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  1. -any relation to Jimmy McKinney?
  2. -I understand that this is a highlight film, lbruce has it correct if not understated with WOW....That's impressive -getting this kid might wear out PitBull
  3. -I hope the kid goes to Harvard and we beat them in the Final Four
  4. -if you had a choice it would be?? or another player at this position? -I like the description of playing with a chip on his shoulder, would seem to fit nicely with JGoodwin -57 days until LOI's can be signed
  5. -ambitious plan, hope it works for them, the city granting the parking variance seems like a no-brainer so..... -I will miss the 'charm' of the current establishment
  6. -thanks for the report
  7. -Rick said he would never schedule SMS or MOSU so I am fine if we never play them and if we play them so be it -as to Mizzou, while I would like the payday I am not that concerned if we play them or not, would probably be a game that generates a lot of local interest - if we played them I would hate to see a third or more of our building be black and gold
  8. -I heard part of that, Nate was a good poster here, the soccer girlfriend to SLU was mentioned in regards Gordon who they referred to as 6'10, is he now that tall?
  9. -looking at the men's schedule against what has been released for the women and, as of now, both have exhibitions on Nov 4(Fri), both have home games on Nov 17(Thur), both have home games on Dec 3(Sat), could be an effort to get more exposure for the women or these might change -I watched the presser, nothing earth shattering but a very good idea to get a few reporters on the scene, do 15 minutes on the schedule and put it on line, I have to think CFord's idea, well done
  10. -the west county location that SLU didn't threaten to become?
  11. -I was told this was a done deal by someone in Lindenwood's program, next time I see them I will ask what happened
  12. -I'll listen later but have we had pressers for the release of the schedule by other coaches? I can't recall more than a quote in the statement with the release, perhaps that is what the link goes to -we had a game or two last season on ASN, was that picked up locally? I wonder if SLU could buy the time on FSMW alternate or Larry Rice's station? -Eastern Ill has a few local kids -Mardi Gras afternoon is back among 5 Saturday home games -getting 2 conf road games in the book before school starts and the others look very good from a not missing school perspective, weather cooperating -let's get it on
  13. -I hope the powers that be have a good plan for the future of the U
  14. -good to have a SLU article in September
  15. -I would pitch in or buy for the person a few rows back from press row that got in a bit of a fracas with Gus last season, that could be entertaining