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  1. I'm not too worried about coming up with a machine. It's the tapes that are the tricky part. Id just love to see that Illini game in the dome again or any number of old games from the vcr era. But alas, it's not likely to be.
  2. Yeah I always forget about CL. I've had some success with it though and it might be a nice end around the Goodwill and the lockdown in this case. So long as I can find enough PPE and those danged clorex wipes for the meetup.....
  3. Yeah I don't know about Zoom video sharing. I have a framemeister so I can record to digital from most any source. But I don't have a vcr any more but would love to get one again and this would be more than enough excuse for me.
  4. If he finds it, he can message me and I can get him an address to send it to (preferably a copy, but no worries either way I can send it back if need be) so I can digitize it. This process will take some time. Not the digitizing itself, just me getting to my mailbox, digging up a decent vcr, and finding the anticipated 5 hours or so. If I could get it in my mailbox by the 8th of May I could probably have it done in under a week. After that I don't know when my next window of opportunity will be but happy to help. Edit: Actually, might take a bit longer because I forgot I very
  5. Yup, that's the main problem right there. No, the classic sports Napster revolution will not be televised, sadly. Also, if you do somehow manage to obtain any and aren't able to transfer them I will gladly do it. This, friend, seems to be the only way. Shame on them hoarding our cultural heritage without even giving us a chance to pay for the "privilege" of experiencing it. Pure short sightedness and stubbornness with maybe a dose of ignorance, but I highly doubt it.
  6. Cool--would really love to see the older stuff on here too, but that's a tall order--I may never live to see classic sports served up iTunes/Spotify style.
  7. But why the previously mentioned unpinning? If the D league is in his future, we should wish him success. An entrance counselor in DuBourg once told me SLU's not for everyone. Wise words unfortunately ignored. Hopefully though, this is nothing and everybody, including CG, is in uniform in the fall and ready to work the A10 into submission and put the bejesus into the Beast.
  8. This squad beat RI? If you believe that, ...
  9. Best...post...ever. Side note to GW Steve (3 post reaction limit, really?!)
  10. Misster Johnson! Bang! He got it! The guys just need to keep em sober, have them sign a "prenup", and preferably film it all (also in writing, of course). That's wtf is goin' on. Of course none of that would help protect them from prudism, monied interests, or plain ill timing/luck.
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