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  1. At 70 possessions, we would have roughly 35 points. Only problem is ....they have only 13 players; you need 14 to cover 70 fouls.
  2. High Point was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. Like all teams this year who are realistically slotted at a few games above .500, some fans think we are a good run away from slipping into the Big Dance, and want immediate stardom for various players. Other fans see through clear glasses, and can see gaping holes that currently exist in both our offense and defense. To wit: 1) Coaching expectations...Ford has an impossible job this year, as he has to coach 7/8 players up to be starters, rotation players, and multiposition players on the fly. Collins, Jimerson, and Weaver have 80% of the schemes OK, but they still get caught out when it comes time to transition from pressing to 3 pt line responsibilities. They are the good newcomers, also, not the slower to pick up learners.(PS this has nothing to do with smarts, but rather level and intensity of good/great basketball coaching) Learning how to properly block out near the lane, understanding the angle of misses off the rim, knowing the hip bump and chest plant for the big men, and when to jump, and for guards out at 3 pt land, understanding a short missed 3 is coming right back to your shooter, are second nature a year down the road, but mysteries freshly learned right now. On D, it is brutal to be a freshman who was a physical stud in high school, and suddenly finding out you are the weak link in college(unless you are a Thatch, noted for superior D in HS.) Figuring out rotations, when to rotate, how to rotate, how to flash on an open driver, how to disrupt timing, where and what the passing lanes and timing are, playing deny body M2M, and screens(Hargrove got badly picked twice in one play withing two seconds of one another) are all part of the learning curve. Dont think that Ford isn't coaching, and coaching extremely well. He just has to teach almost everyone the tools they need, integrate them into their play, and integrate their individual play into team play. We wont see solid team play until some point in conference. 2) Popping out...Jimerson and Goodwin. BAM. Jimerson popped in multiple ways. We all knew he could shoot the 3, but he had a couple very nice elbow stop and pops, one on each side. He kept his head up on rebounds, had a great 3/4 floor assist to Collins. He followed a missed shot at the rim for a putback, and he did a couple good rotations, and a great flash poke help on a dribble drive that prevented a layup. Goodwin finally got his elbow dialed in on FTs, and it showed on his shots as well. Dial in the form, get the production. 3) Fouls...Ford was getting incensed about the stupid fouls. Jacobs had a silly reach in foul in the backcourt, fifty feet from the basket. Others picked up fouls from slow rotation, not moving their feet, and reaching. 4) A good sign of D...There were plenty of tips, ball pokes, deflections, and rebound tips that kept the ball alive, created steals, and made HP go deep into the shot clock as we got deep into the bench. While they don't always make it into the stats sheet, Ford wants to generate at least 35 a game, as these are a little thing that lead to wins. When HP went on their 17 pt run, we had three Bell plays in a row, two silly Goodwin steals, and two Collins misplays along with very poor D. When a team is way down, you bury them with the success plays that drove the margin, not playing cute or trying to feed a stat line. Finally, Collins still is playing high school press break. He took a pass in the very corner(BAD!), broke that trap, and tried to dribble past a third defender near the basket while 85 feet from the other basket. He needed to look pass once he broke the trap, as against a good team he would have had a ten second call, rather than a bailout foul. The rest of the court was four good guys vs two defenders. On to Belmont.
  3. We lost the SH game at 29 points. They let the spread narrow because they ceased to play hard and coasted. IF we had made threes, if we had made fts, and if we had played great defense, SH would have played hard until the end, and we still would have a double digit loss. These what if conjectures only work well on a specific inflection point, not the arc of a game. The four phases of team development include *we got blown out and dominated *at least we dominated garbage time *we are tooth and nail with them *we dominated We were at low stage 2 in this game. Last year we were low Stage 4.
  4. At some point, claiming our team is more athletic than another becomes oxymoronic if they can beat us with dribble drives, three point shooting, and points in the paint. We have thrown Thatch out as our best deny defender, but he is lacking three inches, twenty pounds and four years of experience that Bess had. Our second defender who rotated to cover Powell was Collins, not Goodwin. We will be taking gut punches when we cannot shut down one aspect of this triple headed Cerberus threat.
  5. Are we talking legitimate restaurant food, or food provided to illegitimate teams, which via transferrance renders the restaurant illegitimate as well?
  6. If you grant SH a mere legitimate team designation, we are some shade of illegitimate.
  7. Our defense was that bad. 29 point lead that bad. Blown out on our home court bad defense. While we don’t need to obsess about our bad defense, the first step in game analytics is recognizing we have yet to play good defense, and this game showed a defense so bad that SH stopped trying to score with close to 5 minutes left in the game. it was running clock bad defense.
  8. His first free throw is generally short or short right, and when he misses his second, ofttimes it is long and a foot left. I would ditch the square up stance, put him in a jab foot stance, and his shooting arm from the elbow to hand vertically motion aligned with the basket. He can’t be a solid FT shooter with his arm/shooting motion crossing his body.
  9. Yuri extended his D effort markedly on Powell, and face guarded him about 30% while his responsibility. Bess was one of the top 3 swing defenders in the country, Thatch and Collins are both pups. This game broke wide open from the start, with French, Goodwin, and Thatch not being effective early. NBA type players have outstanding fakes. Poor fundamentals will be three such fouls. Collins learned and made an adjustment. The elephant in the room is free throw shooting. We are in for another season of tight games, but this year our best players are our worst free throw shooters - last year they were our best.
  10. 1) Last year/this year Last year we had three dominant fifth year seniors who could impose their will in Bess, Isabell, and Foreman. We had a strong freshman big in Gordon, who held his own in the paint. None of their replacements are anywhere where they were on o, d, or physical presence, and it showed as Hall manhandled us. 2) Bell came with a good game effort, and caught 13 minutes. As he learns, he will start taking offensive rebounds in the paint back up strong. He still cannot make solid rotations on D, so Ford tried unsuccessfully to hide him as the middle man in the 1-3-1 zone, with Thatch/Collins getting stuck on the Hall bigs down low. Ouch. 3) The starting five is very stagnant on offense against a balanced D. Thatch and Jacobs have to kickstart things when there are going to be few offensive boards. Goodwin and French cannot always wear capes. 4) Collins held his own, even with his few out of control turnovers being steals in this game. Hall guards were bumping him almost every play, and a guard was on top of him every time he tried to go north. He never showed temper, he showed discipline. Like all the new guys, a year in the weight room will do him well. I found it interesting that he was hit multiple times harder than French on his first two fouls, but no calls. 5) We got taken to the woodshed, but everyone competed hard, put in max effort, and nary a cheap shot was delivered. We got beaten like a drum, but all the Hall players were helping up French and others in garbage time. Respect won and rendered by both teams. These games happen with youthful teams. We will be above .500, but we will go through some struggles as we develop.
  11. Yep, Larry started off with The Truth, AI.
  12. I have seen two incredibly dominant hs pgs who jumped straight to the pros without any college, Shaun Livingston and Sebastian Telfair. Both had the same uncanny court sense that Magic displayed. Livingston was so prescient that the better b-ball minds in Peoria had tagged him as an NBA talent in 8th grade. He didn’t disappoint. Collins has the vision, handle, timing, and strength to be a fringe NBA guard. He needs to find a 3 pt and a 15 footer, and just perfect his all around game. im old enough that freshmen didn’t play in my yut.
  13. He wasn’t overlooked. He had surgery, and did not play out the summer going into senior year. If you disappear from AAU for an entire summer, you effectively fall of the face of the earth. By the time he reappeared and then hit the playoffs, he was a SLU commit. People need to chill a little bit on the Yuri worship. He is going to hit a couple of rough stretches in the games ahead, and get schooled a few times. He is mentally tough though, he has to be with all the heckling Roy is giving him for stealing the pg slot. Teams are making book on his tendencies, but for a smooth point guard with a dominant handle, other than forcing him to his off side, and jumping him with a wingspan forward to cut his passing, he still is going to get some dimes.
  14. You guys need to remember....everyone needed to screen in Rick’s offense. If you added these two to that team, they would have played in the final four.
  15. Kwamain> Goodwin because of different types of usage, Goodwin would split time with both McCall and Jett in their junior years. All three have slightly different abilities, but are substantial players on any D1 team outside Kentucky and, Duke, Kansas type teams.
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