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  1. Did you find them yet? I have two available.
  2. Hard to stop him when your point guard is a step slower.
  3. Guess we sit close to each other. I wondered why they took the tables away.
  4. Great idea. More tickets sold for the Bulls game. More money spent on parking and concessions. Exposing people to your product that might come back at a later date. But this is forward out of the box thinking. It would never happen here.
  5. Ya that was deflating. Still enjoyed that trip but it got bad quick.
  6. I agree to a point. But it could be Travis trying to prove a point. He has butted heads with Travis a lot this year on playing coaches way.
  7. What has he done tonight so he’s not forgettable?
  8. No great wins and no bad losses.
  9. That was because TJ was ready to get into it with someone from the other team. Coach was basically telling him to be smart and don’t do that. TJ was really fired up. The other coach pulled his aside and settled him down. It took a bit TJ was pretty pissed.
  10. I think they’ve answered that question a few times. One of them being earlier this year against us.
  11. Especially if the bus was welded together as a class project.
  12. I have to work tomorrow and can’t attend the game. I have two tickets if anyone wants them. Section 111 row D seat 4 and 5. Please don’t take them if you’re not going to use them for sure.
  13. If he thinks he has to sit for the next two years do you really think he’ll stick around? Maybe he will but most players wouldn’t.
  14. GJ is a step slow compared to the guys guarding a lot if the time.
  15. Had a last minute cancellation tonight. I have one ticket if anyone wants it. Front row at the end of the Billiken’s bench. Free
  16. His 5-6 early rebounds was a big help in us getting out in front. I also was hoping he would have been a better shooter at this point. But he usually adds to the team in a positive way.
  17. There will be a transfer or two next year. There always is.
  18. I get that and they work. But Covid is a little different. A person that is vaccinated can still contract snd pass Covid. Is it the same for these others? I understand that if your vaccinated and get Covid it most likely isn’t going to cause you a lot of issues. I’m vaccinated so I don’t have to wear a mask at work. But since I’m vaccinated I shouldn’t have to worry about those that are unvaccinated correct? That’s why I don’t agree with the jab mandates. If you don’t get it get sick and die that was your choice. If my vaccination works I shouldn’t have to worry about weather or not you are.
  19. This is why I get a popcorn. It’s easier to string out than nachos and less of a mess. Just a piece here and there and I’m good to go.
  20. I’ve had season tickets for a little over a decade. I’ve never felt unsafe leaving a game. I’ve never had issues with my car. I know concessions are expensive at all sporting events. But I’d like to see some data on lowering the price and selling more vs keeping it high and selling less. I’m pretty much to the point where I won’t buy anything. I think they could do a lot better job of marketing and filling the place. Reach out to high schools and get their pep clans in there have a contest of some sort for the loudest ones. If you can offer free tickets for the whole team to a Saturday game if you high school won the night before. Kids will buy concessions. Their parents might buy tickets to go also. If they see an exciting time they’ll come back. I would think it would be better to give tickets away then let the seats be empty. There has to be more they can do. People have a lot of options for entertainment these days. You have to find a way to make them choose you. I don’t think SLU does a good job of this. I remember in high school my friends and I buying tickets and driving 40 miles to go watch Clagget,H,and Highmark play. They were top 25 and man those were fun games to watch. We’d pile 5 or 6 people in a car and pay $5 to park in someone’s front yard. I really miss those times. Only thing we had to worry about was getting to class on time the next day.
  21. I think Nesbitt is in a battle with Ford right now on playing style. His body language on the bench shows frustration and disappointment with playing time. Last game was rough on him for sure. Hopefully it’s just part of his growing process and things change. He’s obviously very talented and we need him on the floor more. But with Ford you either play his way or you don’t play. Nesbitt has probably never had to face that in his life.
  22. I’m glad it wasn’t for pictures posted.
  23. I’ve put on a couple Covid pounds.
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