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Today, 11:16 AM

D comes first


I am not so sure for next year - I agree a player will have to at least play avg defense if he can shoot very well -  I am concerned about where the scoring will come from so offense might be able to overcome a slight defensive under play.

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Today, 11:11 AM


State U just came in at 104, with 3 FR projected to start and projected to miss even the NIT.  We can't schedule them.  It would kill our RPI! ;)



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Yesterday, 12:29 PM


Jolly, Roby and Yarbrough seem to have the best shots at PT due to size. ..not to discount Travis Diener and Spud Webb.


While size is important at some point talent will prevail. If a kid can shoot the lights out of the basket then he will play regardless of if he is under weight or over weight.

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26 July 2014 - 10:27 AM

Not much really in the article - just that the 6 freshmen are working hard and understand that there is playing time to be had. Usual stuff - some have to get bigger/stronger and some have to lose weight. This article could have been written every year and just update the names and numbers of freshmen.

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24 July 2014 - 09:02 AM


This is not true.


I'm a big supporter of Ben's but this may be his last year with the site.  At our level its best to have a college kid, post grad running it who is looking to enhance his journalism background.  You can't make money doing it, we simply don't have the fan support.  Ben has moved past that stage, its hard to juggle a life, a full time job and a scout website.  His coverage has waned but he still breaks a lot of stories, nobody else has his sources and is interested in disseminating the information in this market.

Well if he changed his policy then it has not been articulated on the board - however that was his position as posted by many.  My comment was only in response to the post that wondered why nobody had commented on the new recruit name.