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  1. ESPN is based in CT, and has a limited number of broadcasting crews that travel around the country. Duke and NC happen to be in a conference that they cover all the time, and their broadcasters know all about him. Back in the day, ESPN made the Big East. Based on geography, you can’t ***** too much. The PD had many inches of print coverage on Zion, and virtually none. On Ja. And St. Louis is way closer than Bristol, CT, and the Bills play Murray State in periodic contract home/home games.
  2. Perkins is a much better scorer than Kevin Footes, who was a fairly great scorer as a junior juco transfer under Grawer’s intense micromanagement. He chafed Grawer something fierce, and spent far too much time on the bench due to his perceived indolence at defense. Footes was Bonner’s final year and Skinner’s freshman year. He hit 14 pts a game both years, averaged 4.3 rpg, and 2.7/4.3 apg his Jr/sr years.
  3. Fred didn’t bring the ball up court because option #1 was a grad transfer, option #3 was a senior, and option #2 was Goodwin. He was not the tall center wheelman on the inbound play, so that all means he was the last option for most situations on the floor. Thatch got his playing time due to his defense, and spent the lions share of his time working on his defensive skills. He is quite capable of making similar improvements in his ball handling and his shooting. I wouldn’t expect his distribution skills to change markedly until he plays a couple years with good slashers and shooters- experience is the catalyst for change.
  4. Jimerson has to be the resident zone breaker with his outside shooting ability. If he and Hankton/Perkins can both provide reliable outside shooting, it will be very difficult to zone us, and both Collins and Goodwin will markedly improve their PG play. I would slot Jimerson 8-10 mpg to build up his confidence and see if he can handle playing defense. We desperately need outside shooting. That is our overriding need.
  5. Romar was excited about Kern coming. After missing out on the Peoria forward, Marcellus Somerville, that shot Bradley into the Big Dance, Romar thought Kern would be even better. Of course, Kern never qualified, Polk blew his knee out, Ryan Hollins never came, and Romar left for UWashington.
  6. I, for one, see no problem with having too many good guards. A few years ago, Illinois put a team on the floor with three college point guards - and no one had an answer for the flexibility, shooting, and passing that level of talent provided. Deron Williams, Luther Head, and Dee Brown were all NBA level talent, and they were coached up as well. Ford can scheme and coach well enough to integrate this situation over the course of a season - heck, he coached them well enough that he got them into the top quarter of the league with one shooter and no point guard last year, and now he has a pg and multiple shooters. Watch out, A10.
  7. Guy got his right leg undercut while in the air. The ref called it a foul, it normally is an automatic call for player protection. Don’t run under, or slide under a players legs while he is in the air. He had the guts to make a right call, even though it put him in a tough spot, influencing the game outcome directly.
  8. The touted Mehlville three is actually Bradford as a size blessed legit high D1 prospect, an athletic small forward with moderate handle, poor shot, and speed, and an off guard with shake and bake moves, some half a handle, and no outside shot. 1 high D1, two mid to low D1 prospects.
  9. Since there was no lost love between CG and the player leadership in the locker room, and seeing Bess’ visible reaction and body language on a couple plays where CG gave up on plays in the FSU game, I am certain words were passed behind closed doors. Within a couple weeks, CG also had words with Ford and Frazier, and was shown the suspension door, which he turned into the transfer. When things head south in a locker room due to chemistry, effort, and attitude, good locker room leadership addresses it in the moment. It may be a loving conversation, a face to face consultation, a back to the wall shirt grab, or a few love taps, but it is going down as needed. The fact that one of the four happened, and addressed the needed issue, is borne out by the leadership and lack of quit in the final five games of the season. Games are won on the floor, but leadership, chemistry and effort are forged in practice and the locker room by the team.
  10. Ford and his crew of assistants are very talented at selling the team to recruits. This means every year he will be recruiting over a previous year starter at some position, if not two. Ford likes to play guys who(as noted in today’s Post article) can bench 300 pounds, are really mean and really tough, and can rebound. These traits have been an earmark of his teams every place he has been.
  11. Wasn’t Thatch POY for Missouri, and Gordon was a real 4star. Pearson was one of the top 3 players in KY. Ford got them, but Pearson backed out and Gordan washed out. Thatch will be a starter as a soph, and is a solid 20 minute man as a fresh. The most important position to stack is PG, and SLU has been very poor at snagging em. We need two every three year period. It is now a baby step to secure the commits, as Ford can beat the drum about playing in the big dance.
  12. Yuri and TJ coming avoids the dreaded gap year, where in the past we almost always missed on stacking classes. We stacked with Bonner/Gray era, Highmark/Dobbs era, under Majerus via developing players, and now. Hopefully we can go from a two year stack of the past to an every year stacking recruit class. When you stack multiple players each year in three or four successive classes, you suddenly are in the big dance for multiple consecutive years. The stacked players and the program system make the Dance ticket inevitable. Retaining Ford, so we can continue stacking classes, and continue having the toughest team and best defense in the conference, while augmenting our shooting skills, is the yellow brick road.
  13. CTA, speak for yourself. Your lack of knowledge regarding others’ atheletic abilities is only exceeded by your singularly outstanding trait of superiority. Maybe you can apply to become a moderator. You know, a few tweaks, buy Strunk and White’s writing guide, and be all you can be.
  14. TAj did not say tweaks because JG needs tons of work to hit and stick in the NBA. He needs an nba handle. He needs to hit 80% FTs. He Needs to hit above 38% from 3 pt land. He needs to be at 50%+ in 2 pt land. His only hope is as a shooting combo guard, because he never will be an nba pg. These all represent a vast body of work to accomplish, and to not say otherwise, or to phrase it as “tweaks,” is trying to blow sunshine up the ole rectal cavity. JG hit close to the FT level in hs, and added strength will help his 2pt %. The 3pt % and handle are his biggest challenges.
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