and Gordon as someone who will step in and contribute right away when he slips on the Bills jersey. This doesn't mean having both would be a bad thing but all the talk has been about where Tilmon ultimately lands...not about his game/ceiling.
  10. This argument has now taken over two threads. Please stop.
  11. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Agree with this. Let's see how he plays the remainder of the season with Webster and than over the summer.
  12. Welcome Fred Thatch Jr.!

  13. Welcome Fred Thatch Jr.!

    Not the thread for this but disagree with your comment on Welmer. I don't think you give up on a 20 year old 6'9" freshman who can shoot from distance and has a frame that can pack on pounds allowing him to play more physically under the basket. He could end up like John Manning or he could turn into a Frank Kaminsky...either way you let him develop and prove what his ceiling is. Where's the downside?