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SLU 2 UIC 2.

Leeth back in wide right mid for and Wilkinson back in for Johnson at left side defensive mid. 

SLU opened well, created lots of chances. Perhaps a sign to come when UIC slotted a long through ball between Keller and Murana for a low short side shot and Schulte save in the first 10 minutes. They are quick and spirited. 

SLU’s first goal came early again. SLU has done a nice job of scoring early. After Buendia had a shot blocked, Wilkinson had his in box service deflected over the goal by Leeth, and other chances, SLU scored a goal the way they like to play.

SLU wins the ball in back, Wilkinson distributes low pace with pace wide left mid to Parker, who pushes the pace, centers to Becher who comes to support and show for the ball bin central offensive third, switches fields for back side runner either right side mid or right back. This time it was right side mid Leeth moving inside diagonally, receives pass from Becher, cuts inside the box to his left and finishes. 1-0.

Buendia and Parker had nice first halve Parker did a nice job defensively sliding to the middle of the field when needed. Buendia showed why he is one of SLU’s better two way central midfielders creating offense, while winning balls and distributing defensively. 

No drop off for SLU with many first half subs. Anderson, Shterenberg, Komodi, etc all providing good minutes in the attacking third. Not adding on another goal or two would change the game a bit. UIC really had that one early chance and that was it.

Klein sent in alone first minute 2nd half, and he’d like the shot location back. Murano to wide mid to Becher diagonal run showing for the ball and service. This build up led to the eventual Klein goal from Becher. Similar build up approach. Win the ball, outside back or mid up to wide mid to Becher to back side. 47th minute.

Also in the 47th minute UIC goal is a Pau Mateo backline low diagonal long ball from UIC side of midfield, Townsend was able to get a foot on it but deflects it the opposite way to Abdulwahab for a 2 on 1 and pass slotted between Keller and Murana, for Younes, for the open finish. Buendia was defending the central pass. SLU was caught off guard a little bit after a goal. UIC was lucky on a long ball deflection. Keller was a little bit out of position as Palozzolo stopped ball, and Murana a little wide for help there. Keller’s play there. Otherwise, Keller won several of these long balls and cleared. He out on a defensive clinic much of the game. Buendia also played well at both ends. 

Soon after, UIC had another well placed, left back, left foot, long ball over the midfield but in front of the back line from distance. Dangerous attempt over the bar. They also had one from the right side. Winning the long ball passes outside of the box for volley passes. 

Klein scored in the 53rd minute to put SLU up 3-1. Long ball from Vaughn. The two UIC players collided with each other, and Klein was on sides by a lot. Very poor call took a goal off of the board. 

Shterenberg 61st minute from Becher. Couldn’t finish. 

Klein with a flick on for Buendia, beats the defender, taken down in the box, no pk call. 64th minute.

The openings and opportunities for SLU were in the deeper wide corners as UIC plays 3 in back and the get up the field. They are more compact higher in the field.

Buendia sends a great pass for Becher in alone right side around the 80th minute, and Becher would like that one back. He went low short side. Opportunity to left foot slot it far post. Somehow it was still only 2-1 SLU at that point.

When SLU was up 1-0, they didn’t extend the lead when they had some chances. When they do, UIC scores, and they pressure briefly for ten minutes. But again, SLU had multiple chances to extend the lead again. Didn’t. 

87th minute UIC long ball was able to get behind Niece, save Schulte. Near post corner headed over the goal. 

88th minute, Abdulwahab centering pass near post gets deflected off SLU right to Moreno for UIC for the tap in. 2-2. Murana caught ball watching and didn’t get inside position. Need more of a sense of urgency late. A 2-1 win becomes 2-2 with a minute left in the game.


Becher received a long ball but slide tackled outside the box.

Long ball free kick for Parker from Keller, Parker gets taken down in the  box, no call. 

Keller for Buendia over the top but keeper off his line for save UIC.

Klein aerial service far post to Parker in the box, header to Becher. Rips it high save UIC. 


Klein 1v1 left foot straight on save. Had Parker on his side. Immediately after, Klein wide from Wilkinson, service low to Parker in the middle of the box for the winner but poor first touch from Parker. 

Becher couldn’t get a shot off quick enough in the box late. Komodi in front of goal, Moore over the bar.

Full time. 2-2 2OT Final.

Chippy game. Not the best officiated, lacking control. Credit to UIC for a spirited effort. They were much improved in both transition offense and defense. Played a tough game, especially for part of the 2nd. Tough result for SLU. Many opportunities to both extend the lead different times, and to win the game. 2 goals set up by deflections for UIC.

Nice to see Chase Niece slowly work his way back from injury. He’ll play a lot of left inside back which moves Palazollo to left defensive mid. 

Monday SLU hosts Memphis. 








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12 hours ago, SLUBALLS said:

3-0 SLU over Memphis. Hustle play for Wilkinson to slot in a low cross from Klein for first.  Brilliant freekick goal for the second by Komodi.  Nice give and go in box for Parker for third.

Wilkinson was rewarded for getting the start at an attacking wide left midfield (for Parker) vs defensive midfield, which he has mostly done in his career at SLU. He made an additional nice run w/the ball as well. Becher showing passing to Klein wide for his cross to Wilkinson. 


2nd yellow 66th minute, for Memphis’’ Toby McCallum was a big moment in the game. Becher, always working back to defend, wins the ball and takes the space center of the field on a counter and gets taken down from behind  with open field and numbers. 

2-0. 72nd minute, Moore received the start at left back for Vaughn, played 79 minutes. He positions higher. Worked his way up the left side. Finds Klein, who slots a through ball to Komodi who gets pulled down just outside the left side of the box. Free kick from 20 yards out, near post.


3-0. 75th minute, Parker in at left wide mid to Komodi up top and back to Parker making a run. Schulte launched a free kick. Klein wins it. (who else) back pass to Keller, one touch to Parker in space to set up give and go.


Chase Niece getting more and more match fit, from injury, starting inside back. Moves Palazzolo to midfield. (He can play multiple places) Townsend, Johnson, Buendia took much of thise minutes there. Leeth and Shterenberg wide right. Anderson wing mid with Parker.

11 subs for SLU, 10 with double digit minutes. SLU is going to do that a lot as has been discussed, especially the 2nd game of a weekend with a few guys banged up etc…

A few Freshmen have been asked about taking a redshirt. This is a regular thing for both SLU and other teams. Two of SLU’s current better/best players have successfully done it and become first team all conference players. (Niece and Buendia)

Road trip Friday to Dallas. SMU had a 1-1 draw with Denver. Their signature win thus far is 3-1 win over #8 Stanford (at the time). Good opportunity for a result for SLU.

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SLU is 23th in United Soccer Coaches Poll this week. Upcoming opponent, SMU, is 8. SLU is 25th in this week’s Top Drawer Soccer poll which came out before Monday night’s game. SMU is 12th in that poll.

Also, SLU received a commitment from 2021 Iowa Gatorade Player of the Year, 2022 CJ Coppola

He’s a finishing Forward with strong technical ability, good size (he’s 6’2) and he can play w/pace. Plays Waukee, IA/Minnesota United FC Academy, formerly VSA Iowa, USYS. 


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SLU at SMU Friday night. 

Long time rival. St. Louisan Kevin Hudson, former All Region player, and Academic All American at SMU is in his 7th season as Head Coach after being a long time assistant. 2019 NCAA Quarterfinals.’2017 and 2015 NCAA Sweet 16’s under Kevin. 

SMU is a mix of about half very experienced Seniors/Grad student transfer players, a handful of very promising young local players connected to Dallas Solar, (JP Jordan) and a few International players. They have a lot of size too.

Offensively, it starts with Gabriel Costa who does not have size, but he is an All American in the attacking midfield, ’positions himself well in tight spaces in the box and midfield, and he can finish. (He has a half field goal this year vs Stanford.) Azusa Pacific/Brasil D-2 transfer. Ball on a string attacking mid. Takes a lot of their free kicks as Klein does for SLU. 

Papa Ndoye plays up top, plays with pace and physicality, finisher. LIU transfer/Senegal. All Region player. Have to find him on through balls. He can also go out wide. Electric finisher.

Skage Simonsen (St, John’s transfer/Norway) gives SMU size in the midfield on set pieces, and a bit of flare. Kyran Pinho is a nice left wide midfielder Freshman from Germany, and Ahlander can create chances.

Thomas Haney, Brandon Terwege (UCLA transfer) are full 90 back line mainstays from Houston and Dallas. They are joined by a couple of Freshmen Internationals from Germany and Denmark. They’ve played a bit of a 4-5-1 and 4-4-2 depending on the opponent. 

Cole Johnson will be their keeper.

SMU is in the process of building a $5 million soccer/track stadium on the same footprint of their current facility. The West side will have a brick structure similar to their surrounding aesthetics that will serve as their stands in one direction and a large brick entrance in the other direction. Behind it will be a soccer/track specific building of locker rooms, meeting rooms etc.. 

It’s a fun opportunity for SLU to get a strong non-conference power result, against a historic rival team. 










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Appears SLU playing three in back - AJ, Kipp, and Niece.  SLU pressing well and creating some turnovers early.  3 corners but service has been crappy.  Klein not seeing much of ball. SLU misses glorious chance as Parker feeds the ball through to Anderson but he can’t connect and then we miss a side volley with open net.  SLU has looked good this far.  

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