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  1. Welcome To Billiken Nation, Travis Ford!

    Guess Drew can recruit as well........wow https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/vanderbilt-lands-simi-shittu-its-second-five-star-commitment-in-the-last-two-weeks/
  2. Welcome To Billiken Nation, Travis Ford!

    Among the candidates being discussed to hire, wanted Ford. Recruiting ability trumps coaching in college ball. And based on last year's coaching job looks like Ford can do both. If we get the three guys back, with those coming in next year, wow, what a deep talented team in 2018-19. And this team could dance this season as well if the breaks go SLU's way.
  3. Welcome To Billiken Nation, Travis Ford!

    Was thrilled with the Ford hire from day one. Recruiting ability trumps coaching ...... and so far Ford has shown both. What a job he did last season with the players he inherited.
  4. OT: Porter out for the year

    Do not care for Mizzou basketbsll, but wish the Porter kid the best. He will not be back next year if he is pronounced 100% fit. He cannot possibly turn down the top 5 or 10 picks' payday.
  5. I see the next two games are streamed free on the A10 conference website. Very nice. That is 4 of the first 6 games. And of course the last two were on ESPN2. Quality feed ......... hope this continues for us out of towners.
  6. GDT: Bills vs. Fryers @ MSG

    Looking at 8 - 1 the rest of the non-conference schedule. That puts SLU at 11 - 2 going into conference!
  7. GDT: Bills vs. Fryers @ MSG

    Free Henriquez and Bishop.......
  8. GDT: Bills vs. Fryers @ MSG

    Both teams are in the same boat and Providence has even less rest as they played the 2nd game.
  9. GDT: SLU vs. Virginia Tech at MSG

    Very impressed with the Bills last night. Just more physcal than VT. Controlled the game. Never felt VT could make a run, in other words the game was not as close as the score. Henriquez certainly was expected to be in the top 7, many thought he would be the leading scorer. If he can shoot the 3 as reported, his addition would be huge. Very nice team when (fingers crossed) him and Bishop return. Without more depth, a few wins will slip away just because of players fouling out.
  10. Without the 2 extra quality players, VT will likely run us ragged. With them, 9 to 10 deep ...... they probably can't. Would love to have Bishop for his ball handling.
  11. Okay, as currently configured, the rest of the team have not played but 2 games together against poor competition. I kind of think getting the 2 players back would be a huge boost, both motionally and level of talent now going 9 deep, rather than 7. RA is currently our 8th and Coach has shown little confidence in him.
  12. No way, the press would have a field day with that. At the minimum SLU has to put out a press release exonerating the players if that is the case. My damn complaint is why SLU is taking the full 60 days allowed for the investigation. It has been over 50 days since the letter was released regarding the matter by SLU's President. Why drag this to the last day?
  13. He traveled with the team. Think he could surprise and see some minutes.
  14. EW is looking good ...... maybe he is ready to suit up tonight!
  15. Sorry......too much wine. Thought the game was today. Yes, it is set for tomorrow.