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  1. -he uses Saint Louis, good on Jeff Eisenberg -how about two in three days!!
  2. -the format of that board is so bad - THANK YOU Steve for this wonderful sandbox and allowing us to play in it!
  3. -too limiting, clearly they can do more, much more, heck at this point they might be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
  4. -good to have you posting again
  5. -super!
  6. -just a word of caution but we've got a year to hold the commitment, through a probably crappy season with KU most likely still tugging on him but I suspect Coach Ford and Coach Tate can get Mr Gordon through it -what a week for the Billikens!
  7. -double post
  8. -I wish my meeting would have been cancelled so I could get to MAC to see Coach Ford float into the room -from ESPN, and the story is a headline, "There were a lot of reasons why I chose Saint Louis, but more than anything I just felt it was the best fit for me," Gordon told ESPN. "Staying home will help me a lot." and talking about the Legend... "I talked to him the other day, and it's been a long, long time since the top guys in the city stayed home," Gordon said. "I'm hoping this starts a trend."
  9. -this! -wow
  10. -his brother Jack is more important
  11. -I share the trepidation on the many times he has changed his direction but would be a super, super, super get -Be A Billiken!
  12. -I looked at CBSSports and below the story that doesn't say much there is a headline about 8 coaches on the hot seat and three are mentioned, MN, ILL and Mizzou, we had or have recent recruiting battles with all
  13. -sad that I had the same thought
  14. -guesses on when the new look Billiken gets released?
  15. -it would seem any player for whatever position this staff is after would be a quality addition to the roster