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  1. Well, if he has eligibility concerns.........a top 100 academic school like SLU looks to be a poor choice. Here's hoping you are wrong and he has the grades and GPA to be successful at SLU. Like you I like what I saw in the video finishing with either hand. But wonder if he has any jump shot at all. Don't remembering seeing anything but lay-ups and dunks in the video. Haven't checked his profile so hope he also can hit the short jumpers.
  2. Well he did a hell of a job coaching this year with a team that many expected to win zero games in the A10. He won 6 and did a heck of a job. Maybe he just needed to get out of Oklahoma to find his mojo.
  3. Like I said, would certainly take 2 stud recruits rather than AH for one of the two scholarships.......but if Ford decides to give out only one, then AH is deserving of the other. I do not know how AH impacts team chemistry but sure the other players have to respect what the young man has achieved. My opinion.
  4. Loved seeing Khalea Turner-Morris early in the video making a right handed lay-up followed soon after by a left-handed lay-up.......both look natural and smooth.
  5. So if we had a stacked team last year JJ may have been a redshirt candidate. Either way, I like JJ's future.
  6. Completely disagree. The 10th, 11th, and 13th players will only see the floor in blowouts (one way or the other). Chemistry and leadership mean something and I think Hines brings both of those even if he is the 13th guy. Sure, if SLU can get two studs this Spring, but all means sign them. But if Ford decides to fill only one scholarship, I think it would be a class move to give the open scholarship to AH and in the end, that might be the best move he can make for this team. My opinion.......and you are welcome to yours. Let's see what happens.
  7. Well, my dream would be that SLU gets Jeremiah Tilmon and gives the other available scholarship to Aaron Hines....AH. Then with the AH scholarship available for 2018 we get Torrence Watson Now that is obviously a dream but it could happen however unlikely. But maybe as a fallback we can get another highly ranked big for 2017, there are a lot of them out there. Same for Watson, there are lots of other 2018 options. Curious, what do other board members want to happen......and it does not have to be likely to happen. Use your imagination.
  8. The man knows how to recruit......and based on this season, how to coach.
  9. Many likely used a red shirt year.
  10. Well congrats if they can do it. My daughter ran D1 cross country and track at Marshall University and the training demands were pretty great. Of course she had to run both fall cross country and spring track but training is year-round. She graduated in four years but it took quite an effort and minimal social life.
  11. Doubt he is a senior. He will be completing his 3rd full academic year this coming May. It is hard enough to graduate in four years these days.......doubt he did it in 3 as a D1 athlete.
  12. Loved Zeke's enthusiasm. Seemed to be a good team guy. Good luck and hope he finds playing time in his next stop. A red shirt year should help Zeke. He will be a nice player for some University.
  13. The good A10 for SLU is one that routinely gets 4 or 5 bids to the Dance, not a Conference USA or Missouri Valley league where even the regular season champ does not get a bid if that team fails to win the post-season league tourney. Great players want a league where they play with and against other great players. Remember the year before the Big East expanded and took Xavier and Butler from the A10......now that was a league.
  14. Read the postings about the possibility of a certain tall player now committed to the Illini getting his release and all the backlash from some posters that talking about this was inappropriate. Given that I am amazed at the open discussion of the Porter who is now committed to Washington and the possibility of him going to Mizzou. No shyness there. Openly discussed in the Post Dispatch, on Mizzou's Board, etc. To my knowledge Porter has not been released from his LOI........interesting contrast.
  15. So, was he interviewing while still prepping his team for a Friday game in the NCAA's? If so, pretty bad.......being in WV brings memories of Rich Rodriguez interviewing at Michigan while chasing a possible National title with his WV football team.....it smells of bad character if true.