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  1. Because of Pulisic, I watched most of Chelsea's games this season. I was a Mount skeptic for a long time, but I was a fan by season's end. He isn't super explosive or flashy, but he has great ball skills, excellent positioning and movement, and really keeps the offense and possession flowing for Chelsea. I do wonder how well that will translate to international play where the players don't get as much time together in their system.
  2. After the first 5 minutes, this ridiculously valued England team has looked very average. I tend to think English players are always overvalued because nearly all of them (Sancho aside) ply their trade in the league with an abundance of cash to overpay players. I cannot figure how Sancho didn't make the game squad.
  3. I wasn't a D1 athlete, but I absolutely loved college and graduated in 3 years. I am now over 20 years into my "9 to 5" professional career and realize it is a exponentially easier to stack another year of work for financial gain than it is to get back those glorious college years, especially if you are big man on campus. Everyone has to make their own decision under their own circumstances, and I don't fault J Good for whatever he decides, but don't underestimate a chance to extend what will almost certainly be some of the best years of his life.
  4. We just became so easy to scout. Pack it in and force us to shoot over you. Guard the drive and give the outside shot to Yuri and Goodwin. Expect Yuri to pass after he penetrates. Quickly close out on Gibson. Play physical with Perkins. Guard French's spin move. Recognize the athleticism of Thatch, Jacobs, and TJ, so force them to beat you with basketball skill. It today's game where most teams feature 3-5 guys on the court who can consistently make outside shots, we often had just 1 on the court at a time. Knowing this fact, I would have gone 10 deep and played a mix of full and half-court pressure defense all the time to accelerate our strengths and limit everything I described above.
  5. My interpretation is the the A-10 is going out of its way to ensure SLU gets in the tournament. This schedule and tournament design is favorable to SLU. It also creates favorable SOS to get 3 (or maybe even 4) teams in the tournament from the A10.
  6. Wow. So 12 of the 16 players had it, Coach Ford, and possibly other coaches or staff. Plus, French had it earlier. At least there will be good immunity on the team during the postseason.
  7. 14 days is CDC recommendation. 10 days is acceptable if no symptoms. 7 days is acceptable if you have a negative test on day 6 or 7. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/quarantine.html City of St. Louis is still 14 days after last exposure: https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/departments/health/communicable-disease/covid-19/documents/upload/Quarantine-Guidance-for-Contacts.pdf Does anyone know what date SLU is expecting to be able to re-open the team's activities?
  8. Except that Majerus played a double post with a stretch big, and Ford tends to play 4 out and 1 in, which means you are really comparing Loe/Remekun to French/Linsen/Bell and Evans/Ellis to Perkins/Jacobs/Hargrove.
  9. This we can agree on; there are at least 2 guys on this team I would rather have the ball ahead of Goodwin with the game on the line (Collins, Perkins, and maybe Jacobs). Only Marque Perry and Larry Hughes were as good as Jett at getting a bucket with the game on the line. Goodwin just doesn't have the handle, crossover, or outside shot necessary for that role. Give me Yuri with the ball, Perkins and Gibson on the wings, and Goodwin ready to crash the offensive boards.
  10. This year's team would run that team out of the gym. Majerus's teams just didn't have enough raw talent and depth.
  11. I love Jett, but everyone forgets that Jett didn't even start until his senior season. He was basically a more polished version of Fred Thatch for several years at SLU. He had a great, great senior year, but Goodwin can do so many more things on the court.
  12. I respectfully disagree Steve. Yuri is a difference-making point guard with better a/o than anyone on that team. I would take Yuri over McCall, Goodwin over Jett, Perkins over Ellis, and French over Evans, and this team takes spots 5-10 without any debate. The Majerus team didn't have anywhere near enough talent to hang with this team. I think this team takes 18/20 games against them.
  13. I am hopeful as well since FSMW has been dropped from the streaming services. It really just depends whether they signed an exclusive local broadcast deal with FSMW. Being so late in the game, it is possible that the deal isn't exclusive for streaming.
  14. Tough crowd here. Bill Walton is an enjoyable, easy-going guy who delights with his constant randomness. Nobody else brings Dickie V's genuine energy and love for the game, plus he is a truly generous and charitable man. Hate the haters, not the media guys who bring positivity.
  15. You guys are really missing out. It is truly some of the best sitcom humor ever. You have to invest into the characters to truly appreciate it, but the character acting and writing is absurdly good.
  16. I use it nearly every day through fire stick and have never had issues.
  17. ESPN+ is a stand alone package for about $5/month. You don't need Hulu, cable, youtubeTV, or any other service to subscribe to it. It is truly the best value in the world for sports viewing. My primary sports interests are college basketball and professional and international soccer; it is amazing how much content ESPN+ offers for those sports.
  18. Fully agree. It is unlikely we are going to get to a point this season where you can have a normal crowd, so what is the purpose of creating any level of increased risk by adding a small group of scattered fans in an indoor setting? The good news is that it appears that there is now a good outlook for normalcy the following season.
  19. I am not one who normally gets too concerned about whether SLU and MU play, although I think it is lost opportunity to generate revenue and promote interest in both programs within the largest market in the state. However, with all the craziness and complexity of the COVID situation, travel restrictions, etc., it is absolutely insane that the two schools have not just picked up the phone and scheduled a game or two against each other over the next 6 weeks. It is the safest and logistically simplest option for both schools, and it would add a quality nonconference game for both schools. I guess sometimes the simplest solutions are the hardest.
  20. The only reason Charter and UVerse have the regional Fox Sports right now is because their contracts signed pre-Sinclair acquisition were longer that the streaming services. Dish Network and every streaming service that has come up for renewal since the acquisition has dropped them. Unless Sinclair changes their demands, it will eventually be off all of the services, and then it will come back.
  21. I am pleased to see no FSMW for now. Incompetent Sinclair pulled it from YouTube TV (and Hulu Live TV).
  22. He is a recent SLU Law grade and new attorney at Lewis Rice downtown.
  23. Ironically, Collins may turn out to be the best player among all of these guys.
  24. There were actually Looligans who opposed MLS because it would diminish their personal significance (which only existed in their minds anyway.)
  25. Between the U-17 World Cup and SKC, I have probably seen Busio play 10 times. I don't see anything exceptional for an attacking player. His dribble is good, but not great. His passing is average. His speed is good, but not game-changing. His shot is good, but not great. I haven't seen him have much success trying to play direct. I keep hoping to see something and am always disappointed. By contrast, every time I watched Pomykal and Brenden I am truly impressed with their skill and creativity on the ball in tight spaces and their vision to find teammates out of it. Plus, they both have engines that don't quit. They are both truly elite among North American players.
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