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  1. I watched all of his FIBA games on the internet and he had one fairly decent shooting game and many others where he did not shoot well. He was overwhelmed in any man to man defense situation and not strong enough to play with guys like Thatch, Goodwin, Bess, etc. He is not yet anywhere near as good as his brother. But he has potential and maybe he can play in the future. Add to that the medical issues and lack of practice and he will not likely to play any key minutes this year. We have seen players get stronger and develop and he may do that.
  2. I think Thor will need to bulk up to be mentioned in the same discussion with Hargrove, Jimerson and Perkins.
  3. Shawnee game—32 points, 11 rebounds and 3 steals—10 for 12 at free throw line, 11 for 20 from field, 2 for 7 from 3.
  4. I agree—that was the first thing I noticed on the video!
  5. I just checked the website and it appears to me that all of the games and dates are shown on the correct day of the week.
  6. Another post with so called "facts' that contains complete fabrications made up out of whole cloth. Nothing about this is even close to the truth but again we have someone posting who knows nothing but posts things as facts. Message board morons drive me crazy.
  7. This post reaches new heights of idiocy! Father Biondi has been very supportive and Chris May has been working on this diligently for a week so all things can be finalized and move forward in a positive way. They are both committed to the long term success of the program. Message board morons drive me insane!
  8. I just can't help myself--but this is a perfect example of what I was saying yesterday. Here is a post that is an absolute lie--false in every respect but this idiot poster offers it as proven fact. The truth is that this staff has been recruiting hard for many months and Jim Crews was in more gyms this year than RM was in his entire time at SLU. We are talking to many recruits and the fact that some made other choices is never a surprise for any school.
  9. Ok--one last post and then I am done. No one is being petty and no one thinks that Crews is not our man. The truth is, as was stated numerous occasions over the last few months, that May and Crews did not have any discussions of negotiations regarding the head coaching position or the details of any deal until everyone got back from San Jose last week and everyone took a day off to unwind. They then had several discussions which were extremely positive and then, as any reasonable person would expect, Father Biondi was consulted when he returned from the far east. He has also been very positive and things are being finalized so that everyone is comfortable with the situation. It is not in any way unusual for this to take a week or so to get everything finalized, particularly when things are moving forward in all other areas, including recruiting, while discussions are being concluded. All of this nonsense and speculation about what is going on behind closed doors is just that--nothing is based on facts yet people continue to repost things that are complete lies as if they are gospel. I obviously do not understand message boards but it really riles me up because this board has the Billiken name on it and so anyone from the "outside" without any real understanding or knowledge about the school or the program could be completely turned off because we look like a sorry imitation of the fanatics at Kentucky--but without the money to bring in a coach like Calapari and his recruiting circus.
  10. OK--I surrender-- I will not try to post anything at all to suggest that things are good with the program and that we should be happy that we had such a great year or that the future is bright. In fact, I think I will give up and not post at all. Then everyone can just post negative things constantly and have a lovefest with each other about how one is more insulting and negative than another. But this board should be renamed the Anti-Billiken board because if any third parties or recruits ever read it they will sure as hell never believe that anything good is happening at SLU. One more thing, I would love to see a show of hands of all of you who are constantly negative and ripping the school, etc--even in the wake of the best year in modern Billiken basketball--how many are serious contributors to the basketball program? We have a group who give at least $25,000 per year to support the team--how many of you are ready to step up and join the party. My guess is the answer is few or none and few has left the building!
  11. The negative fans "only" sin is not that they care about the basketball program--they have several "sins"--first and foremost is that they make up false "facts" that are negative to the school and to the program and then post them on this board if they are true. Second, they refuse to even acknowledge all of the great things that have happened with this program over the past year and focus on all of the negative speculation that is posted on this board. I am not involved in the discussions so I cannot talk about any details and those items are generally confidential in any hiring discussions. In any event, I do know that many good things are happening and this staff is busting its collective behind in recruiting. Many good players are talking to us. Its only been a little over a week since everyone returned from San Jose and took a deep breath. Why can't everyone be just a little patient?
  12. As I said earlier in a post within the last week there are more false statements and mistatements posted on this board than I would have ever thought possible. Father Biondi is back and positively engaged in the process. He have never been a roadblock and there is no 'fight city hall" issue of any kind. This will get done in a positive manner. We have a number of excellent recruits who we are talking to and they fully understand that this staff will be in place going forward. We just had the best season in the history of modern Billiken basketball. We have great kids who are real students and wonderful human beings who care about getting better on and off the court. Yet many of the posters on this board repeatedly post negative comments and make it sound like the program is is trouble which is false--not true in any sense. Yet if uninformed third parties were to read these things it could leave a false negative outlook. Why not just be positive and happy with our success and hopeful for the future?
  13. I must ask you--have you ever been to a Billiken game to see this team? I attended almost all home games and all 5 postseason games and our so called 6'5" small forward--who is actually closer to 6'6" or even 6'7"-- is a very tough rebounder and the team as a whole, including Rob--who improved this year on the glass--and Grandy and Jake all rebounded well. JJ is a great rebounder for a guard and even MM can sky for rebounds himself. What we need, and we will always need is high quality players who can learn our system, particularly on defense, and handle the academic load. A few more shooters would be nice but we can hope and expect that McBroom and Crawford will help off the bench in the scoring area if they can learn to defend at a high level. I was very impressed by Grandy's improvement late in the year and I could see him getting 15 or more minutes a game next year which will help our toughness on the glass. A nice frosh big or the juco big would be nice additions as well but, in my view the recruiting needs to anticipate our need for the 14-15 season and beyond for the most part.
  14. I remember Adkins well--in the blue/white game before the season he scored about 20 points and looked like a star--then he never did anything! I got to know Spoon pretty well and knew his assistants even better and learned through the process that Spoon really hated recruiting high school kids with all of the butt kissing and related nonsense that goes into all of that. As gregarious as he was in public, he was a private guy who liked sitting telling stories with old friends and he just did not like all the the bs involved in recruiting high school kids who thought they were special, etc. Recruiting jucos was more to his liking because he identified with those kids as a rough and tumble coach who came up the hard way and he could recruit them through their coaches who generally loved Spoon and his stories and jokes. But he captured the imagination of the media and for a few years we had great success and great fan support. When Larry announced he was leaving Spoon was devastated because he really thought a combination of Love and Hughes with the other players would give him a real chance to make a big statement on the national stage. But Larry left and Love got hurt and things were never the same.
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