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  1. If a recruit flies to Kansas City airport and drives to K-State for many miles with the most noticeable attraction Leavenworth Prison and then on to Manhattan, Kansas which is a college town island far from civilization he is not the same kid wanting the energy of a city college atmosphere where blocks away a major soccer arena is being built and NHL hockey and MLB are within 2 miles. Our campus and facilities are just more interesting
  2. We should support the supporters chaifetz should support a player so this board knows who to contact for mental health issues
  3. Happy retirement and thanks to Jack for his support as well- hope to still see you at MBB games
  4. Was this posted? Hasahn French is an American professional basketball player for Lavrio of the Greek Basket League. He played college basketball for the Saint Louis Billikens of the Atlantic 10 Conference.
  5. We need a freshman who is good enough to compete for minutes. Perkins was the one player who could score at will. Maybe it was Covid delay but the last season of basketball was bad because we did not steal the ball enough. We seem to be playing street ball. Goodwin had lots of assists and rebounds but jacked up too many desperation shots as his teammates never expected him to receive a pass once he seemed committed to scoring and still Goodwin dribbled badly (unforced losses) for a ball control player. Goodwin improved in free throw shooting but was not enough to carry the team by himself. We have had a recent history of getting shots and not finishing- this predates Ford. We have watched a lot of ugly basketball. I was disappointed in French, Jimmerson and Thatch for different reasons. French did not add anything new to his game and defenses figured out how to stop him. I don’t think the team found Jimmerson enough. Maybe having Williams Perkins and Jimmerson in the game at same time will spread defenses. Our ball movement settled in to finding Goodwin and French too often. We looked outclassed and out hustled and I just thought the talent level was overhyped or did not play to expectations. I thought Thatch had not recovered to have the Goodwin level of energy he flashed in Freshman year. I hope he fully comes back healthy. I really like Ford but I think he did not get the team to play well with 7-8 guys helping each other. I am excited to have Javonte back, I thought Yuri was much improved. Size and athletic dominance in bigs next year may improve. Having huge guys on bench without playing time puzzles me. I thought Hargrove was improved and look forward to having better shooters get more minutes. Unfortunately, Lintzsen (Sp?) was the most consistent new guy and his minutes were instead of the performance we expected from French. I give Bell a pass because of injury- he needs to play more.
  6. A basketball player not a thug; who added 15-20 pounds this year who might be a little stronger next year. Why not be the returning leading scorer. He should increase his brand value by staying.
  7. ESPN + was terrible first game - I have Spectrum charter cable in the city about two miles from chaifetz signal “buffering lost picture never had one full minute of broad cast entire game - constantly had to restart. Second game almost as bad- saving grace I only paid fir one month
  8. I live in Lafayette Square about 20 blocks from Chaifetz same crap today- happy I signed up for monthly- this is worse than back and white TV technology with rabbit ears and tinfoil
  9. We signed up a day early excited to see first game vs anyone Siu-e for the entire game we kept losing video and sound and red bar would appear perfectly broadcasting “Buffering”. We never experienced as much as one minute with having to press “back” and center button remote to pick with game in process. we have spectrum 200mb 2018 or 2019 Smart TV 65” was it something we don’t know how to do or was it the feed from Chaifetz as other games seemed fine
  10. until we put up Xavier, Dayton, Creighton, Gonzaga type numbers for 5-10 years we are knocking the door trying to get into the men's room
  11. Perkins was decent at free throw line as well
  12. Mafia went legit- doesn’t everyone know that? also Chicago and Kansas City had real mafia not Saint Louis. you must not remember when players MBB players complained when we played with ice under the wood floor. why couldn’t SLU play where Blues play? Why did city tear down the Arena- it was built to last?
  13. Before that wasn't Larry Albus the one who wanted to save money and have us go Division two; that had to be the low point that made Rich Grawer look like a savior
  14. 104 L All shirts in and behind were medium- saw two larges- no XL no XXL and they usually shrink so your belly button is not covered. Anyway took mine home for grandkids even the wives could not wear mediums for last 40 years. The average fan at a basketball game has to be 2-3 inches taller than general population. They also have to out weigh general population by 50 pounds. There were a dozen shirts at the exchange table pregame
  15. Tay weaver needs to go to the river or at least McDonalds near school and start thinking about exaggerated arches in practice for a fifth year grad student he sure has a flat shot. He gets the ball there with plenty of strength he just needs a better downward angle to let the ball drop in
  16. Diarra looks quick for a big freshman- think about some of the freshman and juco players we had who never developed in the A10 Loe had talent as a 3 point shooter pretty quick release especially for someone 6 foot 10 and Loe benefitted from starting 4 years. Loe had players who would pass him the ball as well. I was surprised that in his senior year Loe actually rebounded and used his size to muscle some plays to his advantage. Diarra looks more like a bulkier Willie with less hunger and speed in dunking the ball. if Diarra would concentrate on rebounds he will succeed
  17. Majerus Ford jett Evans Conklin based on current and players’ final years- without these five it was fairly unexciting and these were team glue or go to people
  18. 231 is channel on Spectrum why Game day did not know this?
  19. Please close this thread it is over and done; now he is like any other high school recruit that goes off to school some place else. He could play ball in Europe and not be bothered with classes.
  20. Can't see why anyone would be vicious with a kid on a thread like this.
  21. The Greek could be as good a three point shooter as Johnson. I think Bess and Goodwin have similar games. If Roby an French can stay away from fouls when they get beat and if Bess and Roby are on the mark I could see a surprise victory. Key to game Bess making first two jump shots early in game
  22. Tonight against Fordham- need three if I could find something near 114 as my grandkids are available would take three or 4 if you have that many/ please say what you want for them?
  23. Bess needs to work on his handle- at this point when he is shooting with confidence he is a catch and shoot 2. I like Bess a lot and believe he has real upside. I like Foreman and French learning to play together. Preseason I thought Foreman would keep French on the bench. Fortunately each has really different attributes to offer and are not duplicates
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