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  1. This afternoon's segment: https://www.scoopswithdannymac.com/billikens-basketball-update-with-travis-ford-december-3-2019/ Travis thinks Gibson has been very consistent in bringing more positives than negatives to each game - scores consistently and continues to get better defensively Hasn't experienced any surprises with this bunch, if anything, Javonte has been more impressive quicker than he expected expected him to be a 10-15 min/game guy at this point then develop as the season goes on but he's caught on more quickly Jordan is the best rebounding guard, even better than Marcus Smart at rebounding Travis expects Thatch to be out a while - "dealing with cramping" but didn't give much info beyond that Yuri is dealing with thumb injuries on both hands which Travis uses to explain the turnovers lately
  2. He spent time at the 4 last night too I noticed. Is he big enough for that position?
  3. Asking out of genuine curiosity, how does a player participate in NBA workouts? I assume they're invited? I noticed Bess has been at several which makes it seem a little promising that he may end up with a team. Denver, Atlanta, LA and now Houston.
  4. It's on Saturday! The event website is https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-missouri-vs-illinois-riverwar-high-school-all-star-basketball-games-tickets-57937067328.
  5. Just got an email from Saint Louis University. Was the photo of Duke as the ACC Champions intentional?
  6. Jayson Tatum posted this on insta. Hes picking slu through Sweet 16, probably obligated to pick Duke as the winner
  7. Our social media has been the best it's ever been this year, the videos/gifs especially.
  8. I could be wrong, but I feel like he is being double teamed much more than last year so perhaps his number are a little bit more impressive because he's doing it all while double teamed. Preaching to the choir here but man if he could just hit a higher percentage of his free throws, that could be HUGE for his overall game.
  9. Here's to hoping our '19 recruits can help us land '20's!! (Looks like somone responded to Davion Bradford's insta and said "go to slu so you and Hargrove can ball out" to which Bradford responded with the emojis and tagging Hargorve and Yuri. And then Hargrove posted this on his own story saying "Come to the Family")
  10. I have two free tickets available for Tuesday's Dayton game at 8:00 pm, section 209.
  11. He posted on his insta story during the game tagging his bro and some of #TeamBlue members including Fred Thatch, Demarius Jacobs, Javon and one or two others. Don't know if that answers who he was rooting for but I think it shows that he probably didn't leave on bad terms.
  12. Thanks for sharing these takeaways! Love hearing this about Hargrove. He's the one I'm most excited to have, think will fit seamlessly into our system and 100% buy into the program. Also good to know some of these players are versatile in case we have depth problems.
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