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Billiken Bob's reasons to go to the Valley

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Tonight on the kMOX Billiken Bob spelled out his 10 selfish reasons for joining the Valley

1. The A-10 is too far to travel.

2. Soccer, Soccer, Soccer Soccer is great in the MVC.

3. With me on the road so much Sports talk in St. Louis will fall apart. Where would listeners go to hear about the 3 stooges and western movies on sports talk radio.

4. I would miss Mike Claiborne.

5. The MVC is my employer, if SLU joined the MVC I could become THE VOICE of the MVC.

6. There are no Missouri Independent Tire Dealers in Rhode Island.

7. I like to take buses to games (only if their tires are from IDT of course). On the bus I get my own seat. When we fly I always have to sit next to Earl and he never lets me have the window seat.

8. Have you ever been to Carbondale in January? Nuff said.

9. Have you ever been to Terre Haute in February? It is even better than Carbondale in January.

10. Drake's coach is a Dr. So when I say WHOA DOCTOR during a game against Drake it will actually mean something.

Seriously this has gotten out of hand. Why is our announcer, The Voice Of The Billikens, advocating that SLU join the MVC? There has been no interest from either side, Thank God, of this happening, so why is it all Billiken Bob will talk about? Is this the way the Voice of the Billikens should be representing the university? First the worst team in Billiken history comment now this, who wants to start the campaign to get rid of this joker?

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Bob Ramsey is a great radio announcer. He is so much better on play-by-play than Frankie C that it is laughable. I am perhaps in the minority but I love a homer announcer as long as he is honest in his analysis. Bob does a great job of being excited about SLU but also acknowledging the performances of opposing players.

His opinion of which conference SLU should be in is misguided but ultimately irrelevent. Athletic departments dont build new multi-million dollar arenas so they can compete in the Missouri Valley Conference. If we went into the valley, I think the West Pine Gym would be just fine. We'd have complete control over the dates there.

The other part of the equation is Woolard. From all I hear, he considers himself and up-an-coming administrator. He has a very good resume so far at SLU for fundraising, facility improvements, etc. There is no way he wants on his watch that he downgraded SLU to the Valley.

Its not going to happen Nate. Sorry. Its a little sad that SLU alums and announcers care more about better road trips than overall viability and health of the program.

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ok...don't misrepresent my intent...I don't want SLU to regress, just so i can drive to an away game. I really think they'd excel in the Valley. Instead of getting pasted in a bigger conference year in and year out, why not dominate a smaller, but up and coming conference. I think that would put us in a better position to eventually align with a power conference of some sort, and isn't that what you want?

Again, this is a difference of opinion, and I think that's good. I'm not some closet MU fan who wants to screw the Bills, I really think they would do well in the Valley.

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Yes they would .... but they can also do well in the A-10 which is a much better conference. Big time recruits don't want to play in the valley, they want to go to a major conference.

How would it be easier to step up from the valley?

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I assume Rammer is currently on the MVC payroll as he usually does some MVC post-season tournament games and I believe he is now doing some cable tv work for the Valley football group. Consequently, I don't think Rammer is in a position to say too many negative things about the Valley versus the A-10 or Big East.

There is also the strong possibility that because of Rammer's young family, it would be more convenient for him to drive the Carbondale, Evansville, Terre Haute, Bloomington, Peoria, Cedar Falls, Des Moines, Springfield, Wichita road circuit rather than fly the A-10's Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston road circuit.

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Just for fun...

here is the mileage chart for the conferences in question


Bradley (Peoria) 146

Wichita St 392

Creighton (Omaha) 353

SMS (Springfield) 194

SIU-Carbondale 82

NIU (Cedar Falls) 293

Ill State (Normal)145

Drake (DesMoines) 273

Evansville 149

ISU (Terre Haute) 160


St Joes/Temple/LaSalle (Philly) 810

Rhode Island (Kingston) 1032

UMASS (Amherst) 962

ST Bonaventure (Olean, NY) 663

Fordham (NYC) 871

Xavier 308

Dayton 331

Richmond 700

GWU (DC) 709

Duquesne (Pittsburgh) 557


TCU 569

SMiss 506

Tulane 686

USF 861

UAB 400

Charlotte 564

Cincy 308

Marquette 328

DePaul 262

Louisville 248

Memphis 243

ECU 735

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He is essentially publicly suggesting that SLU downgrade it athletic affiliations for the convenience of his travel schedule. If I were a member of the AD's office, I would be p!$$ed off.

Maybe its time for the AD's office to make some public statements to quash the ridiculous media, radio show, and message board MVC talk.

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i heard earl on the same kmox show with rammer and bernie and he advocated the move to the atlantic 10 because of its stature as one of the top 10 leagues in the country. he said although the valley is a high=quality league, it could be perceived as a step back for slu because of the league's mid-major status.

he also mentioned that while slu has been in the great midwest or c-usa, they have been able to have home-and-home nonconference series with schools such as arizona, kansas, illinois, ucla, georgia tech, umass, iowa state and other national powers on a 1 to 1 basis. those would be tougher to come by as a member of a mid-major conference. the big boys aren't in a hurry to go to creighton, carbondale or springfield to risk a loss.

speaking in terms of basketball, he said the a-10 is the way to go.

bad boyz for life

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Earl is classy and knowledgeable. I am glad to hear that he doesn't provide "expert" opinion regarding conference affiliation based on his personal travel schedule.

If Ramsey doesn't want to travel to the northeast to cover SLU games, then he should be fired. There are many other broadcasters who would love to broadcast SLU games regardless of the travel. His attitude is getting real old real fast.

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nonesense like "getting pasted in a bigger conference".

i remember when the billikens agreed to go to the great midwest. there were quotes in the paper proclaiming it was such a mistake, or that the billikens wouldnt win a game in the conference. my my, by the end of the conference run, we were top 25 ranked, and taking cincy to the last second of the conference championship. two ncaa runs.

on to conference usa. the media insisted we were again going to get buried. the added top teams like louisville along with the top teams from the great midwest would surely banish poor slu to the annual basement. my my, again two trips to the ncaa's we actually win the conference usa championship once, and the team continuously has competed in the upper half of the conference. in fact last season (which to remind everyone according to bob ramsey was the worst billiken team in 20 years) the billikens finished 4th overall ahead of the likes of cincy, depaul, and charlotte.

to insist we cant compete in the a-10 is just ridiculous.

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however you need to consider the ease of getting to those mvc cities. hell, for all i know a jet cant even land in peoria and cedar falls. so if it becomes a series of bus trips vs jet plane rides, is it easier travel?

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that is because earl is a knowledgeable fan. ramsey is showing his overall ignorance imo. either that, or he truly doesnt believe slu can compete. remember ramsey believed last year's team was the worst slu team in 20 years. that is the kind of confidence he has in our billikens. i tend to agree with nark, maybe it is time for bob ramsey to move on to the mvc permanently.

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I don't think so. The AD's Office will keep all options open until then. Don't demand a response that they cannot give now.

Let those with lower expectations for SLU spout off, and then let Fr. Biondi's vision for the University suprise them once again.

I did not hear Ramsey, but it seems his comments are tongue in cheek. That said he should be reminded of his role as a spokesperson for SLU. Losing him IMO would be a disservice to the program. Now if he chooses to degrade the program contunually, SLU needs to ask him to make a choice about his commitment.

I love his passion for the game and his insight into Billiken history. He was not alone in his early season assessment of the team last year. I, and I am sure he, is glad he was wrong.

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i guarantee you that a good team spokesman would never make statements like ramsey has now made on at least two occasions with his "worst team in 20 years" and now his "mvc or bust" statement. i agree with nark. while i enjoy listening to his exciting and passionate call of the billikens, i now have to wonder how geniune his passion is. he openly dissed the team last year during the season, and now he is showing his lack of confidence in the program again. he needs to be fired.

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What do you mean by getting pasted??????

We have never been pasted ina conference. We haven't dominated a conference, but we are not geting pasted. We have always been in the upper half of CUSA, usually the upper 3rd. We could do even better than that in the A-10.

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i assume torch is directing his pasting question towards our new friend nate from kfns. i didnt say it.

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I have never been a big fan of Bob Ramsey. He is like most St. Louis media--he loves a winner and he bashes anyone who does not think like he does. He is so opinionated on his radio show that it is ridiculous.

As a Billiken announcer he is fine on a game where we are winning and playing well but it is just plain torture to listen to him complain if the Bills are not playing well. Earl Austin has a much better feel for the game and the difficulties in playing against good athletes, even if they play for a lesser team. I think one of the problems may be that BR does not really understand basketball and he views it like a fan from afar-- one who loves dunks and does not really want to appreciate the beauty of a solid screen or great help defense.

The fact that he is now advocating the MV confirims what I already believed--He is not really a big Bills fan--he just like the idea that he is the announcer on D1 basketball. He is also naive. the "trips" to the MV cities would be long. Our firm has offices in a number of those cities and it is very difficult to fly to any of them and the prices for flying to places like wichita are much higher than a Southwest flight to BWI.

As a ling time fan I agree with the administration 100%. Go A-10.

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Bob Ramsey has always had small ideas about SLU - he often talks about how SLU should strive to be top 50 or 60 and that anything else would be unrealistic. I have to admit, he has been somewhat hard to understand as to why he has taken such a ambivilant approach towards SLU BB over the last year or so. Maybe he is concerned that if SLU gets to big time that he may be dumped who knows. I do think that both he and Frank really do not like the travel and quite naturally, playing in the MVC rather thant he A-10 would cut down on that. Fortunately, they are not making the decision nor should their own personal needs really be allowed to come out in their discussions. I think most of the media have simply grown use to SLU fans just taking it that they do need a reminder that we want big time BB and whatever it takes to have it even if it means impacting them.

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This is a bunch of crap I'm hearing about these guys not liking the travel. What do they expect?? They chose this profession, and if they didn't think traveling was part of it, then they were very much misguided. Is another hundred or two miles really going to matter that much in travel arrangements...no. So you have to be on a plane for an extra 15-30 minutes...big deal. You will get to go to much more interesting cities, with much better programs. If they can't take the traveling, get the heck out of announcing and employ somebody who actually wants the job. I'd take it in a heartbeat!

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