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  1. Perhaps with the transfer group SLU has coming in, Ford can add a top-notch JC big man to fill the 5 spot. Would think joining this group would be enticing to a young guy with 2-3 years of eligibility left.
  2. Was excited when SLU got Travis Ford as its coach. The guy can flat out recruit. I am assuming that SLU has two scholarships to give for 2017 and so the talent infusion for the 2017-18 season is going to be over the top. To get four recruits of this caliber this late in the game is amazing. Now Ford has a lot of time to focus in getting two really top level players for the 2017 class (more if there are any transfers). Would nice to get at least the two spots we know of signed in the Fall early signing period.
  3. Jett had a limited outside game, but boy he could go to the rim, play D and score. If Bess has that, who cares about an outside game.
  4. Was a big Willie fan. The guy was exciting to watch and just a heck of a talent.
  5. Ford did not recruit Zeke Moore. Often new coaches come in and release these recruits to find a new school. Assume Ford is not doing this with Moore but given Crew's lack of recruiting success, and Moore's low recruiting profile, surprise this has not been discussed.
  6. Leave it to Ford. Don't like banking scholarships. Seems someone always transfers out so 2 scholarships is certainly not a given for next year. Love to see another top 200 transfer with 2 to 3 years left.
  7. Come on, SLU finally has an experienced squad. They win half their games.
  8. Seriously doubt Hines gets renewed. He will be a walk-on again.
  9. I am sure Ford and his new coaches are out there recruiting aggressively. But they got kind of a late start. If they get even one player who can meaningfully contribute next year they are doing one heck of a job considering Spring is not the best of times to start recruiting new players.
  10. Excellent choices so far. Bravo Coach Ford.
  11. There goes SLU'S pipeline to De Smet.
  12. Would love to get the two potential graduate transfers from OK State......Forte And Hammonds. Both graduate in May and so could transfer to another school for their last year. Much rather have those 2 scholarships for next year when Ford could have more time to get really good recruits.
  13. Well I hope Ford can work miracles because it is not prime time to get recruits in for next fall. The roster could be pretty bare for next fall.
  14. Congrats coach Ford. Looking forward to better recruits and many more wins. Prove the know-nothing haters on this board wrong!
  15. Good hire. Wish I lived in St. Louis. Then I would get season tickets again. Instead I only see one or two games each season.