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  1. I also got a robocall from the coach this afternoon asking me to come to the game.
  2. I'm assuming this came out of the sports marketing group, so as much we criticize, we must also praise.
  3. Report on the "What's a Billiken" lecture?
  4. Cross-posted from a Facebook discussion about the NPR article. h/t Karen Aquadro for the postcard.
  5. Reminder that this is today, complete with an interesting advance from St. Louis Public Radio: http://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/how-did-billiken-become-saint-louis-universitys-mascot#stream/0
  6. Weren't there two Luc Longley games, and didn't we beatch-slap him both times?
  7. MEN'S BASKETBALL SEASON TICKET DELIVERY Season tickets will be shipped Saturday, October 28 via USPS Priority Mail 2nd day delivery. We anticipate most season ticket holders receiving their tickets by Tuesday or Wednesday of that week.
  8. The quick release on the outside shots is very cool. The drives and dunks are largely against preppy white boys, so they only prove that he can drive and dunk, not that he's a werewolf.
  9. I didn't realize that. That's utter bullsheet. There's already pretty good statistical evidence that Harry was in the running for the greatest Billiken of all time, at least among those who played a full college career. And if there were a three-point arc and no freshman exemption in Harry's day, he would have been, hands down.
  10. I believe Calipari's level is Dante's Eighth Circle.
  11. Wait, what? He's a 6'8" guard? The second coming of freakin' Harry Rogers!!! (Apologies to the 92% or the board who have absolutely no freakin' idea what I'm talking about. And fabulous memories for the rest of us.)
  12. I'd only skimmed it until you asked, so I went back and read it. If I were his editor, I would have sent it back to him and told him to make clear what his point was. Then again, that would have been in the mid-2000s, when editors could actually send stuff back for more work. Well, and when there even were editors.
  13. This reminded me of something back to close-on-topic that I wanted to say earlier: I, too, didn't see a whole lot wrong with what he wrote. Certainly there's lots of stuff we MBMs naturally disagree with, but it was basically just more feed-the-beast stuff. The paper did, however, commit an egregious violation of its own policy by not crediting the photograph/photo illustration in the print edition.
  14. Good ol' Roy has provided me with a segue to expand upon one of the many Post-Dispatch incompetencies. At the time that I resigned from my 11-year career at the Post-Dispatch, I'd been a subscriber for almost 30 years. All employees got a 50% discount on subscriptions. A few months after my resignation, they stopped delivering. I called and asked why. They said I hadn't paid my bills. After I resigned, I didn't receive a single bill. They're either clever as hell for simply allowing hardcopy subscriptions to fall so far that they can start printing less than six days a week (or the seven that was the case when I quit) -- so that they could justify decreasing print to 2-4 days a week; or they're idiots. I always go with Occam's Razor.
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