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OT: Billikens in Business

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It is just small sliver of the thousands of attacks per second against Norse global sensors.

Thus, certain sensors in the dataset are highlighted on the map, but is not indicative of the true distribution.

Seattle is also popular it seems of late.

There exist millions of Norse sensors throughout the darknet and internet, showing all would clutter the map :P

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Can he help in recruiting Ireland's top hoopsters? Don't know if they have any, but it wouldn't hurt to get a recruiting call from the US Ambassador. Also, soccer talent should be on his radar.

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SLU grad James Gunn's new movie - Guardians of the Galaxy - comes out this weekend.

Take your kids, grand kids, wives, Jimbo's hos, I own Disney stock and it took a hit today. Along with everything else, so I won 't be joining the SLU millionaire's club anytime soon.

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Take your kids, grand kids, wives, Jimbo's hos, I own Disney stock and it took a hit today. Along with everything else, so I won 't be joining the SLU millionaire's club anytime soon.

You should invest your money with Willie. He'll get that portfolio turned around.

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Guardians of the Galaxy raked in a record-setting $94 million over the weekend, and it's looking like it will become a franchise.

Time to hit Gunn up for a donation.

Just about the entire Gunn family has attended SLU, including a couple at SLU Law School

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Since this thread began going beyond narrow definition of "Business," to notable alums, thought i'd expand it a bit more. A few did not graduate and I included a few now deceased due to their Billikens connections. We'll start with aforementioned James Gunn:

James Gunn, BA -- Actor, writer, producer of such films as Tromeo and Juliet, The Specials, Spy vs. Spy, Scooby-Doo, Dawn of the Dead and Scooby-Doo 2-Monsters Unleashed, among others. Formerly married to Nerinx gal and star of NBC's The Office - Jenna Fisher.

Bill Clay -- St. Louis alderman and later congressman from Missouri's First District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Garry Wills, BA Philosophy '57 -- Pulitzer Prize-winning author, journalist, and historian, specializing in American history, politics and Roman Catholic history.

Bob Burnes (The Benchwarmer), BA, '35 -- Dean of St. Louis sportswriters; executive sports editor at the Globe Democrat and KMOX broadcast personality. With KMOX's Bob Hyland, invented the Open Line radio format in the United States and launched KMOX's still-running Sports Open Line. (deceased)

Bob Hyland -- CBS regional vice president, GM of KMOX radio -- for many years the #1 advertising revenue radio station in the United States. (deceased)

Linda Hope (A&S ’60) -- CEO of Hope Enterprises, Inc., and producer of her father Bob Hope's television specials for over twenty-five years. Has been active in SLU Alumni Club in Los Angeles.

Bob DeRodes, MBA -- EVP and Chief Information Officer, The Home Depot.

Cathy Coughlin, MS, Finance -- Sr. EVP and Global Marketing Officer, AT&T.

Robert Guillaume -- Stage, TV and film actor and singer. Won Emmys for Soap and Benson, a Grammy for the Lion King. Born in downtown St. Louis. Business Administration major at SLU. Not sure graduated.

Christine Poon, MA -- She is former Vice Chairman of Johnson & Johnson's Board of Directors and Worldwide Chairman of J&J's Pharmaceuticals Group. Currently dean of Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business.

David Merrick, JD, '37 -- Left a law career to become among the most prolific Broadway producers in history. Eight-time Tony Award winner including Hello Dolly, 42nd Street. Produced nearly 100 Broadway shows in a career that spanned six decades. Born in STL, undergrad at Wash U. (deceased)

Mike Isaacson, BA-English, MBA -- Artistic Director & Executive Producer, The MUNY. Former executive producer of Fox Theatricals. He owns multiple Tony Awards for Broadway productions including Legally Blonde, The Musical and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Most interesting fun fact: before going the theatre route, Mike served for two years in SLU PR department and then was Fr. Biondi's executive assistant.

Dr. Jan Garavaglia, 1982, star of Dr. G: Medical Examiner;

Gene Kranz, 1954 Parks -- former director of NASA Mission Operations and flight director for six Apollo missions including the first moon landing

Dr. Jim Sears, 1996, co-host of The Doctors;

(...more in next post.)

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A few more...

In Sports, we know the big names over the years including Ed Macauley, Ty Keough, Anthony Bonner, Dick Bouschka, Bob Ferry, Larry Hughes, Pat Leahy, Brian McBride, Vedad Ibišević, Jim Peterson, Tim Ream and Brad Davis. But did you know the following are SLU grads:

  • Andy Benes - All-Star Cardinals pitcher. 14-years in MLB, also with the San Diego Padres, the Seattle Mariners and the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • George Michael – Emmy-winning sportscaster, creator and host of The George Michael Sports Machine
  • Jerry Trupiano – Former Boston Red Sox Radio Broadcaster
The list of politicians and judges (past and present) could go on page after page. But here is a small additional sampling to those listed in earlier posts:
  • Our current mayor, Francis Slay (J.D. 1980) – Forty-ninth mayor of the City of St. Louis.
  • Dave Barrett (M.S.W. 1956) – Premier of British Columbia, Canada (1972–1975).
  • Enrique Bolaños (B.A. 1962) – former President of Nicaragua.
  • Quico Canseco (B.A., J.D.) – U.S. Congressman, Texas (2011–2013).
  • Alfonso J. Cervantes – Forty-third mayor of the City of St. Louis (1965–1973).
  • James F. Conway (B.S., M.B.A.) – Forty-fifth mayor of the City of St. Louis (1977–1981).
  • Joseph M. Darst – Forty-first mayor of the City of St. Louis (1949–1953).
  • Jason Grill – Representative in the Missouri House of Representatives, (2006–2010).
  • Robert Emmett Hannegan (1903–1949) (J.D. 1925) – Commissioner of U.S. Internal Revenue (1943–1945); Chairman, Democratic National Committee (1944–1947); U.S. Postmaster General (Truman administration, 1945–1947); President, St, Louis Cardinals (1947–1949).
  • William F. Quinn – First Governor of Hawaii (1959–1963)
  • Joseph P. Teasdale (J.D.) – Governor of Missouri (1977–1981).
This doesn't even scratch the surface. No doctors, academicians, Jesuits, etc.
Much more if you're interested at SLU'S Wikipedia page and other online sources.
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