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  1. -nice message, good luck Matt
  2. -good luck to Zeke and Matt, please keep or get those grades in order this semester -to those that predicted roster turnover, well done, I was skeptical -I see a big difference between Coach Ford's quote in the Stu article and UB's penchant for holding schollies and I am extremely confident in the current staff's ability to get good value from these two spots when they are filled -it is 226 or so days until the 2017-18 Bills take the floor in an exhibition game
  3. -VCU is able to keep going with the Shaka lineage, good for them I guess
  4. -I enjoyed Triangle's posts, entertaining
  5. -wow, what a horrible thought for the program, Jackie did say she will graduate in May and wants to start on the grad program, was compared to Crawford on the coaches show, hope this does not happen
  6. -it has been reported that Jordan Goodwin was told he would be the pg
  7. -I get wanting to seal the Chicago border, but looking at 24/7 there are two top 100's in that area this year and one for next year, heck, STL has more than this for these two years - not knocking Chicago but more saying most coaches will recruit where the talent is
  8. -imo going to need good options for her to pass to make teams defend honestly, ie no double teams
  9. -thanks for posting the article, interesting to see asst coach salaries for men and women quoted
  10. -I wonder if that lawsuit is still in the legal process?
  11. -the defense Jesus Christ advocates doesn't get enough steals
  12. -the coaches that quickly came to mind all have had, well, let's say, improprieties, most of them fawned over by the media, cheered when they walk on their home floor, if they win, the transgressions are forgiven and forgotten -is that worse than what some of those on the list have done?
  13. -tell that to Calipari, Eddie Sutton, Boeheim, Roy Williams, Haith, Kelvin Sampson, Pitino, Larry Brown, etc
  14. -he's never been this close at a P5 school, either -on the Tilmon front, if Walker goes to Mizzou then Illinois could give Tilmon a release to his LOI that says he can't go to Mizzou or any school, including SLU
  15. -okay, you would call them a turkey, they would have an additional $1million or more to try to deal with that assessment as in this case they got another job