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  1. Other games

    -is our win over VATech the best win by the conference so far? looks like the conf has some stinkers
  2. OT: Porter out for the year

    -too bad for the kid and this is a serious post
  3. -I find it hard to believe the U will make a statement on a day it is not in session, but this whole ordeal is hard to believe
  4. -so good to be talking about winning the conf versus avoiding the PIG
  5. Other games

    -VCU was down one at half to Marq in Maui, in watching a few minutes the VCU style of play sure looks the same as we have seen
  6. -there was a lot of discussion in NYC and while traveling about Situation 2 and basically no one knows anything, there is a lot of speculation including an item that there is a meeting today, I guess we'll know when we know, as Yogi might say
  7. -so it appears, in summary, there could be good news, bad news or no news
  8. GDT: SLU vs Rockhurst

    -when? -I go back to last season and how much we improved, if we can improve like that this season I'll take it, try to enjoy the ride and see what we can do in the A10 tourney
  9. Other games

    -sort of like what we have been the last 3 years.....no more...........I hope
  10. MSG Roll Call

    -it is NYC so I am guessing everything up there will cost more than it does in StL but looking forward to it
  11. 2017-2018 Schedule

    -wow, we better bring our A+ game on both ends of the floor
  12. 2017-2018 Schedule

    -if I am rationalizing, so be it, but I see the Rockhurst game from this perspective....we have a bunch of new players who on Thursday play an ACC team, scheduling is very tough, we couldn't find another D1 team to fit our needs so to get the guys another real game before NYC we are playing the Hawks