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  1. Why do you hate running so much now?
  2. Stop whining. They have perfect form to toss balls and shirts to row J in 108. My boys have enough stuff to open a fan shop.
  3. The game is more exciting with him in it. Willie was the same way albeit much taller. We also had no French protecting the rim, that would made those lay ups he let up much more difficult.
  4. That is really cool! My oldest was a ball boy during the Seton Hall game. He is still talking about it and something he will never forget.
  5. I believe I am the owner of the last plunger ever given at Humps. I was there with my oldest having lunch a few days before they closed and asked our waitress if I could bye one. She said they didn't have any left but 10 minutes later came back with one she said was in the basement. She didn't charge me for it and asked if I wanted shot in ti. I should have accepted but thought it would look back in front of a 7 year old.
  6. I coached 3rd grade last season, moving up to 4th this fall....pretty pumped.
  7. Tamika is their aunt. My mom is really close with theirs and I ask her for the scoop in Jayce all the time. He’s getting some offers but not to the level I thought he would be. He is growing and is a great kid. I would love to see SLU look at him.
  8. I ended up winning a few items. Not sure if they will contact me but there was no way to pay for them online through the auction system.
  9. Here we go...... I didn't see it, the game started too late. Such a bummer because my 2 older boys wanted to watch the game but could only stay up until half time.
  10. The Bills needed to score when they loaded the bases in the top of the 10th. Nice game but could have taken it.
  11. Tom Pagnozzi. Tom is the reason I came to SLU. I grew up playing baseball in S. Florida and the guy I trained with growing up Wally Horsman was friends with Tom. Tom had introduced him to the then baseball coach at SLU Bob Hughes. That intro started the Bucky Dent Baseball school summer camps in St. Louis. My junior year in high school as I was looking for places to play in college Wally asked me to check out SLU. I had no idea where St. Louis was on a map but remember watching the Billikens in the NCAA tourney and my dad telling their coach's name was Spoon which I found funny. So I took a visit to St. Louis on a fall weekend in 1996. It just so happened to be the day or 2 after (cant recall exactly) the Cards got bounced by the Braves. Bob picked me up from the airport and went straight to Busch Stadium. He gave me a tour then took me into the locker room where a lot of the players were emptying their lockers. I met Tom, Ozzie, Wilie and a bunch of others. It was pretty sweet. After that we went to campus for a tour and to take in the team's practice. That night I hung out with the guys and did a lot of the same the following day. On Sunday before I was to fly home I called my parents from Bob's office and told them I was going to be a Billiken. That's my story and I have been going to games since my freshman year at the Kiel.
  12. I am not sure but I would think it is always that way. There didn't look like another way to get to the bleachers and more importantly the beer garden.
  13. Was at Vandy this past weekend and to get to the baseball outfield seats you need to walk through the basketball arena. I think this is Matt Ryan putting up shots. Cool little gym.
  14. We are leaving the kids at home so staying up right until 9 pm will be a challenge. We are staying by Vandy and my buddy owns the Listening Room and he said that is an option. I am open to suggestions though. Thanks!
  15. Anyone watching in Nashville? Or know of a good spot to watch the game?
  16. My 8 year old was in the car with me when we got the robo call from Ford. He is on Spring Break and that made his day. He walked in and told my wife that Coach Ford called him. It was pretty cool.
  17. Do the Hokies have a black jersey?
  18. Thanks! His brother seems to be getting more minutes the last few weeks after being glued to the bench most of his freshman year.
  19. Pistol-any movement on Jayce Catchings? All I heard is the SEMO offer.
  20. VCU did a great job of selling contact. Maybe I just don't notice but I always find myself questioning why our guys don't. TI is actually not bad at it.
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