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Today, 08:13 AM

I don hate Tatum but I really have no interest in what he does at Duke.  If he is successful or not it means nothing to me one way or the other.  Crews has much to do - hopefully he can do it but the odds are not in his favor but then again, that is why you have to let it play out.  This is a critical year for him - if he lays another egg, then we have no other choice but to let him go but once again I guess there could be some unusual factors that could give him a reprieve.

In Topic: Larry Brown

29 September 2015 - 11:06 AM

Get's caught with his hands in the cookie jar again.

Post the link please

In Topic: Recruiting - 2017

17 September 2015 - 03:27 PM

Why are we always the bridesmaid?

Hey, bridesmaids can get poked too.

In Topic: Via Twitter: Welmer out for 4 Months with Stress Fracture

15 September 2015 - 04:24 PM

Red shirt him - easy decision - best for him and us.  If he turns out to be a stiff then he can simply move on and will have a better chance to find a new place with more years of eligibility left.  He can probably get a waiver and get red shirt year back.if he transfers to another D1 school.

In Topic: SLU Soccer Rankings (Week 3)

11 September 2015 - 02:49 PM

SLU was ranked pre-season by pretty much everybody (except Soccer America) and they have won two games (Memphis looks like they are going to be absolutely terrible as they already 0-4 against a middling schedule but road win at Tulsa will help).  They are now ranked by everyone.  


The next two games are on the road and against good teams.  These games will be good tests.  In general, the non-conf schedule is looking better than I thought as Akron seems to be back on form and same is probably true of Denver.  Akron is 3-1 with all 4 games on the road against good teams--they won at VCU--so they are looking great.   Louisville is 3-1 as well and ranked (only loss to a very good Stanford team).


The bad news so far is that the A-10 sucks even worse than usual.  Davidson has played really well and Dayton has at least been competitive but the rest have been pretty terrible (ok George Mason has had a tough schedule at least).   The bottom 8 teams are 4-27!!!!   I think SLU's RPI is already shot to hell.



NSCAA (coaches)--16th (last week 14th)

College Soccer News (websperts)--15th (last week 21st)

Top Drawer Soccer (websperts)--14th (last week 22nd)

Soccer America (websperts)--17th (last week not ranked)



Official RPI: not ready yet

Gaucho Dan RPI: 86th (it's early but this shows how badly winning over an 0-4 team hurts you)

Massey Ratings (computer with MOV): 27th

Well beating a 0-4 team is better than losing to them but I get your point - we have to schedule more aggressively.