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  1. -how does one thread get locked and another keep going?
  2. -Chaifetz Arena is 9 years old, I wonder what our upgrade plans are? are the locker rooms under construction?
  3. -I will trust the coach, but this kid seems like he comes with a lot of baggage
  4. -you think if this really happened it would go unmentioned on here?
  5. -brackets aren't released until January but it would CTK's year to return to TOC
  6. -a player with two last names, one of Gus' nightmares, well not really as there seem to be no consequences for his ...........performance? not sure the correct word
  7. -I've not watched the video so not certain the context of 'SLU is a basketball school' but if anything other than we don't have football I'm not sure I could agree
  8. -this is based on a one-time evaluation and from that I want no part of him on our staff, worst coached team I saw this past season by a long way
  9. -I have some empathy for the Valley with MSU leaving, but I still hope we continue our series with them
  10. -does he want #3 or #12? BIG difference in confidence between the two, we gots to know
  11. -I believe from seeing it happen that is very close if not equal
  12. -public schools recruit, too
  13. -was Patrick Ewing ever described as a coach on the floor, gym rat, heady, etc? I don't think so, this is doomed to fail, good, I don't like G'twn even if they are Jesuit
  14. -if this is true, wow, well beyond a joke -those who have the gold are the ones that make rules