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  1. See that Willie Reed signed with the Miami Heat. Not sure how his PT will line up but he might get some minutes backing up Hassan Whiteside.
  2. Nice recap..let the Coach Ford era begin. I wish him the best!
  3. Did you decide to wait before you dump your season tix?
  4. Congrats Coach Ford and best of luck to you as HC of our Bills. We all look forward to you coaching our team and getting us back to playing good entertaining winning basketball.
  5. Agree...we needed a capable replacement for Coach Majerus at the time he became ill. Crews wasn't capable of adding to what had already been built. Next HC has to hit the ground running and it won't be done overnight.
  6. Hmmm! We'll have to wait and see on that one.
  7. Who knows what really happened if there is a presser announcing Ford before the week is out, probably none of us find out. If it is Ford then it is time to back him and the Bills team and hope for the best.
  8. Does this mean Drew is still in play since Stu and the P-D f'd up with their announcement??? FWIW I don't see a retraction from them yet? I'm really confused. If Ford isn't the HC who are the candidates???
  9. One thing that I will be interested in seeing the contract length and money Coach Ford will receive from SLU. I would guess the length will be 5 years. According to what I have read on the internet he was making over $2M at OSU. Did not see any buyout number. It was at least rumored that SLU was willing to go as high as $2M for the right HC. Will be interesting to see what that starting compensation will be for our new HC.
  10. Well he had 8 years at OSU with 5 years where he have 20 or more wins and 5 NCAA appearances in those 8 years and only 2 losing seasons in those 8 years. The Big 12 is a far better league than the A10 so I want to see what Travis can do at SLU and the A10 before I decide it is time to throw him under the bus.
  11. By the way, both Crews and Ford have the same number of appearances in the NCAA Tourney 6. It took Crews 28 to amass his appearances and Ford 16. Not as concerned about wins as the NCAA is one and done and SLU has yet to get past the round of 32. Ford's overall record in the A10 and he has had a number of 20 win seasons so time to take a deep breath and let him show us what he can do before completely throwing him under the bus.