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  1. Nothing stops people from flocking to the beaches faster than saying we had 20 Covid deaths rather than ten deaths. I take that back. Nothing stops beach goers from hitting the beach faster than saying 20 great white sharks are waiting to eat you, and then Covid will get another 20.
  2. Reinert, I never said the two schools are comparable. I did say the quality of print writers I knew at SLU were surprisingly high; Avis Meyer was every bit the equal of Mizzou’s leading inkers back in the day, and three of the four UNewsers I knew very well went on to write for the NYT, WP, WSJ, and Boston Globe - but they could not get a job at the Post, and especially in the sports department. That is the apples to apples comparison; if they were good enough to get on at first line premier papers, at least one should have gotten an offer at the Post. The SLU writers often were often a little more literate, as those five philosophy, religion, ethics, and morality classes colored world views better and led to better writing slots outside St. Louis than inside. The only way to overcome sparse coverage, scant in depth coverage, and road coverage often with few or no photos, is to win win win. The least popular historical article at the Post right now (due to Smith, Matter, and Gordon wearing gold and black every game weekend) would be a review of our fantastically competitive three game series, and the writer agitating for a return of an annual game.
  3. You would be surprised, over the years, at the quality of print writers coming out of SLU. Many would apply to the Post/Globe, and get shot down. Often they would go on to get their masters from Mizzou in journalism. The three I know who went this route all got shot down when they reapplied again at the Post, so the comparison became apples to apples.
  4. For years all print journalism in St. Louis was dominated by Mizzou grads. The editors were Mizzou grads. It was a badge of honor for sportswriters to proclaim their membership in the Antlers, and how many late nights they had at Harpo’s and Shakespeares. The pervasive Mizzou stench ensured that sports coverage was both non stop Mizzou, and always slanted. Quick, name 4 SLU grads that work in sports at the post.
  5. Weaver, Collins, Perkins, Hargrove, Bell and Jimerson all got abused early in the season on both dribble drives, back door cuts, and threes off dribble drives. Ford had to call off pressing because the defense was so abominable. We were so bad, at times, that we had teams in the 300s rpi, and Maryville, going into halftime neck and neck with us. It was only after the new kids on the block learned that you had to keep a shoulder on the driver, and you had to track a shooter at the 3 pt line, and you had to lead a cutter/driver into help, and that help had to come to a certain point but no further, and how to flash and switch effectively, that we turned into a tough defensive team. At different times early in the season, we had six different players playing ole defense, and it was so obvious that French and Goodwin looked like bad defenders.
  6. A combination of both. After he gets fifteen pounds of muscle riveted on, guards and small forwards will stop abusing him on drives.
  7. Here you go, Reinert. Always try to make sure you are standing on the right side of a branch before you start sawing. https://www.luc.edu/oie/institutionaldata/enrollmentstatistics/
  8. Patience is a virtue, even with edits. What do you want the U to do? Put out an official press release on something unofficial? That is what this board is for.
  9. Hoosierpal, transfers do not sign papers for a schollie. They show up, enroll, and get the grant in aid, just as previously mentioned. Probably no article because Linssen has not done anything “official” until he shows up to enroll.
  10. Clock, I’m talking about next year. Between transfers, needs, and threads, things got conjoined. We might still have another opening for this year, and definitely will have three for next year.
  11. Roy, first you cast backhand disparagement at a student’s actual academic interests by attending certain schools, and then you say you are not knocking the student, merely the institutions. You are trying to have it both ways. We have had students come from Chicago And CPL schools like Phillips, Simeon, Foreman, Proviso, North Chicago, and numerous other disadvantaged high schools where academics were not of the highest standard, yet the students succeeded at SLU. We have had a similar stream of students from St. Louis public schools, Vashon, Beaumont, Soldan, etc. Without knowing a student’s exact situation, it may not be wise to judge why they need to transfer. In Chicago, just as much recruiting happens to private schools as within the CPL, so it baffles me how the better education plank can justify an immoral act, but the better b-ball team cannot. The four year college degree is meant to help balance out and fill in many of the first 12 years of a weaker educational regime. If not for these very players and their schools you disparage, we would probably be a DII/III team now.
  12. That could not happen. Medical scholarship = no play.
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