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The Bills over Mem by 2

The Wiz

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To clarify the comment on Dayton kids showing up in powder blue the other night ......

The Dayton student section is a club.  Commonly called "The Red Scare," like their TNT alumni team.   As a student at Dayton, you get in free to games.  But that section on the baseline is a membership group where you pay extra to be a part of it.  Only so many memberships available.  They have so many applications that membership is hard to come by.  You have a better chance as a senior than you do as a freshmen.,  Sure, you can still get in but you are relegated to the 400 section for those freebies.  The pilot and flight attendant uniforms are passed on from class to class.  Continuity.  Ditto the red body paint guys.  Kids at Dayton fight to get into that group; don't think we have such fervor at SLU.

The school gave them those powder blue t-shirts against SMU to carry out the full effect of the team wearing powder blue.  It's all part of the Dayton basketball experience.  In case you missed it, Dayton has sold out every home game already this year, as they did last year.


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The Wrap

First and foremost , we won. On a personal note, with 42 sec left in the game and The Bills leading by 2 , fans turned around in our section and held up 2 fingers at me.  I was hoping and thought we would win this game by double digits....but I will take the win. Halfway , between double digits and 2 is 6 ...I will take the compromise.

On another note...tonight's attendance was 7925

So let's see what happened in this game...bolded phrases are from the original post. 

 Target slash 50/45/ 75....Actual 47/35/ 75...I am going to give this a pass as each of these numbers was within 1 basket of their categories.

Another key is depth.... wear them down...stay close till the 4th quarter then try to open up some daylight...start to run.... We actual did this and it worked....at the 3:56 mark near the end, we lead by 14...a series of unfortunate TOs and unwise plays allowed Mem back in with 42 sec left...we bent but didn't break which is a good sign. An early season learning experience which in the end caused no damage.

The key to the game...is the 3P shot for Memphis...Both shooting it and defending it ..they have trouble with both. ... Did you wonder why in the final seconds of the game and Mem trailing by 3 that they chose to shoot a 2 instead of a tying 3....It's because they shot 18%  (3-17) in the 2nd half. .. Memphis can shoot if we leave them alone...bother them and they will miss.... This was pretty much true.  In the Eville game  the Aces shot 43% and then in the 2nd half 0%...In tonight's game, the Tigers shot 43% in the 1st half and 18% in the 2nd half...see a pattern? We bothered them in the 2nd half.

Lomax, Davis and Williams...hold them to 33pts...Don't foul them ...they are 2nd ITN in FT%....I put these 2 together because they were kind of related...This was a fail...42 pts combined and they made 13-16 FTs...too many FTs and while Mem didn't have a great night at the charity stripe, these 3 shot 81%.

Hold Lomax to 6 rebs ...Who ever Lomax is guarding needs to protect the ball...Hold him to 1 steal.  ...This was a pass and fail...3 rebs  and 3 stls

11 TOs or less for the Bills...This was like the Eville game...In the Eville game lots of TOs in the 1st half..few in the 2nd half...Tonight the Bills had few TOs for most of the game yet a flurry near the end....in both cases, the bunched TOs caused us to squander leads....YET in both games when it was all over we made the target of 11 which is a good number.

out rebound them by double digits... this was kind of a fail....We were on target to make this when  Okoro and Forrester both got into foul trouble....There was 9 minutes where neither of them were in the game...this allowed Mem to not only close the gap...but outrebound us for the game by 1.

Bottom line....Can we win this game?...Most definitely...We have more depth and better shooters. We showed last night( Eville) we can defend...  Memphis can not win this game but we could give it to them if we play sloppy or careless....Play 40 minutes of focused bball and we win.  Go Bills... I will go with this statement...I would say we played 37 min of focused ball...good enough to win.

Summary... How would I summarize the season so far?...inconsistently consistent.  We have been up and down ...hot and cold ...YET...at the end of the day we have made many of the targets which has allowed us to win games. We need to smooth  out the peaks and valleys ...We need to become consistently consistent.

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On 11/14/2022 at 1:10 PM, gobillsgo said:

Really hope the students turn out for this one. They need to be all over this tool. 

A good recap of the Memphis game. Around the 20 minute mark a discussion of our student section...apparently they were bringing it.


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