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  1. Done. Thank you for everything over the years, Steve!
  2. Tim Finke update: Check out @jthompson247's Tweet:
  3. +All the number of times Gus Phillips has messed up a Billiken name
  4. I'm hearing it's all but done -- and that's from multiple completely different sources...none of which are Frank or anyone from the board.
  5. It sounds like Goodwin won't be playing football this year.
  6. Check out @JonRothstein's Tweet: New Director of Basketball Operations hired.
  7. http://Check out @scottybscout's Tweet: Update on Goodwin: says schools most in contact are Illinois, Northwestern, Mizzou and SLU. Expected to make a decision around September after taking some visits. Nice to be mentioned, but still think we're long shots after both Illinois and Northwestern. I have heard, though, that he does really like Ford, so we'll see.
  8. Looks like he made the Australian team. Congrats Kevin!
  9. Check out @scottybscout's Tweet:
  10. Check out @USATODAYhss's Tweet:
  11. Check out @TeamPhillyBball's Tweet:
  12. Probably explains everything going on with Conklin.
  13. Not to beat a dead horse, but I truly wonder how much Platt held up CC in regards to recruiting. From the stories I've heard, Platt literally had to sign off on anything and everything as far as recruiting goes.
  14. Jayson? Or Justin?
  15. Pretty obvious volfan will use the "contract negotiations broke down" line when we don't go down the ND assistant coach road. Wiz knows what's going on. Just waiting for Valpo to end their season.