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  1. Broy stated.... "imo, shimmy is a better recruiter than any billiken coach i have ever seen in any sport." Well maybe....maybe not! indeed shimmy is doing a great job of recruiter, considering West Pine is her home. However, please take note of what the Billiken v-ball team did under Coach Anne Kordes in only her third season at SLU: tied for the 2006 A-10 regular season title, won the 2006 A-10 post-season tournament and gained SLU's first-ever NCAA post-season tournament bid. Kordes was named 2006 A-10 v-ball coach of the year. A Kordes juco recruit from Russia...Tatyana Menshikova, was named to the NCAA honorable mention all-american team (only the second such honor in billiken v-ball history). SLU freshman Sammie McCloud(Columbia, ILL) was named 2006 A-10 Freshman of the Year, in addition to being named 2006 A-10 post-season tournament MVP. Three of the six-players named to the 2006 A-10 all-freshman team were Billikens.....(McCloud, Behrens, Roth). Hopefully, the women's bball team can match the women's v-ball teams results. Both head coaches are strong recruiters. Fortunately for both head coaches, the metro St. Louis area is more consistent in producing women v-ball players and women b-ball players....than we see on the boy's side.
  2. I think Dickie V especially, and most other color-analyst as well, just talk way too much. imo, 10 - 15 seconds of quite time every now and then would do wonders for most broadcast.....as I can see whats going on!
  3. Cheese, who forced CL to extend Brad's contract?
  4. Yes, I have season tickets for women's soccer, bball, vball, etc. It's called an "all-sports" season ticket. You can buy at the West Pine ticket office.
  5. http://slubillikens.cstv.com/sports/m-bask.../012607aaa.html
  6. Seems like we have seen Charlotte play in St. Louis every year for the past 10 or so years (save last year). Is this year's 49er edition the smallest, least talented bunch that you have had it awhile.....it appears so to me?
  7. seen the attached on the Dayton board (not a happy place) and thought someone else may enjoy it as well. (hopefully this wasn't posted earlier this week) http://www.cardchronicle.com/story/2007/1/23/51024/3678
  8. Anyone with just half a brain understands that the men's bball program has the lone opportunity to generate significant cash for the SLU athletic dept. But all SLU programs have to successful as well. It is CL's stated goal to have "every" SLU team be in the top tier of the A-10 standings. If your men's bball program is strong, and if all of your other sports are top tier programs in their respective sports ...... then when the day comes that there is another conference realignment.....SLU will have positioned itself to be a part of something bigger and stronger. Canadian....you asked who cares....well, I certainly do, and I'm not the only one!
  9. Timmerman's blog includes an interesting comment....."If Ikeakor does want to come back, missing MORE classes isn't going to help his situation any". suspension..... missing MORE classes..... do the two go together?
  10. from the X board.....see the Excitement Gone thread.... http://musketeermadness.com/chatboard/disp...&PagePosition=1
  11. I just checked the Dayton board.....the Flyers are 12-4 and 2-1 in the A10 and some guy would wants Oliver Purnell back. the boards at Dayton, X, and SLU all read alike....must be a Catholic thing!
  12. my guess is that the Dayton board reads about same as the X and SLU boards after an unexpected loss.
  13. courtside stated....."it is not remotely insensitive to seniors". The seniors will be the judge of that, not the writer. perhaps you meant to state...."it was not intended to be insensitive to seniors". btw, I voted for your first choice. peace....next topic.
  14. They are your polls....you live with your wordings and responses. I agree the NIT choice was poorly worded. Not positive what you were trying to accomplish with the "I am old" bit, or the "I get discount at Denny's" bit in your previous poll. Perhaps a consistent tone in all choices would get you a higher number of responses....but, I'll yield to the board's Zogby rep.....A_Bomb.
  15. A_Bomb: in this poll, your genius courtside has the category....."I want NIT, you mean the NIT isn't the preferred Tourney anymore".... in his previous poll, your genius courtside has the category "I get the discount at Denny's baby"..... no age bias in either poll.....right! he obviously didn't have the Research Methodology class that you referenced. courtside is that kind of co-worker you have known for 20+ years and have never heard them once say the phrase...."gee, I didn't know that"!
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