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  1. -I would seriously consider waiting until next season
  2. -Torrence Watson was at the game
  3. -was it the coach that said it or was it DR that said he was the leader? -I'm not sure the issue is the level or intensity of play
  4. -goes to the ADept not working together, a shame
  5. -if that answer was known every team would shoot 90%
  6. -not to pile on, but remembering a moment in the Samford game where MN got an offensive rebound, hands with the ball over his head and his first move was to bring the ball to his knees and he didn't get a shot, I'm hoping that is being coached
  7. -this is from the SLU website describing the game against SEMO.... SLU, ranked No. 6 in the ESPN national mid-major poll, led 26-11 after one quarter and 47-21 at halftime. The Billikens put together a sizzling first-half run in which they scored on 19 of 24 possessions. - is the A10 considered mid-major for women's hoops?
  8. -we'll see what comes of it, I have a feeling this is directed to a large degree also at the three guys that sit in sweatsuits at the end of the bench -but as has been mentioned, the coach doesn't have a whole lot of options
  9. -wasn't yesterday's article in the Post in part about DR taking responsibility for getting the team ready to play?
  10. -this deal with Mike Shannon could end up being an "other factor" that impacts the support the Cardinals receive, will be interesting to watch imo
  11. -how about our PA announcer dissing on the spirit squad and the t-shirt toss? is working together not valued in the ADept? or was this just Gus being Gus? -I can handle change but can someone explain why the timeout 'entertainment' changed from prior years? also, is ABInBev no longer donating or was playing the Bud song not affiliated with a donation? -on a positive, the shop had a lot of new merchandise on display on the tables in the concourse
  12. -we didn't give up, our free throw defense was real good, we had open shots or shots close to the basket, Jalen showed not afraid to shoot and our press did a couple of nice things (is it since NCST that we can say that?)
  13. -it seems such a venture would end up trying to sell just the ice, and not Mexican at that