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Margo Lubus retiring

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-Margo will truly be missed in her role with the BClub, she was great, all the time and every time

-good luck to whoever is in that role, I will try what I can to make it easy for you but as has been said, difficult shoes to fill

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Margo helped me get the Billiken to my son’s three year old birthday party. The Billiken shot hoops with him on his Nerf goal and little did he know at the time, but the Billiken got dressed in his bedroom. 

My son is now 15 and plays high school basketball. He has been a fan since Kwamain’s freshman season and some of his first words came from him re-enacting the starting lineup for a game. The National Anthem was the Billiken Song and “Evin Ish for 3” were literally part of his first 25 words.

Thank you Margo for contributing to our family memories!



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