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Yesterday, 10:28 PM

Overall a pretty pathetic showing by the team - thank goodness for MR deciding that he wanted to play tonight because without him we lose.  AM did a decent job tonight.  After these two the rest of the team gets low marks.  AY - second game in a row that he has shown little offensively.  AG and BJ - JM out played you - that says it all and he was not that good tonight.  TL showed some hustle but he has to start scoring more than 2 points.  MB - played hot potato with the ball all night - somebody tell him that a turnover is a bad thing.  RA - showed very little and MY - not much there either.  MC - not sure why he was on the floor.  Glad we won but if we can not figure out how to score inside consistently then this year will be tougher than anyone thought.  I do have one question - what offensive scheme is Crews playing - all it looks like is standing out on the perimeter passing the ball around and wait for a turnover. These last two games have RM turning in his grave.


Yesterday, 10:13 PM

Mods, remove this pile of shiit

Why would object to someone wishing a dead person rest in peace?   He took no position - everybody just needs to chill out.  


Yesterday, 11:43 AM

Manning is always out of positions for a rebound - his guy always boxes him out.  If he can not provide any offense then his defense and rebounding are certainly not enough to put him on the floor.

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Yesterday, 11:41 AM

The guards did not have a great game but the bigs missed plenty of bunnies.  No excuse for that - what is the point of getting the ball inside if the guys can not score.  Our bigs seem tentative when they go up - they seem to not be aggressive when going up for the shot and would rather finesse it around the defender.  Just go up hard!  - you will either make or get fouled or both all being preferable to missing.  Manning has been a big disappointment - he has not improved and honestly I am tired of hearing about his sprained ankles.  If the guy could walk and chew gum at the same time then maybe he would stop stepping on everybody's feet in practice.  Grandy may as well become a male cheerleader if he can not stay healthy.  I figured we were do for a game like this but not at home so it was a disappointment.  We had them in the second half by 8 and then went on one of our classic scoring droughts.  Free throws - what can I say but for damn sake make them!  This is not rocket science just make them.  We lost the game at the foul line - I know we were not very good in other aspects but if we had hit 75% of our fts we win this game.  Lets see if the freshmen can get back on track for tonight.

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23 November 2014 - 09:57 AM


I loved it!