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  1. Ian Vouyoukas posterized a number of guys by the time he graduated. Same with Mo Jeffers.
  2. Anyone know if Gordon will play for MOKAN this summer again or if he'd stay home and play for the Eagles instead with Thatch? Certainly couldn't hurt getting some experience early on with each other.
  3. Don't know, but I would guess he wouldn't be eligible until classes officially started again?
  4. Goodwin hitting his FTs down the stretch. Althoff wins in OT. Goodwin with 31pts.
  5. If not at Collinsville, they are the headline game at the Highland Shootout.
  6. At least I got Hughes to sign my Sixers jersey before the game...
  7. Looks like Althoff's game is being live streamed tonight: Check out @CBN_sports's Tweet:
  8. Check out @CBN_sports's Tweet:
  9. Check out @daldridgetnt's Tweet:
  10. Sig Eps were always smarter than the rest...
  11. HOF Post!!
  12. Check out @NormSanders's Tweet:
  13. Anyone attend today?
  14. Done. Thank you for everything over the years, Steve!
  15. Tim Finke update: Check out @jthompson247's Tweet: