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Today, 07:24 AM

Many have said they were not expecting us to make this list - for some reason this site seems to want to credit one or two people who post the same thing over and over again as they only ones who say something of import.  Anybody who thought we were going to be on this list was being overly optimistic.  As pointed out by some - there is just to many holes/minutes to fill.  We knew this was going to be a problem given how JC rode his seniors last year so hard and did not spread the opportunities around much - I understand why he did so but by doing so we find ourselves in this situation.  At this point, I expect us to win early due to the schedule and hit a rough spot in the middle but then by the end of the season to be actually playing with some real focus to take us into next year.  How many wins and losses who knows - but it is not going to be a pretty year.

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11 September 2014 - 06:56 AM

I know a parent of a 2star 2015 big (his prep school team had two top 100 recruits last year both going to big programs) and last year I was talking to him about the recruiting process.   He said that coaches told him that they were excited about the kid because it was a thinner class.  He is pretty good (another friend who knows basketball has seen him play a few times) but came to basketball late despite his size (he actually was a great youth soccer player)


The kid is pretty smart and has a big upside (once again did well at summer showcases so may be a 2.5 star recruit) so I did ask about whether they would consider SLU last winter (not really but mainly because it is not a noted academic star).  It is interesting to hear someone who is so explicit about using basketball to get an education.   As an East coast kid he had no contact with SLU (although he has an offer from another midwest Catholic school).   He really wanted to go to Harvard but as far as I know Harvard has not offered (I see on Verbal Commits that another Ivy League team has offered).

So your point we should hold the schollie because there is nobody all that good out there?

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10 September 2014 - 06:09 AM

This idea that that the heart transplant was a key reason Hughes came to SLU has been overblown.  Yes it had something to do with it but it was the playing in front of his brother who was sick that was important.  If SLU had not had a hospital that did heart transplants and his brother was getting one from Wash U he would not have gone there.  My point is he stayed home to be with his family - where in StL the heart transplant was done was not the issue just that it was being done in StL.  As far as Tatum is concerned, if he wants to stay home and play in front of his family then we get him - if winning a National Title and being at a high profile place is important then we don't get him.  Larry Hughes is right - no matter where he plays the NBA will have no trouble finding him.

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27 August 2014 - 01:47 PM

While this is not a great non conf schedule it is not an undefeated one either.  WSU, ISU, Vandy, and the tourney teams - not here - are not gimmes.  Think about the team we have not the one we had - I could see 5 losses here if we are not careful.  By the way Rockurst does not count so we only have 12 non conf games that matter.

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27 August 2014 - 07:44 AM

Interesting. So his dad wants him at SLU, and SLU attended almost all of his summer events, yet SLU still isn't recruiting him hard enough???

He is going to have high interest in any national champion school -who would say no right now - he has plenty of time to before he has to willow down his list.  If he is really the #1 ranked kid for his class then all the top programs will have high interest in him and thus that means he will have high interest in them at least for now.