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  1. But why the previously mentioned unpinning? If the D league is in his future, we should wish him success. An entrance counselor in DuBourg once told me SLU's not for everyone. Wise words unfortunately ignored. Hopefully though, this is nothing and everybody, including CG, is in uniform in the fall and ready to work the A10 into submission and put the bejesus into the Beast.
  2. This squad beat RI? If you believe that, ...
  3. Best...post...ever. Side note to GW Steve (3 post reaction limit, really?!)
  4. Misster Johnson! Bang! He got it! The guys just need to keep em sober, have them sign a "prenup", and preferably film it all (also in writing, of course). That's wtf is goin' on. Of course none of that would help protect them from prudism, monied interests, or plain ill timing/luck.
  5. Without knowing (obviously) the details of what actually transpired, if these guys get in trouble beyond a particular perceived level, I could see potentially someone putting out some feelers for potential G League partners/owners for the area.
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