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  1. -have Leon code something for you
  2. -from I can see of the article, looks like our VA Tech win at MSG will be a good one to have
  3. 2017-2018 Schedule

    -if the staff feels it's a good idea, I'm guessing they would be trying to do it, doesn't seem like CFord would miss an opportunity -from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, emphasis is mine..... if UNC can have make believe classes for 18 years then going from gross receipts to net proceeds is nothing, for example have a booster provide travel at an exorbitant rate and then in return donate the amount back to the school over what the normal rate would have been....yes, I'm looking at the NCAA through very, very jaded lenses Division I institutions interested in pursuing an additional exhibition contest benefiting hurricane relief must submit a legislative relief waiver request in RSRO. If two Division I institutions are planning to participate against each other, then only one of the two schools is required to submit a waiver. However, the submission must include a statement of support from each participating institution's director of athletics, must specify that all net proceeds from the contest will be donated to a bona fide charity and must identify that charity. Please note that any Division II or Division III institutions seeking to participate in an additional exhibition contest against a Division I institution must submit a separate legislative relief waiver request. Staff will promptly review each request on a case-by-case basis.
  4. -does Yahoo or CBSSports or the like have the ability to manage such a league? would be easier for players and you, I would think
  5. Kenpom 2017-18 rankings

    -after learning from The Wiz, we'll know a lot more at about 9:15pm on December 9th -perhaps he is factoring in some discipline for players
  6. 2017-2018 Schedule

    -Chaifetz Arena has an event Thurs-Sunday so that may play into this a bit
  7. Street and Smith

    -I find Blue Ribbon pretty good but I hope they made a big error in picking us 7th
  8. -the headline makes me want to take this seriously..... SLU SLU men's basetball team practices amid uncertainty By Stu Durando St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9 hrs ago (0)
  9. SLU Soccer 2017

    -the soccer ladies are having a very good season
  10. Article on Bess

    -I agree, I am excited to see what a healthy JB can do for our team
  11. OT: Tatum cashes in

    -he didn't go to SLU, your reaction to him is surprising given your 'if they don't go to SLU they are dead to me' mantra
  12. 2017-2018 Schedule

    -little known fact is that a team can play a fourth exhibition game/scrimmage if the funds go to UNC to pay their legal fees for getting no penalties from the NCAA for having make believe classes for 18 years
  13. NBCSN A10 Games Announced

    -and now we will see game times announced -thanks to the ADept for getting this together, i think it is important and this season especially -it sure looks like Richmond is the only school that televises their home games as our road game there seems to always be televised, there might be others but not many
  14. Recruiting - 2018 class

    -it is my understanding that the "rumors" were crap started by the CoMo bunch that got some big time reactions on this board by folks thinking the sky had fallen while those that started the "rumors" were probably laughing their butts off at what they created and that nothing ever was said/done/implied/tweeted/otherwise by Gordon to merit the starting of such "rumors", if I am wrong, lmk