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In Topic: Recruiting 2018 class

27 July 2015 - 01:40 PM

A guy I work with just asked me if I knew who Torrence Watson was and I said yes, he said he was his 2nd cousin. He also said his Grandmother went to SLU as does his Aunt right now. Said he has family that want him to go to SLU ... for what it's worth.

Where did we just hear that before?

In Topic: Semi OT - Bernie leaves the Post for Radio Slot on 101

27 July 2015 - 01:34 PM

 And it may be correct but unless you are going for that coveted 75-100 demographic, Rush and the Birds are the only reason anyone listens to KMOX....... 

He has lost advertisers and lost listenership in all the markets.  I guy like him will eventually flame out and that is what is happening.  KMOX would not have been looking to replace him unless they thought it was a good business decision.  As far as the Post goes - it has nothing to do with their editorial positions - no print newspaper is doing well anywhere - the nature of the beast.  I do agree that the only reason I listen to KMOX is for the baseball.

In Topic: Semi OT - Bernie leaves the Post for Radio Slot on 101

27 July 2015 - 08:52 AM

Limbaugh's ratings are down big time.  Combine that with the  continued reluctance of many national advertisers to buy add time on his show has and it has become hard for CBS to make money off Limbaugh's show.  He has been getting the ax from many stations similar to KMOX across the country.

Yes, that was my whole point.

In Topic: Semi OT - Bernie leaves the Post for Radio Slot on 101

26 July 2015 - 08:17 AM

I'm not sure what his departure means for The Post or if it signals the Rams are for sure leaving, but I will say that he is fuoking insufferable on the radio. The dude is as thin-skinned as it gets and for some unknown reason considering he is the biggest voice in STL sports, he can't deal with message board guys or website commenters disagreeing with him. His last show on 101 devolved into him just whining about the knuckleheads online. I am sure we'll get that again.


Another thing about him that is tough to take on the air is that when push comes to shove he is about the biggest pu$$y you'll ever find. He'll talk all kinds of smack when it is just him and the mic. But let him get an actual interview with a person that he's criticized -- a$$ kiss city. I still remember him railing on Colby Rasmus' dad for months on end, but when he finally got him on the air, he folded like a cheap suit. He is no different than any other boorish radio jock. He's a big man when he's by himself or surrounded by lackeys, but that's because he controls the narrative. When you bring in someone else, he'll be a back-slapping buddy who's never said a bad word. It is tough to listen to.


He has always been better writing than talking. I actually like his columns and am sad to see those go by the wayside now. As a radio personality, he is just godawful. At the same time, I can't fault 101 for bringing him aboard. He has a following and will likely do well in that morning slot. It also gives them more hours of original local programming if he is going to be on 7-10 AM.

He has never been a Slaten type guy so I am not surprised he did not attack Rasmus's dad.  That period of his life was one of discontent for him - he had lost his close friend RM who he says saved his life, he was upset with Lee, and he was stressed out doing the writing and a 3 hour daily show.  His mental and physical health was faltering so he did the best thing he could do and that was drop the radio and try to make the Post gig work.  I get your point but to each their own.

In Topic: Semi OT - Bernie leaves the Post for Radio Slot on 101

26 July 2015 - 08:12 AM

His contract at the Post was up. He had enough of Lee. He turned down a deal that would have allowed him to stay at the Post and would have had him take Limbaugh's time slot at KMOX. He didn't want to work for Lee at all anymore.

I know he was not crazy about them.  I am not sure KMOX is a good fit for Bernie.  He needs to be on a sports only show.  Interesting - I was wondering when KMOX was going to dump Rush.