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  1. Hearing Justin Love has accepted the varsity job at Mascoutah. Good for him, but it certainly didn't hurt him being around Liddell at Belleville West whispering in his ear for SLU everyday.
  2. Get him an offer now!
  3. I was told last night that Goodwin is back and running full throttle without restrictions.
  4. Check out @TheoMueller27's Tweet: We've got to get something like this for Ford here at SLU!
  5. Check out @ESPN1050_Ryan's Tweet: Someone getting $$$ ?
  6. Rumors now that for the right $$$ Self would leave KU for Stillwater.
  7. Check out @MarkTupper's Tweet:
  8. Cuonzo resigned about half an hour ago from Cal.
  9. From what I've heard they've already made contact with Martin's people
  10. Goodwin is on the left. Thatch on the right.
  11. Ian Vouyoukas posterized a number of guys by the time he graduated. Same with Mo Jeffers.
  12. Anyone know if Gordon will play for MOKAN this summer again or if he'd stay home and play for the Eagles instead with Thatch? Certainly couldn't hurt getting some experience early on with each other.
  13. Don't know, but I would guess he wouldn't be eligible until classes officially started again?
  14. Goodwin hitting his FTs down the stretch. Althoff wins in OT. Goodwin with 31pts.
  15. If not at Collinsville, they are the headline game at the Highland Shootout.