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In Topic: Senior Night

01 March 2015 - 03:37 PM

If senior night is not held before the game, then that will be pretty definitive evidence that someone in the athletic hierarchy is tone deaf.

I agree

In Topic: George Mason Post Game Press Conference

01 March 2015 - 03:32 PM


Crawford seems to get to the basket and FINISH more often and easily than anyone else on the team.  Reynolds definitely tries very hard to get to the basket, but he often ends up flinging up a prayer and trying to draw the foul.  MY is very streaky - sometimes he gets there but the shot goes awry, other times he seems to never get close.  And Ash, well, he certainly has the ability to get to the basket, but he very often misses.  Crawford doesn't always get the minutes, but when he does, he seems to always be looking for a way to score. He probably does not have the raw talent that MY or AY has, but he has developed the skills and he seems to play really hard. His defense is another issue.

You are both right - Crawford should be starting.

In Topic: George Mason Post Game Press Conference

01 March 2015 - 03:29 PM


Well hell if that's the criteria for "fast enough" then the whole team should transfer to low D-1.

Well hell if you can not be fast enough to cover your man and get to the basket quickly then what is the definition of "fast enough"?

In Topic: George Mason Post Game Press Conference

01 March 2015 - 12:04 PM

If MC was fast enough he would be able to guard the other teams players and he would not get blocked on his drives so often.  If you have to keep someone then fine keep him.

In Topic: George Mason Post Game Press Conference

01 March 2015 - 10:50 AM

What I took from the post game comments was that he is disappointed with himself and the players.  They apparently are being stubborn abut somethings but that is what freshmen kids do they can not see what they are doing is not working but they keep doing it anyway.  It usually takes some big water shed moment to wake them up - this season might be it.  Before we put this all on the freshmen not buying in I did not see AY doing anything and JM was getting beat like rug on defense.  If Crews would have just been in denial then everybody would have been going nuts also.  He was in a lose lose situation.  That being said, this is mess now and he can only blame himself.  He recruited these players, he hired the coaches, he charted the course this year - so rightly so he needs to get down on himself.


RA and MC are not the answer - RA has developed JM disease when it comes to catching, handling and passing the ball - no touch.  Crawford - it is not his fault but he simply is to slow for high D1 play - you can not make him any faster.  AM - what is there to say about him - too short for this level of play and not fast enough to compensate for it.  TL - no need to go there - a D2 player trying to play D1.


Has Crews lost the players - we better hope not because if there is this mass transfer of freshmen we are in deep trouble for next year - no way he can replace all them with better players this late in the season.  If we lose that many then we are 3-4 years away from being good again and frankly Crews would have to go - period.  What I hope to see is a mass exodus of 3-4 sophomores and juniors.  We can live with that and hope the freshmen have their own come to Jesus reflection.  Zone or man to man is not the problem - they just have to get their heads screwed on and Crews has to show them that he is still behind them by charting a course that works for next year.  RM had his issues with young players also - Ellis struggled to adapt so Crews does not have a monopoly on that issue.


By the way I find this an odd situation for me - I was never wanted to hire Crews but at this point we are hooked to him for next year and so we better hope he gets it together.