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29 minutes ago, willie said:

Just saw on Twitter our women are playing for the A10 championship. Weren’t you trying to fire the coach? What happened? 

Actually they are in the Semifinals against #2 seed Dayton, after having swept out Davidson.  05 doesn't comment when they win, only when they lose. He will be back only if/when they are out.

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They are still not good. They will get bounced in the semifinals. Kent Miller should still be canned. I’ve said it 100 times that he has perfected the art of skating by with mediocre - bad teams because A10 volleyball is atrocious. They are firmly above the ten layers of dogsh!t that is this conference but not in the same class as Dayton or VCU. It’s obvious you lack the sufficient knowledge to make an educated comment on the team given you thought they were in the final. 
I explained my reasons he should be fired quite thoroughly in the volleyball thread. Furthermore look at the underwhelming recruiting class he’s just signed. 

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UD beat our lady Billikens 3-2 in the A-10 Semis. We finished w quite a few wins down the stretch and earned a #3 seed. At the same time, the team went 17-12 and no NCAA Tournament is likely.  Previously, #2 seed UD beat SLU 3-0 and then 3-1 with a record of 22-8.  
Not good enough record for us IMO

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