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  1. -u - g - l - y
  2. -may be we should find someone to teach the granny method of ft shooting to those in need, notice this is not in blue font
  3. -bracketmatrix is a good place to look these days, of the 115 bracketologists they follow only 12 have URI in which projects to part of Next Four Out and Syracuse is in from 58 and a projected 11 seed with as high as a 9 seed -- bracketmatrix was updated this morning but I can't believe all brackets were updated
  4. -I saw a clip on the news of our last shot attempt in regulation, seemed like it was all Jackie, hey kid go do your thing, no thought of a screen and perhaps not enough time for a pass, defense was right with her -I'll try to be there on Sunday to cheer the Ladies past round 1
  5. -but this is our patented move, like stopping short
  6. -I don't know about the number of wins but I agree about playing better at the end of the year and from there who knows? hopefully the coaches are learning or will learn from this season about minutes guys are playing and I understand the reason for the minutes this season
  7. -I did not get to watch but was able to listen to parts and sounds like our effort was much better, that's what I wanted from tonight, let's get one on Saturday
  8. -is there a Panda Express? Applebees?
  9. -you didn't mention two current players, including these two the schollies for next season are taken like this: 1-DR, 2-AG, 3-DjF, 4-JBish, 5-AH, 6-JBess, 7-MN, 8-JJ, 9-ZM, 10-EW, 11-TG, 12-JG, 13-HF I guess we can conclude what you are indicating will happen to open a spot or two
  10. -I used KenPom and Houston is #40 -we are a long way from season
  11. -well, if so, I suspect numerous Big 10 or ACC teams will whine to be the first
  12. -I wonder what it would take for Tom Stillman and his fellow investors to say thanks city, we can use the St Louis name on our jerseys in the building we will construct in Maryland Heights or Fenton or in what place we select and without our 41 dates we wish you good luck with the city-owned arena that we will very aggressively compete with for events? I am not saying they are thinking this, I have no way to know, but from what I have gathered from the media the Blues ownership group has been playing their hand very cautiously and yes I realize part of their math is coming up with 10 times the amount they want to contribute for renovations versus the cost of building new
  13. -taking a quick look at Rhodey and I am trying to overlook my thoughts on Hurley to find a way for the league to get another bid, but I have them 1-4 vs top 50 (beat cinn, lost to dayton 2, duke, houston) and 3-2 vs 51-100 (beat belmont, bonny, david, lost to valpo and prov), I think their only path is win the A10 tourney, would like to know what those thinking they have a chance are seeing or perhaps the bubble is that weak
  14. -I didn't know Olivia walked on, wow and good for her, hope she ends her career after a few SLU wins in the NCAA tourney
  15. -the two teams with us at the top.... -I looked at Dayton's roster and stats and if all holds next year they will return 4 of their top 6 scorers and their top 4 rebounders -for GW they will lose their top 3 scorers who are also their top 3 rebounders -I did not look at who either will have as far as recruits or other factors or StJ's (one game back) or FU (two)