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  1. Damn, Crews left this team with nothing. Will be tuning in but it is really difficult. Next year can not come soon enough.
  2. Saw on another thread that Goodwin had 35 pts in a recent game. In HS is he playing PG or SG? Hoping his HS coach has him at least handling the ball most of the time. Given the lack of PGs on the current roster can he play PG and be an improvement over Bishop? Understand, like Bishop a lot and think next year, he can transition to be a better play maker once he has scoring help come in (3 transfers, 2 frosh). This year it is obvious that he needs to score. Still would like to see a true PG come in, a high 3 star or 4 star, not a project, or a JC or graduate transfer PG. AND we need a big body. Not sure how that happens with one scholarship but seems someone always leaves or graduates early.
  3. Willie on TNT tonight versus Bulls.......will be watching.
  4. They ever think that these kids want to go to SLU so they can play with their buddies, in front of their families and friends, in a great facility, in a solid city based league, on a team using a fun up-tempo offense, at a top academic school for a young coaching staff that has sent players to the NBA?
  5. Anyone have a link to the Illinois board??
  6. Aways look at average rating of prospects as a better indication of the quality of the class. SLU's 94.26 average surely puts them top 25. Looking at quality, not quantity.
  7. Baker's dozen......13 wins.
  8. Look forward to comments on the new guys, especially Welmer who could be a junior (1 year prep school and a redshirt year). He looks long and should be somewhat mature...20 or 21 years old? Reports on Moore and Johnson will be interesting but they are true frosh.
  9. The article says he would be a redshirt sophomore......not playing this year?
  10. No mention of interest in SLU on 247.
  11. Willie......one of my favorite Billikens. Period.
  12. Never bank a scholarship. Coach Ford has a hot recruiting streak. Get one more for 2017. With 2 available for 2018, and the likelihood one player will leave (it just seems to always happen), why bank one? It makes zero sense. Also, in 2019, there are 5 available based on current roster makeup.
  13. this HTML class. Value is http://www.cbssports Great game Willie.
  14. http://www.si.com/co Nice SI a article on Ford.