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  1. I play in the top Hong Kong amateur league. My team used to win it most years, but we've aged and haven't added young blood. We now struggle against some of the younger, technically sound clubs. We played the top club last night (i'm still sore) and they destroyed us. Wave after wave of attack. But our mids sat back and keeper came up big, time and time again. One counter attack, we came close to scoring. The second, we scored. 1-0 at the half. Second half, same thing. They destroyed us - led by an English midfielder that was on the books at Wolves 2-3 years ago. Our ex pros played in the mid/
  2. Exactly. We can't have, nor do we want, a team of only locals. It's not the recipe for success, and more importantly in today's climate there will be players leaving every year disgruntled with playing time or some other reason. These guys could poison the local well. A healthy mix, which seems to be TF's focus.
  3. Yep. Can't remember the player - someone who had just trimmed the list to 12 teams. Then it's stated here he committed to a school which wasn't on the list. I looked at it was a retweet of a friend's commitment.
  4. Definitely seems odd that there was no news on this until an outsider posted on twitter. I used to love every time a Stl sports reporter would use the phrase "everyone knew", "worst kept secret" and the like when up until they point they said nothing, likely to maintain their behind the scenes access to the team. Always seemed self-serving. Usually happened during trades, firings, etc. For all sports, but recall hockey being worse than baseball in this regards.
  5. Ok, good call. They should be exciting but I think they're going to concede if they open up too much. Their strength is attacking and I think they're a little weak at the back. To me N'diaye is a huge question mark - veteran, few caps and never really left Africa (one small stint in Sweden and unsure if he actually played), currently in Guinea. Germany is where I would put the solid money. I'll also be a homer and call Australia to get out of the group - meaning topping Peru and Denmark.
  6. No discussion, that I recall. Warming returning to Omaha is not a shock - it's home. Same for Mims (17 of last 18 years in Omaha), so I would suggest it took a great opportunity to tempt him away. Youth coordinator at RSL - not sure it would have done it for me but who knows what he wants in life or what RSL promised him. I suspect he'll be upgraded to Asst coach in the next few years. Warming wouldn't have been a SLU candidate, he retired and had already moved back to Omaha. He's helping out the school. Mims certainly would have been.
  7. The NAIA is the reasonable association here and allows 12 scholarships for men's soccer - at least enough to field a team. There must be a formula - 9.9 seems odd - but not sure what it is. But if I recall correctly it's the same number as when I was in college back in the early 1990s.
  8. To be fair, the NCAA (thanks Title IX) limits men's soccer to a paltry 9.9 scholarships. As there's 11 players on the field at one time, 2 back-up keepers and at least another 7 field players in the rotation, it's easy to see that most university's choose to split the scholarships to attract a more players (instead of full scholarships on a few) and rely on academic scholarships for a large portion of the players. So we can't blame the SLU administration this time.
  9. Childish, mate. How is this statement wrong: "His response could also imply that with the player not coming is requesting a release, and the "second situation" is the player he is not sure will arrive - meaning maybe he won't qualify"? That's actually what @Billiken Bob clarified later on... Several hours later, you post the same response as if you're enlightened and ignoring Bob already stated exactly what he meant (which is my above quote - which you somehow just called "wrong"). So I gave you a bad post for simply re-confirming what the source already confirmed. You giving me a ba
  10. @Billiken Bobdid not say qualification issue. Actually his first response to the question of how someone can not turn up was asking for a letter of release. Someone else mentioned not qualifying, and Bob responded that's the second way. But the initial response was not qualification issue, it was seeking release. Maybe I am reading too much into that, but you and others have just jumped on the non-qualification route. Seems to me he left either option available, and maybe even hinted it was the first. His response could also imply that with the player not coming is requesting a relea
  11. Real jokestar then, as I don't think Utah was on the final 14 he posted hours before . Unless @Old guy you visited his twitter site and mistakenly saw the first post as his commitment to Utah. It's a retweet of someone else's commitment.
  12. Keeping it classy, I see... Edit: After reading about the young man's untimely death on the court I hope multi-millionaires like Pippin and Martin - and all other parents - take a second to remember that this is just a game. High school kids playing a game.
  13. Two questions - no to the first (can they sponsor) and yes to the second (would it be a violation).
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