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In Topic: Beat the Bonnies GDT

Today, 03:21 PM

Is this serious?

I agree with you - I thought it was a bit rough of a comment but when you have a frustrated fan base everything is going to look bad to some.  We did not lose this game on that last shot - we lost it because we did not close the deal in the last 5 minutes.

In Topic: Beat the Bonnies GDT

Today, 03:04 PM

For those of us who can't watch, how much time was on the clock when St. B made the winning shot? Play by play says last second buzzer beater but how close was it?

1.9 left when he put it up.

In Topic: Beat the Bonnies GDT

Today, 03:03 PM

Well, it was competitive. It's just so damn hard to get excited about this team.

The boat has sailed on just being competitive - wins are needed for Crews to salvage his job.  This game was ours for the taking but we wilted in the last 5 minutes.  Same old result

In Topic: Beat the Bonnies GDT

Today, 03:01 PM

If you can't rebound the ball you'll never win a game... terrible.  Fire crews

Down the stretch our poor rebounding ultimately cost us the game.

In Topic: #FireJimCrews

Today, 08:11 AM

I wondering his contract has escape clauses attached.


Supposedly he making $850,000/y. Who else in the A10, other then Shaka at the time of doing his contract, makes that much? He might have taken the high salary in lieu of security. At his age, what did he need security for and the rumor was Rick had to beg him to join the staff. Also Crews did not exactly come in with a sterling resume and we were not competing with other schools for his services, so it would have behooved May (or who ever did his contract) to have some escape clauses built in the contract.


Recall they dumped Sodie without paying much out.