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Today, 08:12 AM

Taj.  Mostly agree with you but Spoon has a larger body of work than just here at SLU. Spoon recruited some good talent to SMS and also coached them to their max.  Prior to SLU, Spoon won the Valley Tournament and regularly made it to the NCAA Tourney.  When his teams played ours coached by Grawer, his teams were both mentally and physically tougher than ours and, more than not, his teams came out on top.  And yes, I do hope our new recruits turn out better than in the days of the 1990s.  It should, though, be pointed out that Spoon did rely heavily upon JUCO's (both at SMS and at SLU) and that following the whole JUCO approached changed during Spoon's tenure.  With a larger budget for assistant coaches and recruiting, and less meddling from above, maybe Spoon would have stayed, maybe his recruiting would have been better...   .


I agree that the future is unclear and look forward to seeing what Jim Crews can do.  To date, his recruiting has exceeded my expectations.  His development of players, though, is where I have a pause.  I will be patient and am not intending to be overly critical, but I do think that Crews could have played/developed at least 2 of our 3 freshmen more than he did.  Hard to find fault, though, with what Jim Crews and SLU did last year. 

I believe that Spoon was looking for a legacy hire of his son to follow him and when he saw that being at SLU was going to be hard work he realized that getting the situation to the point that his son could take over was not going to be an easy task - he left for lots of reasons but that was one of them in my opinion.

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18 April 2014 - 03:02 PM

I have to admit that I have very little knowledge regarding MY - I have read this thread and went to all the links posted on it by others.  It seems that the key problem  for him was the qualifying issue.  If he has indeed gotten his head together and  fixed the problems he was having academically, then great for him and for us but there is one nagging question - will he be a kid that every grade reporting period we will be holding our breath.  I do think if he applies himself then the school will do its part to help him be successful but once again, he has to apply himself.  Apparently WR could not figure that out nor the kid from Alton who only stayed one semester - in his defense, English was his second language - but then again we have had others who have figured it out.  I am hopeful he will carry his work ethic he has developed recently to when he gets to SLU.

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17 April 2014 - 09:07 AM


I'm not saying that is not the truth, but I can't believe that it was somebody above Crews who told him not to promote LePore and go get somebody like Cheaney. I'm surprised May would be so involved with hiring an assistant coach. Danny Brown has been around a while and would seem to be deserving of a promotion if he has done a good job. What is the pecking order of the assistants?... from lowest to most important, is it 1) Marcus Wilson 2) DBrown 3) LePore (DOB)

I would think what you are saying makes sense.

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16 April 2014 - 06:27 PM

This is also the guy that ends up dealing with parents and relatives once the player enters our system. Tough job since coaches have to move on to dealing with players and implementing their system. Very cool guy from what I hear! Will be a big loss but he is moving up the ladder maybe more in the direction of an actual HC in the future.

I believe he also was the guy who hooked DE up with the trip to Africa this summer.

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16 April 2014 - 06:25 PM

glad to have a full compliment.  Will make recruiting for next year and the year after easier - they will not have their attention spread thin.