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  1. There is a lot of talk for a team whose over/under projection next year is .500
  2. Hargrove is a face up jump shooter/slasher, and my impression was he is a half step faster than Bess, with major hops. Both Bess and he are major tough guys coming into college, and I expect Hargrove to be better than Bess by his senior year. Bess had injuries that dogged him and set his ceiling in college.
  3. If you look at the stats for the game, it makes perfect sense. Utah played Willie and the other center in a traditional 5 slot, 39 of the 40 minutes between the two. Willie got 15 minutes, Bradley got 24 minutes. The Grizzlies won 85 to 68. The quarter splits were -7, -2, plus 2, and -10 for Utah.
  4. When your butt is in the game, the net scoring margin was 11 pts to your opponent’s advantage. not a hard concept to master.
  5. Samba Kane will end up somewhere in Colorado.
  6. Diener, Highmark, Robinson, Cassity, Crawford, Roth, are just some of the white boys we recruited or signed whose defense ranged from “Ole” to couldn’t guard a chair. Noted offensive high school, prep, and juco players who arrive at a four year college with lots of press clippings, and little to no ink re their defense, have not gained ANY noteriety on the defensive side. oTOH, players who come in with a rep for stellar defense, ie McCauley, Hughes, Thatch, French, Goodwin, etc, have little difficulty maintaining that skill in college. Picking up solid Upper D1 defense is a damn hard combination of speed, strength, leverage, spacing, effort, desire, discipline, and anticipation. Players who didn’t work hard in hs on this have at least two years of catching up to do.
  7. Depth is having productive experienced players, and good backups, at all positions. Our backups tilt strongly to freshmen or first year players, a situation not far from Grawer’s final year. the main difference is having Goodwin and French. Stability always is a huge plus.
  8. Crews didn’t kill the program, but with his lackluster efforts, he rented a hearse and drove the recruits to the mortuary.
  9. If Tay can be a Carlos McCauley type defensive point guard with a better 3 pt shot, who can eat up some of the backup minutes, and lead our press, this will be a great pickup.
  10. The frosh bigs helping French out all depends on them learning how to hip seal the defender, and then how to recognize the open man or space, and rotate the ball.
  11. Charity is markedly different than justice, and in Saadiq’s case charity is richly deserved. Even with SLU partly being painted a bad guy in the ESPN article, I commend them, and the family he is living with in St. Louis, for helping in his sojourn.
  12. Kshoe, I know three soccer players over the last thirty years who were full academic schollies, and played on the team at D1. One of my friends at work has a son doing this at Fontbonne, albeit D2. i don’t know if the NCAA still has a preferred walk-on category, but when they allowed that for basketball in the past, it allowed the walk on to eat at the training table in season. Reading the article again, the three main salient points that hit home are the status of Saadiq’s citizenship status, his not knowing the complete status of a schollie in May of his sophomore year at SLU, and Kalish seemingly indicating a disinterest in his return to the soccer team for his junior season. in many situations like this one, a reporter is on a tight deadline and must provide a story within a five to ten day turnaround. SLU is famous in media circles for deploying a circle the wagons strategy, developing a a single statement, and releasing it to the reporter a couple weeks down the road. contrast how Kalish inadvertently/situationally is painted here with how Travis Ford and his wife were exemplified, when they reached out and supported the OKST basketball player who served time and came back to the team. Sometimes total support becomes meaningful, validated, and creates a richly rewarding environment. Case in point is how DJ Foreman and TI both provided critical play to get us to the big dance last year. A solid majority of fans had given up on both during last season, but not their coach. This creates a lot of goodwill, and that goodwill is money in the bank when recruiting players in the future.
  13. The crux of the matter is when Saadiq was offered a free ride, how it was communicated, and whether Kalish extended him a slot as a preferred walk-on, if soccer has a setup similar to D1 basketball. IIRC, Saadiq scored three game winners one of his two years, so he had a certain value within a system that could cover his shortcomings on the field. The sad part of the situation is Saadiq has a desperate need to have competitive soccer as a significant part of his college life. If Kalish did not go out of his way to help assure him that Saadiq was in line for a humanitarian full ride, and was awarded one, and he would be a member of the soccer team as a preferred walk on, then he needs to recalibrate the balance between the team mission and the University mission for exceptional cases like this. as it is, no matter the truth and the timeline, SLU has managed to again capture a couple million $$$ in negative publicity. I am glad that Bradley stepped up, and Saadiq will graduate with a degree, and again be a member of the soccer team. He needs to catch more than a few breaks to help with his lifelong healing.
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