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26 November 2015 - 08:04 AM

Cheeseman, I believe the mistake you made runs a lot deeper than disagreeing with me. You raised false accusations against Yarborough's performance in the UNF game. As far as Crews goes, and not in this particular thread but in multiple occasions in past threads, you have made very disparaging comments about Crews. I do not think I have a thin skin, but you are entitled to your own opinion in this regard. I already thanked you for the source of stats, there is no need to feel sorry for this.


One observation, humility does not suit you, or me either.


All the 

I was finished with you but since you insist on posting lies about me I have no choice but to respond.  Never have I said anything disparaging about Crews - if so prove it - all I have said is that I did not like the hire but I would give him a chance and that is what I have done.  My opinion of MY's play against NFU was not an insulting attack - I admitted that I thought he had more turn overs than he apparently actually had - not sure how that was the wrong thing to do - but whatever.  You can think you do not have a thin skin however if anybody says anything other than nice things about a player's performance then they are being insulting  but once again I must be wrong because you said so - talk about a lack of humility.  Also, you go overboard with any response that is contrary to you what you think but I guess it hard being you.

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26 November 2015 - 07:52 AM

Like someone said in another post - get ready for the whiplash of JC is great and now terrible if we get blown out by Louisville.  Take the big picture view - look a the body of work at the end of the season to make a decision.  Also, remember, recruiting is key - that is still an open question for him.

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25 November 2015 - 11:23 AM


Cheeseman, always the fair, bias free, and knowledgeable poster! Well I did check the SLU AD website for stats (thank you very much this was very useful) and found the following:


Yarborough  2 TO, 1 A, 7 R

Roby            2 TO, 0 A, 0 R

Neufeld        2 TO, 0 A, 2 R

Bartley         1 TO, 4 A, 1 R

Agbeko        1 TO, 1 A, 9 R

Crawford     1 TO, 1 A, 9 R

Yacoubou    0 TO, 2 A, 10 R

Reynolds     1 TO, 4 A, 4 R

Gillmann      4 TO, 3 A, 0 R


Milik'a game was not terrible, he did contribute positively to the SLU win.




As you can see above you are entirely wrong in your call of the multiple and horrible turn overs committed by Yarborough. He had exactly 2 turnovers, no more than Roby or Neufeld and less than Gillman or Agbeko. However you in your "well informed impartiality" decided to bad mouth Yarborough by saying his rebounds were nulifiied by the 3 or 4 turnovers he had. Wrong baby, he only had two turnovers plus his one assist and 7 rebounds which leaves him in the (+) column, and not worse than most of the other players.


Please check your facts before you post insults to our players. I  presume you  are in deep thought since last night about how to spin this "terrible game by Milik" into a major failure for Crews. All I can say to you is: keep on thinking baby, JC is doing just fine so far this year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and enjoy your turkey.

I accept that I made the worst mistake of all - disagreeing with you - my bad. I will try to refrain from making this mistake.  Apparently I let the two horrible turn overs cloud my memory - I stand corrected.  I would also suggest you reread my posts in this thread, I never attacked JC.  In fact I have been somewhat neutral on him regarding this season.  I never insulted any player, saying a player did not play well or made horrible turn overs is not an insult just an opinion but once again, my mistake is forgetting you have a very thin skin so you may very well think anything that is not sugar coated is an insult.  I am glad you finally figured out how to use the tools out there to help you be better informed but once again, you go overboard, I simply pointed out that you do not have to wait until the PD prints the box score before making your comments -sorry for trying to be helpful.  

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25 November 2015 - 09:05 AM


I do. It would mean that we'd finish with a fairly respectable record, and it would be great for this young team.

If we end up a CBI team we should turn it down and act like we have been there before - I do get your point.

In Topic: GDT - Stay UNdeFeated

25 November 2015 - 08:31 AM


Milik made 7 rebounds in 14 minutes of play, true he did not score but in a game that depended primarily on defense 1 rebound every 2 minutes is a fine contribution to the team, not a misearable game. Davel played 12 minutes, in that time he made 7 points but no rebounds. Neither of them were credited with assists. Both contributed significantly to the win. And both spent basically the same amount of time playing and warming the bench (Davel warmed the bench a bit longer than Milik did).

What about 3 or was it 4 horrible turn overs - getting a rebound is great but if half of what you got you gave back to them in turn overs I would say is not good.