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  1. -you don't indicate one here
  2. -BClub rankings were sent via email last year, I would think an invoice for season tickets would be snail-mailed -I like to hear that the ADept is trying something to get more butts in the seats with the price reductions for the second level
  3. -I don't care if transfer or frosh, just get a stud player for the spot
  4. -Romar used to get in some action at practice
  5. -is it possible for a non-connected person to get in?
  6. -122
  7. -if we are going off on tangents, this is the type of subject that should be discussed on these diversions
  8. -I like the analysis, my gosh we can always use players that can make shots, the competition for this player at this point is not like most of our other targets
  9. MIDWEST MATCHUPS July 15 & 16 @ Bradley University (Tickets) Round 1: Saturday July 15 Round 2: Sunday July 16
  10. -we got French from a prep school in Mass, he turned out to be highly (from a historical SLU perspective) ranked and I expect big things from him including thunderous dunks -Coach Ford and staff have shown in the past 14 months that they can recruit
  11. -does CCP stream their games or with you living in Cincy how are you seeing him? I am not doubting that you are seeing him, just wondering how, the innerwebs, what a gizmo -heck, if they stream with quality I might be tempted to watch some games given the limited seating at their home gym, although I have not been shutout getting in to any...yet -Hellems was a kid that from my view needed to mature some/calm the antics, from what I saw he did last season, the kid from Lutheran North should consider following that script for the next few years
  12. -the article doesn't address how far onto the court the coach's box extends... -on the shot clock change on fouls in the frontcourt, if this is to give an advantage to the defense I would rather adjust the move to two free throws to more than 10 fouls, I think there is an advantage to the defense by taking away 10 seconds. If I am on offense, not sure I like the reduced time to take a shot -I was not aware there was a need to address where in bounds plays start but I guess this could lead to more successful in bounds plays as the throw in location would be known in more situations
  13. -from one viewing and talking to others that have seen him more, the Nesbitt kid from Lutheran North has tons of ability, I mean tons, and he has time for his attitude or on court behavior to catch up with it, if he keeps developing and matures he will be worth watching and he has time to get there
  14. -if being ripped makes you a better basketball player, we should be good
  15. -I wonder how or if this will impact the number of our games on tv