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  1. -I was wondering about French as well and my take, worth nothing, is the longer it goes the better for the underdog which I count as us since he is spitting distance from UMass
  2. -is it good for St Louis to have two separate groups presenting to MLS? -is there anything to read into Frank Viverito not attending Foundry's presentation last night? -I guess I should not be surprised that SLU owns the land Foundry is proposing -any other MLS teams 'share' a stadium with a school? I would think this would be a boost for the soccer programs although takes the ADept out from all being under one roof which is one thing Cheryl Levick was really into
  3. -not necessarily together, but Coach Ford and Stu indicate they are on their way to Pittsburgh for A10 media day tomorrow -has the PD always sent a reporter to this event? I am thinking they have not but that is my tainted memory and I thank them for sending Stu this season and hope he enjoys -Stu asks for predictions on where the Bills will be picked and my submission is somewhere in the bottom 4 for the PIG (assuming the PIG is still there this year) -perhaps Coach Ford is taking Wednesday to continue east to MA to visit French and get a commitment
  4. -with all the new aspects to the team for this season I'm not sure what to expect from a style of play or who will get what minutes, but I am glad we have the new aspects especially the head coach
  5. -even the players knew there was no method to the madness, so glad we have a new staff, so glad
  6. -another name for Gus to butcher, just think of the possibilities with Arashma Parks joining Jordan Goodwin, Carte'Are Gordon, Austin Gillmann and Zeke Moore
  7. -hoping not to jump the gun but verbal commits still lists French as undecided, so perhaps Kellogg didn't close the deal yesterday and hopefully he can't going forward
  8. -thanks Old Guy, you delivered in this thread BIG TIME
  9. -Stu's tweet on MC doesn't sound good, Old Guy, your take?
  10. -hopefully it means a lot
  11. -not sure this is the best thread for this, but here goes. Stu tweets 'little things can change the atmosphere at practice like music playing during warmups and stretching at SLU' - player friendly while still getting the work done seems like a great approach and probably a big change from what used to be
  12. -is Gordon still involved with the SLU women's soccer recruit? this could impact his desire to stay home -by chance are Gordan and Goodwin buds? -not to hijack a recruiting thread, but the women's soccer team is having a very nice season, need to keep the coach
  13. -thanks, that gets a hearty chuckle
  14. -it is my understanding Matter lives in CoMo so everyday there is a home game -many times we have debated the SLU following versus the other schools in the area, Mizzou at great length, especially when it comes to coverage in the PD, my take is we are not a big enough draw/read/paper seller/click generator for the PD to do more, as bonwich mentioned, look at the following during the run -as to the PD being a recruiting arm, it wouldn't surprise me that there are papers out there doing that, intentionally, but we aren't in that boat and if we are counting on that, see the above point
  15. -oh, it could