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  1. I have not followed the MLS expansion much. Are they only going to expand by one team? I do know when we lived in Miami that David Beckham was involved (as a potential owner) and was trying to find a place to build a stadium. When we moved to the Gulf Coast late last year i can't remember if they had finally decided on a site. Seemed like they were looking at somewhere near the Marlins Stadium.
  2. Coaching movement that might affect SLU

    51 in the second half.
  3. Coaching movement that might affect SLU

    One year of Jr. going to get the train wreck that has been Mizzou back in the Dance next season??? Doubt it. I think it is best SLU fans focus on the good things that are going to happen with the Bills.
  4. The truth about Travis ford

    Was wondering who the next OSU HC was going to be and saw they interviewed Doug Gottlieb. OK I get it that he played their and is a talking head on college hoops but with zero HC experience.
  5. The truth about Travis ford

    I don't know much about OSU hoops, but was told he beat the Almighty Jayhawks every year he Coached OSU at home. Not sure many B-12 HC's accomplished that feat during his OSU tenure.
  6. The truth about Travis ford

    What was up with that...T Boone didn't reach very deep in his wallet for Underwood???
  7. My oldest daughter went to Montverde Academy which is in Central FL. When she went their a few years ago I didn't know that they played basketball. I was looking at USA Today's Top 25 HS teams and saw Montverde Academy in the Top 5.
  8. Willie Reed Watch and Opinions

    See that Willie Reed signed with the Miami Heat. Not sure how his PT will line up but he might get some minutes backing up Hassan Whiteside.
  9. What happened??

    Nice recap..let the Coach Ford era begin. I wish him the best!
  10. Ford Press Conference Thread

    Did you decide to wait before you dump your season tix?
  11. Congrats Coach Ford and best of luck to you as HC of our Bills. We all look forward to you coaching our team and getting us back to playing good entertaining winning basketball.
  12. What happened??

    Agree...we needed a capable replacement for Coach Majerus at the time he became ill. Crews wasn't capable of adding to what had already been built. Next HC has to hit the ground running and it won't be done overnight.
  13. Recruiting - 2016

    Hmmm! We'll have to wait and see on that one.