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  1. Stay home or go away to SLU. If I was him I would stay home, but everyone is different. Hopefully he wants to see the big city life of St. Louis (that has small town charm!). And of course, playing time matters. Also, he can be on a SLU team that can compete for titles or a middle of the pack ACC team.
  2. Looking at prior years, class would be in the 30 to 40 range.
  3. Right.....forgot MB leaving opening up one.
  4. Betting SLU over-signs this fall by one.
  5. Better League = Better Players, Better Coaches, Better Attendance = More Success
  6. On to UNC. Will be there for the win!!!
  7. Agree. You can have the tactical coach. I will take the great recruiter, who was a very good player, and trust he will develop into a good tactical coach or will hire assistants who will help in that area. Been a big supporter of the decision to hire coach Ford from day 1.
  8. Don't like it. Too much strain on the student athlete. My daughter ran D1 cross country in the fall then 5k, 10k track in spring. The stress on the student and their studies was too much. Training is year round but keep the competition in one part of the year.
  9. Love the IGNORE feature on this Billiken Board. Just put you down as my first IGNORE. Now I will not see any of your insensitive, childish posts......they are blocked for me. So long buddy, get a live.
  10. The reason I posed the question is because of my surprise at seeing the makeup of SLU's roster. I was not expecting to see the large number of foreigners and the lack of St. Louis area players. In my day the roster was pretty much 100% local players. So, either local kids don't want to go to SLU, the local talent level is down or some other reason. But to build a team with imports given SLU likely has a limited recruiting budget does not seem like the road to success to me. No wonder the team is not in the rankings. Typically see a game a year. Will be at Chapel Hill while in NC for other reasons......cheering for the Bills. Again thanks for comments opinions.o
  11. Good for you buddy. For the others who have posted on this topic, I appreciate your opinions and insight.
  12. Been away from the soccer scene for years since I have lived in WV for more than the past 20 years. When I was in school at SLU the team won three National Titles if my memory is correct, during the 1970 to 1974 or 1975.. That was the time of Clarke, Leahy, Counce, etc At that time St. Louis was feeding soccer players nation-wide but the best usually stayed home and went to SLU. Here is the question. Is the talent level in the St. Louis Metropolitan area such that if most of the best players stayed home and went to SLU as they did back in "the day", could SLU win a National Title with that local talent?
  13. Kind of like how most jobs are filled........relationships and who you know. Hope Coach Macon can deliver on this relationship.
  14. Burns was a wonderful player in a time SLU was not very good. Memory tells me he was maybe 6 foot, give or take an inch, BUT really quick and fast to the rim.
  15. Remember all the angst over evening out the classes when SLU had that huge class with Roby, etc. Things seem to work out.