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  1. The AD really needs to take the other sports (Blues) into account when scheduling home games. My mom has both Blues and SLU season tix and she is miffed that SLU booked so many (I think she told me 5) home games on nights when the Blues had a home game scheduled. She really enjoys both sports, and has been a longtime season ticket holder for both but hates to miss games. That Blues schedule is out well early enough for SLU to avoid playing opposite of them. If you already have 18-19000 downtown at the Blues game...AND you are a struggling program (as we have been for a couple of years and will be this year) doesn't it just make sense NOT to compete AGAINST the team that always draws? I think there is crossover between the two markets (SLU and Blues). My mom just thinks that the SLU AD is just unaware of anything else going on in town at times. just some $.02
  3. Front row left in the mauve jacket is Chuck Jackson. Worked for years as an exec at Fox Sports Midwest, regular contributor to the Charlie Tuna show. Really good guy
  4. Player Calling Obama a "Watermelon Eating Baboon" Triggers Investigation into Saint Louis University Baseball Team
  5. Pat Forde Writes:
  6. Frank Cusumano has a piece on the KSDK sports tonite at 10 on Travis Ford.
  7. Per Randy Karraker: "For SLU, Travis Ford is a good hire. Not a destination job. Steppingstone/rehab job. He needs to rehab, and this is a good place to do it"
  9. Beard didn't do anything for me from the get go. Too much jumping around and the success in Little Rock was just in one season. I'm not sure you can track a successful long-term recruiting program which included this many stops in the past 5 years: 2011–2012 South Carolina Warriors 2012–2013 McMurry 2013–2015 Angelo State 2015–2016 Arkansas–Little Rock
  10. I still would like to at least hear that a conversation was had with/about Sendek.
  11. Pat Forde's article: "Florida Gulf Coast’s Joe Dooley has emerged as a significant candidate at Saint Louis, multiple sources told Yahoo Sports. There have been media reports that Vanderbilt’s Kevin Stallings, a St. Louis native whose teams have underachieved in recent years, is a candidate, but that remains to be seen. Former Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford is interested in getting involved, according to sources. Other potential names: Arkansas-Little Rock’s Chris Beard and six-year Michigan assistant LaVall Jordan. The problem with Jordan: Saint Louis athletic director Chris May has said his search will focus on established head coaches."
  12. +1. However you have witnessed how this AD handles the details of things... I hope so too. Different situation and different AD, but they hadn't even contacted Majerus (nor did they have his phone number) when they fired Brad.
  13. Herb Sendek met with Santa Clara:
  14. Well, DeSmet mentioned him earlier: "n 22 seasons as a head coach, from Miami (Ohio) to N.C. State to Arizona State, Sendek won coach of the year awards in three different conferences, won 407 games and eight times appeared in the NCAA Tournament. He had 12 20-win seasons, built N.C. State into an NCAA Tournament regular, lifted Arizona State to Pac-12 respectability and coached such players as Wally Szczerbiak, Julius Hodge and James Harden."
  15. WASHINGTON (AP) — Down the street from teams that play in the Big Ten and Atlantic 10, and inside the arena that hosts Big East basketball for several months a year, the Atlantic Coast Conference is flexing its muscles. The ACC doesn't have a so-called home team for its tournament this week at Verizon Center. In Maryland's backyard, with Virginia and Virginia Tech the closest teams, the conference is ready to put on a show away from its usual home site in North Carolina. The ACC Tournament has been held in North Carolina 51 of the past 62 years. A return to Washington this year before two stops in Brooklyn is a signal that the conference is confident it can succeed on its own merits, without needing a particular host school to drive interest. More Here: N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried prefers the closeness of so many schools to Greensboro and worried about what it'll be like so far away at Barclays Center in a year. "I think D.C. and Brooklyn are going to be a little harder for a lot of our fans," Gottfried said. "I kind of always liked Greensboro, having done it now for a number of years." Verizon Center will be the first arena to host three different conference tournaments in as many years with the Big Ten in town next year and the Atlantic 10 in 2017.