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  1. Well yes I am old.....as a 16 or 17 year old kid, I loved the Hawks. When they left STL, I moved on to the Celtics. Now a Tatum fan.
  2. And who knows....since all are 5th year guys, one or two may be able you get their degree and leave.
  3. SLU has 2 high profile recruits verbals for 18. SLU will get a 3rd, just need to decide which to take.
  4. And it will change several more times before he arrives at SLU...................will take him just as enthusiastically at 23, 10, or whatever. Still a huge get.
  5. Watson would be great, but would prefer a big athletic versatile 3, like a Reece. Not necessarily him, but him or similar player.
  6. Watson........actually hoping that 3rd signee will be a big swing guy like a Reece........
  7. I seriously doubt Clock knows the kid except via the media........and you know how reliable and honest the media is.....not very. I took the post as hoping Tilmon fails.
  8. I would never wish that a young man fails. I don't care where he goes to school, even Mizzou. Best of luck to young Mr. Tilmon.
  9. 6-9....235lbs.
  10. And I care......NO. Has zero to do with SLU basketball.
  11. Agree. The 2018 roster depth by position looks strong across the board. PLAYERS listed in no particular order. POINT GUARD..........JG, JB, TG SHOOTING GUARD..........AH, FT CENTER..........CG, LS SMALL FORWARD.........JB, JJ POWER FORWARD..........DF, HF, EW Clearly SLU has the luxury to fill that last scholarship with the best player they can get. My preference would be a big swing guy.........like Joseph Reece.
  12. Disagree. Line up on day 1........Goodwin, Roby, Henriquez, Foreman, Johnson. See Bishop, Bess, French getting lots of minutes off the bench. See startinGermany changing as the year goes on. But of course...........only time will tell.
  13. Assume Roy is right. Odd that the NCAA would make Bishop wait 2 years to find out if he gets the redshirt. There are many reasons why the student athlete would like to have this information sooner rather than waiting 2 years to find out.............but who ever said the NCAA would do anything that would actually help the student athlete.
  14. Have not heard if Bishop was granted a redshirt year due to his injury last year. Has the decision been made by the NCAA yet? Is Bishop a junior or redshirt sophomore next year?
  15. Just because he did not play minutes for SH does not mean he will not be a contributor for SLU. SH did not push him out even though he was buried on the depth chart. So either he has some talent or he is one of those guys that helps a team in other ways. Big men take time to develop. Don't know why he did not play more at SH, but based on the number of P-5 offers he had out of HS I am hoping he surprises. IT COULD HAPPEN.