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  1. It looks like now that Creighton took out Virginia today that only one team from the ACC is left in the tournament. All the more proof that there was no reason they deserved the #2, 3, and 4 seeds in the tournament. I really want to beat Maryland badly. Forget next year...we are three wins from a championship!
  2. Fisher 18 Sloan 14 Frericks 8 Ohanon 7 Drejaj 7 Varner 6 Hunt 5 Clarke 4 Johnson 4 Mooney 2 Pretty decent 2nd half. Forced countless A&T turnovers. Another very poor outside shooting effort though. Drejaj and Sloan's jumpers were WAY off today.
  3. NCAT held to 1 basket in the first 9 minutes of the half Fisher 18 points Sloan 11 Frericks 8
  4. Fisher 14 points Sloan 10 Frericks 8 Varner 6 NCAT is really really bad
  5. Pretty poor, lethargic effort overall. A little better finish to the half. Varner 2 3s late Fish 13 Sloan 8 Varner 6 Frericks 4 Dlarke, Ohanon 2
  6. Scoring Fisher 11 Sloan 6 Frericks 4 Clarke 2 Ohanon 2
  7. Bills missing all of their outside shots
  8. No scoring in the last 5 minutes Frericks 2 missed free throws Drejaj missed front end of one-and-one 0-4 from 3 point range
  9. Sloan 6 pts Fisher 5 Frericks 4 Drejaj 2 steals
  10. Im in Lakeland which is less than an hour from St. Pete.
  11. I will be listening and try to give some updates
  12. Yes, but the threat of the mandate is probably the good incentive that UI and ISU need to play in-state teams.
  13. "We wanted to get the game to penalty kicks if we could but they finally made the play to beat us." This is a direct qoute from the Binghamton coach last night. Packing 10 people into the defensive quarter and playing for a tie is a complete disgrace. I didnt see the game but it reminds me alot of what Kentucky did to us a couple of years ago in the tournament. There is no other sport where you can get away with crap like this.
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