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In Topic: Glaze Hurt

15 October 2014 - 11:03 AM

Separated shoulders can linger. This sounds crass but I'm hoping he recovers to play enough games to take a redshirt out of the question.

No redshirt - if he does he will use up one of the 2 schollies we have to give his fall - he needs to move on - he will not make us better next year.  Sometimes you get addition from subtraction - Branch Rickey

In Topic: A comparison

12 October 2014 - 03:18 PM

I think you're severely underestimating Loe. And saying anyone is a draw with Jordair is more than presumptuous. 

I agree - Oh how quickly we forget.  If AY can replace JJ I will be very happy.  JJ was a scorer - not a shooter - and played great defense.  A player of his caliber is not easy to replace.  RL was a good player and JM has yet to show he can carry his jock strap.  The depth is a good thing but depth without quality won't make up the difference.  Our biggest problem is we have too many freshmen but the good thing about a freshman as they say is they become sophomores.  Yes we did not have depth last year and it took a toll as the season rolled on but you need quality experience depth and the fact that we are even talking about freshmen having to carry some of the water tells you all you need to know about those returning.  Now I know that we have 3 sophomores this year and it is unfair to write them off summarily but it will be asking lot for them to be the equal of MM, DE, RL.  We will miss the defensive intensity we had but there is nothing to be done about it we just have to let it play out.  By the way - when the competition got stiffer was when AM stopped scoring like he did in the non conference part of the schedule - that tells me a lot about him.  This is not a knock just an observation - AM is short and he shoots the ball from a low position - when you start playing quicker and taller opponents that is a recipe scoring to drop.  Unless he changed his shot release we may just see more of the same.

In Topic: C'mon, someone's got to have something on the practices

11 October 2014 - 08:09 AM


My question is who is at the 5 when Manning is out of the game? Is it Jolly? More likely, I think we play without a true 5 a lot and have a combination of two among RA, GG and TL playing at the same time. Is TL quick and skilled enough to play some at the 3.

The same person told me that TL has shown an ability to shoot the 3 and that Ash is a scorer but more a slasher rather than a shooter - the person is not saying he can not shoot the 3 just that is not the strongest part of his game..

In Topic: C'mon, someone's got to have something on the practices

10 October 2014 - 06:18 AM

This is not about practice but I had contact with a person high in the AD and was told that Ash was the best player on the team last year - for what it is worth.

In Topic: Recruiting - 2016

10 October 2014 - 06:16 AM

This one is from the last 24 hours.  FBJT liked it so much he retweeted it.  What we think his decision should be based on doesn't really matter.  All that matters is what he wants to base his decision on.  I'm not saying it definitely will or won't be a factor, but I am saying that he clearly digs the attention on Twitter.


Jayson Tatum retweeted

Luigi A. Racanelli‏@LRac4386·21h21 hours ago
@Im_that_dude22 Jayson Tatum, after years of holding out, I created a Twitter account just to show you the BILLIKEN love.  Stay home!

He can make his decision anyway he wants - that is certainly his right but that does not mean I have to think it is correct.  Keep doing what you are doing maybe it will help.