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  1. Very interesting comments on Jordan Goodwin and why he may not be recruited by SLU. If this is true, then Jim Crews would have never recruited Dwayne Evans out of high school. Last I remember, he was a pretty good Billiken for an undersized PF that could not shoot. Donnie Dobbs was pretty good too. We were a tournament team with him too. 20 years apart, but two outstanding players that helped the Bills win games and go the NCAA Tournament. The young man from Althoff was a factor in the EYBL against the best in the country and helped the Eagles to the championship game, AS A 16-YEAR OLD. The ki
  2. Just to clear up matters on McCaw. His final three schools were UNLV, SMU and SLU. This is indeed true. JC met with the kid and his dad at the Elite Camp and they had hoped to get an offer. SLU did not offer and McCaw's dad was confused and clearly disappointed and somewhat put off by that. Who wouldn't. Mixed message. Not good.This was in June folks. That's not to say that McCaw would have committed immediately like Gillmann did, but SLU would have had the pole position for the entire summer and been in a great position to get him. They went on to chase some other kids that didn't pan out and
  3. Just like every other SLU fan, I have really enjoyed the success of our program the past three years. I'm for getting the best players you can, whether they are from St. Louis or not. However, I am getting a strange vibe that some SLU fans are becoming a little haughty when it comes to area recruits. Since when did we become too good for area recruits. Just because we did not have area players does not mean there were STL players that were not good enough to be here. For example, Pat McCaw is a player that could have been had. He was very interested, but was kind of held at bay for several m
  4. Have seen the Suggs kid play. He is good. You are right when you say he is not as good as his brother. But he is as good as if not better than Bartley and Roby. Not a lot of difference between those three. Seen all three of them. However, having already signed all of those perimeter players, really wouldn't be a need for Suggs, but it is not because they were a lot better. He is 6'6 with a pretty good upside. If he goes does go prep school, many schools will be after him IMO.
  5. Have seen some of them, but not overly extensive. Haven't been in St. Louis as much the past couple of years, so people probably know more about the kid from Oakville than me. Heard he has skills, but may need to redshirt. The guards all have talent and I like that they come from good programs such as Whitney Young and White Station. The Reynolds kid is a knockdown shooter and Bartley is smooth at getting to the basket. Roby seems like a junkyard dog type player for me. Good body, good size and pretty good athlete. Cannot shoot, but can have a presence defensively and is pretty versatile. Good
  6. The moment Patterson committed, I knew he wasn't going to LSU. I knew SLU's chances of getting him increased dramatically. As it turned out, this is what happened.
  7. Reynolds was a good get, but the deck was cleared for SLU when LSU took the guard from Montverde, which also got them the Simmons kid from 2015. No more room in Baton Rouge. A lot of Roby's SEC love was early, but for whatever reason, it fell off as he got older. good work by SLU guys to get in and scoop him up. Same with Bartley. Very good player, but had an very uneven summer that which caused many to back off. Believe it or not, same thing happened to Van Vleet, whose last summer was up and down. WSU stayed with it while some BCS guys fled. The rest is history. This happens quite frequently
  8. From what I heard, he probably attended more SLU games this season than any other local high school player.
  9. That's the way it is in the eyes of the recruits and the people around them. That is just the reality of college recruiting. Has nothing to do with being inferior. Should not keep the program from continuing to be successful as we've seen the past three years. Cook is a kid that should be gettable. (for lack of a better term)
  10. I had no idea where the line came from. Not quite computer savvy to remove it. in my next post and poof, the line is gone. I know it was just a few posters, but it was a few too many for my taste.
  11. It is interesting that some are ripping our only other one and done player on another thread and considering him not to be a true Billiken, yet we are trying to roll out the red carpet for another probably one and done player who happens to be his god son.
  12. got my call from the Conk as well. leggo. bad boyz for life
  13. losing a recruit to butler is not a shame, but getting outworked by butler for a top local recruit whose grandfather is the all-time great billiken leaves a bad taste. stevens worked this one hard himself and he got the job done. I think SLU could have gotten Nolan. we made an effort, but way too much slippage on this one, especially with the ties to the SLU program. bad boyz for life
  14. I hope they are in the top 10 when they come in here and we beat them. bad boyz for life
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