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  1. NIT results (and NCAA tourney results as well) have no impact on the NCAA tournament selection process.
  2. Is the Wichita State series done? What about either of the SIUs?
  3. He mentioned the MSG tournament but no mention of Las Vegas. Is the 2nd tourney officially fake news?
  4. They found a way to get him qualified academically? I'm shocked.
  5. Or just don't start stupid threads that are irrelevant to Billiken basketball.
  6. I don't get it either. You're spending a scholarship on a player who has to sit out a year, then he may or may not pan out. Transfer years should be used on a player that you're pretty sure will be a big contributor when he's eligible. Would have rather seen a high school player. In the next 2 years Crawford, Agbeko, Moore, Neufeld, Gillmann, and Roby are outgoing. Goodwin, French, Santos, Gordon, and Thatch are incoming. So Gillmann leaving didn't really open up any more scholarships, still 1 scholarship left.
  7. Not sure why there is so much Missouri Tigers discussion on this board. This is a Billikens board not a Missouri Tigers board. If Missouri Tigers fans are looking for a place to discuss Missouri basketball, they should check out www.tigerboard.com, not use this board instead. Tigerboard is a message board aimed at discussing Missouri Tigers athletics.
  8. Maybe since the BE split and the "Power Five" was formed. No way it's true for all time, Derrick Rose to Memphis in CUSA instantly comes to mind.
  9. He was in a video game about football back in the day.
  10. Matt Norlander = tool. Guy is a national college basketball writer and thinks it's easier to make the dance in the Valley than in the A10.
  11. Can anyone else confirm that Welmer will miss 7+ months with this foot injury?
  12. Duquesne
  13. I would be happy with 6th place and a top 100 finish.
  14. "I think, therefore I am" - DeCarte Gordon, 2018 SLU basketball commit
  15. There is no elegant way to do it. If he really wants the job then he'll leave rather than miss the spring period. Not that the Thunder have any real title chances either.