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GDT @ UMass


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46 minutes ago, glazedandconfused said:


Couple of quotes from McCall ahead of tonight's game. Nothing earth shattering but:

- McCall says Umass has had some success with playing some zone defense and could see that tonight depending on flow of the game

- Said down the stretch we could see some Hack a French...says they wanted to do it last time vs us.

- McCall also talks about how Umass is still motivated by trying to get a (single) bye in the conference tourney.

I noticed that McCall  said the reason they lost to us in the last game, was because they didn't foul French in OT.  Hmmm....and here I thought the 25 TOs might have had something to do with their loss....remember 16+ TOs is an F-

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Tuesday, Feb. 17, at 6 p.m. CT: Saint Louis at Massachusetts

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