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Way to go, BAB. You've given it a name: The SLU Inbounds Makes-Me-Want-To Heave. :)

We have several new terms this year: the Heave, the Yank.

As for SLU putting no one in the lane on its own free throws, I've begun calling that one the Waiver, as in waiving the offensive rebound.

2014-15: The Year of the Heave, the Yank, and the Waiver.

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Ignore also the other comments of you being troll, etc. Personally, I find you very entertaining. You come on our Board just before/after each game (even when you guys lose to us), you post a few comments about your team and wish us good luck, you are positive respect to your team and do not take shots at our team/players, you make your good-natured points and then you leaveTrolls over stay their welcome. You do not.

Good luck as well.


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Reread your posts where you are the one saying such stupid things. All I do is point them out.

Again, grow up.

Feel free to point out our respective positions on the "Brown Indians/Brown Squaw" point as much as you like. If you do so every time the St. Bonaventure troll brings up the subject again, it will be quite often indeed. As I said, it is as funny as it is sad.

No, he won't (sigh).

Every once in awhile you run into a guy like him who thinks he is sharp and witty and isn't at all, but just keeps going on and on and on...

I do not think it would be humanly possible for two individuals to take themselves more seriously. True message board legends in their own minds. I would recommend Dulcolax and Xanax in equal proportions.

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