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  1. His bouts were less severe, and more amenable to medical management. This is via two German friends who are soccer coaches in the region, and others who are in the myopathy community. My friend on the Western Slopes obsesses over these cases, and like most OCD genetic patients, knows the progressions and varied treatments intimately - he is living it. Gotze’s case has been fairly well documented via all his leg injuries, and his marked decline from a world class striker to a serviceable part time midfielder. Gotze has had untold moneys thrown at his treatment, as his club has sunk millions into his contract. His managed recovery has gotten him to 70% of what he was, but the 30% reduction takes him from world class, national team, league all star, best on team, starter, to part timer. For Fred, this is taking him from French level to below Bell level on his ability to expend energy and fully recover, and it is in his legs, the worst area for the genetic condition to express in an athlete.
  2. Goodwin missed three fts in a row early in the Dayton game, and went 4/9 overall. Yuri made his final two, tieing and then giving us the lead with 6 ticks left. Yuri was 3/5 overall. While French and Goodwin are great leaders, it would be an incredible improvement if they decided to change and lead us in fts as well. We would be dancing.
  3. Having read about the severity of his symptoms, which are similar to my friend’s, I would doubt he plays a season at all. My friend stopped running, which is a less taxing activity than D1 basketball. The rapid onset of pain and swelling, the body’s inability to scavenge and prevent the buildup of lactic acidosis in the leg muscles, is often the end of vigorous activity. Ford and company have to recruit like Fred will not be back. We have seen this before, multiple times, with varied medical issues. Gotze is a perfect example for myopathy. Before he was diagnosed, he was tagged as the German footballer of the century. Now, he has markedly changed his style, went from a dominant wing to an attacking midfielder, and plays markedly fewer minutes, and his bouts are less severe than Fred’s. Time will tell, but the outcomes I have seen/read are muted successes at best.
  4. Sorry you guys think it is insulting. This is a homage to Joe Bonwich, who back in the day carried on a SLU basketball conversation, after a couple beers, replete with trolls guarding the paint with their war clubs, knights doing battle in between, and little blue smurfs scampering around trying to steal the ball. Whenever we crossed paths, we would discuss whether we had a bridge, rock, or cave troll as our new center. We also bemoaned we always had more smurfs than trolls.
  5. CGeldmacher, I’m not worried whether you want a pressing defense or not, it matters not to me. I am stating what I see, which is a team missing two starters out for the year, playing three guys who were not with the team last year, starting two players who are new to the team this year, and a third starter who was 10th in minutes last year. Their job is to replace three fifth year seniors. i saw Ford drop the press like a hot potato in non conference when he saw the disaster as our defense fell apart.
  6. I don’t want us to play a pressing defense. We don’t have the number of players, nor the skill level, to play a pressing defense. Our center is not suited for a pressing defense. I have complimented Ford multiple times for recognizing our player abilities and fashioning an improving defense that has earned this record. And yes, revisionist does apply to a discussion where the entire context is removed from a sentence. The original thread conversation related to Bell’s ability to remain on the floor in a full court, 40 minute press defense that Ford stated he wanted to play.
  7. The two stunning details were on defense, Collins held Gilyard to zero assists, and on offense, Collins and French were the only two to have assists.
  8. In a dedicated press D, He would not make it past the first media timeout then, at the beginning of the season. If we did play a 40 minutes of hell D, and if he were inserted into Foreman’s slot at the front of the press, he probably still wouldn’t make it to the media timeout. When fatigue is an issue for just about everyone besides Goodwin in a normal 40 minute conference game, when Jacobs and Hargrove get beat three times on back door cuts, and Collins and French need rest breaks on the bench, Ford needs to finesse some aspects of his game plans. Look at yesterday. Ford tweaked how the guards challenged their smurfs up high, running them into French and Bell on the high screen cuts, and played the off defender to the ball side in the paint frequently, and we made a team in the top 10 itn for fewest turnovers toss 15 away - without pressing. As our freshmen pick up the recognition, positioning and communications skills needed to improve their defense, we will continue to see improvement.
  9. Dennis, I promise to stop calling him a heavy footed troll when he gets more dunks in a game than French. You, amongst others, like to play revisionist historians. At the beginning of the season, we were going to play a rooting, tooting 40 minutes of hell pressing defense, and Ford tabbed Bell as the starting center. In that context, I stated there was no way Bell could make it up and down the court. He still is no Arthur Miller, or Johnson, but he is a developing Bell. Turned out the team had no concept of how to play an extended pressing D well, nor could they truncate down and cover the 3 pt line, nor could they(at that time) stop on the ball penetration. Thus ended the 40 minutes of hell.
  10. Sorry Dennis, but the jist of my posts early in the season referenced Ford’s management of Bell’s minutes as proof positive that he was not prepared for anything more than minor minutes, as he was not in game shape. That was proven to be true. He was played until he reached his endurance rope, and then he sat for the rest of the game. He now has a much better base conditioning, after four months of hard D1 conditioning. Hopefully he will continue to progress, and can continue to hang 10 points, 5 rebounds, alert D, and 25 minutes on every opponent down the road. We are a much better team with a true center. Again, Ford has done a masterful job of coaching this season. Every single player has holes in his game, but Ford has successfully blended the parts into a whole team that overcomes hurdles rather than finding excuses. As far as Toppin, we will find out why he will be close to a lottery pick in the next draft.
  11. The Dukes have a good team with elements essential to making it into the second weekend. They have both a big and guards that can score, with a guard who can penetrate and score, and a second who can hit threes when hot. They have Hughes, who creates havoc in the paint with his blocks. The center has some great up and under, and pivot moves as well. Good balance!
  12. While shooting free throws?
  13. No, this set of stats is incomplete, not necessarily wrong in total. Hankton Is not accounted for, amongst other discrepancies. This is a good start at showing meaningful stats, ie what groupings show the best offensive, defensive, rebounding, free throw, and turnover stats. Meaningful stats can be gleaned from first groupings, and then extracting the second level information. A good example would be how does spacing effect French’s offensive efficiency, minus free throws. Run a query with Jimerson in vs out of the groups, and then run a third level with/without Collins, and run a split out with Collins/Weaver/Jacobs as the pg. You can do all sorts of tricks with groups analysis..Gantt time flow plus/minus, central tendencies, spacing, good skill/bad skill observations, but they all correlate fairly well. Soderburg liked points per possession per grouping, Ford seems to like the good/bad observations and central tendencies. Majerus distilled the central tendencies to its purest form, and demanded they be followed to the T. The vast majority of college coaches have been using stats packages, either outright or intuitively, for the past three + decades.
  14. I saw nine models of the starship Enterprise.
  15. That is what happens when you lose two starters, and they are the best offensive player, the best on ball defender, and probably the two best outside shooters. If this had happened last year, we would have been under .500. This year, we are fighting to remain in the top quadrant of the conference, winning ugly, and hoping we time our one game of good shooting out of every three to be against the good teams, and it works into a win.
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