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  1. -guessing since you asked in anticipation of an off-season Friday........
  2. -where can the hockey jerseys be purchased? those are nice
  3. -I like that these sort of events are happening, guessing more to come, perhaps the coaches can lead the ADept in promotion and messaging
  4. -it will blocks away from parking, 6 blocks
  5. -this thread is like a fart in church, some will notice, some will acknowledge, some might laugh, some might scowl and then it stinks but you know it will eventually be gone
  6. -I click on the home icon and don't see the twitter feed, where is it?
  7. -this is not good to hear, don't want anyone getting hurt because of a bad field
  8. -I hope he has a great and very healthy season
  9. -indeed
  10. -I'll take any legit recruiting advantage we can get
  11. -he asked
  12. -Taj, as Old Guy says it is time to move from the past to the now and the future but if you are looking for speculation as to how we got here then mine is Crews didn't have a clue and he was stealing a paycheck
  13. -I've seen Watson only a few times but from the first time I thought we should try to get him
  14. -if they're going D1 they have to sit a year