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To me its more like green apples and red apples. The point of a pre-season poll is to predict how the top 144 would look at the end of the the season. It seems illogical for someone to say that they don't think we should be in the top 144 pre-season but anticipate that at the end of the year after all the games are played we'd be in the top 144.


The whole point of looking at those really bad seasons in SLU history and realizing that even in those years we ended around 144 was to show that for anyone to make the statement that we don't belong in the top 144 is actually them making a statement that we are going to be really bad. I don't think we are going to be particularly good, but I sure don't think this team is going to be historically bad.

I never said we would be in the top 144 at the end of the season.  I have no idea where we will end up.  All I have ever said is we would be in the top 144 poll that was down now.  Based on who we lost and what we had returning along with the perception that would create to an outsider it made sense that we would not be on that list.  

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Yesterday, 07:38 AM

It's all about getting your name and product out to the consumer.  Along these lines, Sharon Stone and some of her staff are coming to run my daughter's 5th grade basketball practice next week at her school in West County.  How cool is that !?!  In return, hopefully her 5th grade team will go to one or more SLU women's games.


Sharon and staff:   Thank you!!

Sounds like she is doing it the the right way.  Good info.

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Yesterday, 07:36 AM


Read BrianSTL's post (#238) to see how our rankings have been in those horrible seasons. They have been inside of, or just outside of the top 144. That is what people are missing. Even when we were horrible those years we were still in or around the top 144. So by definition, if somebody thinks it is "common sense" that we aren't going to be in the top 144, they are saying it is common sense we are going to have an awful season. 

I read his post - the problem with using Pomroy's rankings is that the top 144 list we are discussing is not the same thing - it is apples and oranges.  Is Pomroy's rating more valid - probably - but the two are very different lists at different times of the season - one is a preseason and the other is the end of the year based on stats.  Given what we lost, it does not surprise me that we are not listed in the 144 preseason.  Where we actually end is still unknown.

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22 October 2014 - 10:54 AM


Huh? Common sense says this upcoming season is going to be one of the worst in the schools history over the past 20 years? Because that is what it means if we are not in the top 144 teams at the end of the season.


No, a more measured approach would to say that SLU is in a rebuilding year and certainly shouldn't be expected to achieve the success its had over the past 3 years but that doesn't mean it is going to fall off the face of the earth (which is what being below 144 effectively is).


Just because there is a lot of uncertainty about where we belong doesn't mean we should be excluded from consideration from a list like this. Put differently, saying we aren't in the top 144 is the same as saying we are going to be awful. And common sense does not say that we are going to be awful.

You need to reread my post - I never said this was going to be the worst team in the past 20 years just that we would not make the list of 144.  I would bet that there will be teams who finish with a 500 or close to record who are not on the list of 144.  Did you not forget the 9-20something that BS had? or the 12 win season that RM had?  I would think we would be at least better than BS bad year and hopefully better than RM's


I don't mind you disagreeing with me but when you start making things up that I never said then that is where I draw the line.

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22 October 2014 - 07:07 AM

Looks like she has done a good job so far - from what I have heard from others close to the program they are very excited about this years team.  Now if only we could say the same for the men's team for this year - yes I know it is a rebuilding year and I am OK with that but but experience tells me that some will not be so forgiving as the year goes on with the men.