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  1. Update: Now only the 4th worst team in Billiken history according to SRS. So if your fandom started after 1983, then it is still the worst Billiken team you've ever seen.
  2. Can the Marquette fan please be put on a post-per-day limit?
  3. 30 straight road losses. Last road win was January 2014. Haith was the coach. Anderson has not won a road game yet as their coach.
  4. Count me as someone that doesn't like the change from "Billiken Basketball" to "Billikens Basketball." Second one just sounds clunky.
  5. Down 55-25 at the half at Duquesne. Not a typo, they're losing by 30.
  6. Who says that Bess, Henriquez, and Foreman couldn't make it at THEIR old school?
  7. Next year's team is going to be pretty thin at guard if Bishop is gone. Is Goodwin going to play 40 mins a game for the first half of the season?
  8. Jeff Goodman on Twitter says Thatch has committed.
  9. I would imagine at programs like Duke or Kentucky, highly rated recruits will inform the coaches that they are declaring for the draft after the season, and their scholarship will be open. So they can oversign players in the fall period. I really can't see Gillmann or Neufeld back next year. Not playing them vs SIUE or Chicago State, the writing is on the wall. So expecting as least 2 new spring commits.
  10. The only A10 team ahead of them on Sagarin is GW at #52, which they'll only get to play once, Jan 26th at home. Really looking like they will need to get the automatic bid.
  11. So the previous coach who shall not be named will produce 3 of the 10 worst teams in Billiken history. That's really, really difficult to do with the resources he had. Even coaches like Soderberg, who didn't have the new arena and recent NCAA tournaments, didn't manage that.
  12. Did we hire the St. Louis Cardinals training staff? None of us have a clue what Bishop's injury is, how severe it is, and when he'll be back.
  13. +1 anyone that is still watching these games deserves a commendation.
  14. I still think we'll eek out a couple conference wins at home over Mason, La Salle, Duquesne, etc. Just because it's sports and unexpected things will happen.
  15. Agreed, if everything comes together next year then NIT maybe. The team will have a freshman PG, depth issues, and several key players that have never played together. I still expect at least 3 new faces that we don't know about yet to go along with Goodwin and French. Maybe another key transfer that will be eligible in 18-19.