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  1. I agree he will add needed length for rebounding. Guarding the post is my issue. I like Hankton but not at where he was being forced to play Sunday. He was getting thrown around trying to box out. Will Ford be forced to move Bess off of opposing team's scorer to guard a big when Foreman and French are on bench? This will be an even bigger issue for next year. Teams will be trying to get French in foul trouble from the tip with our other 6'7 players more shooters than size. I liked the change of Ford made Sunday by speeding up the offense without much CG, but relying on one big for defens
  2. TJ is listed at 6'7, but standing next to him last week I would argue he is probably closer to 6'5. He could play a 4 on offense, but doesnt have the size yet to guard college 4s. I would guess he will try to fill in for Bess absence on both sides as much as possible. Anyone know who the recruit was at last Sunday's game that sat in the corner behind the bench? He was 6'7-6'8 with good size.
  3. He coud have got a lot more minutes, but it was apparent that he was being brought in interchangbly for French to get rest. Point is that Hankton was playing in places he shouldn't be, and has barely been used all year even at his strong suit on a wing. Why else would they force him into big positions unless they are trying to get him ready to take that role behind Foreman, being the new tallest guy off the bench.
  4. Even though Gordon was in slight foul trouble Sunday, it was pretty odd to see Hankton getting so many minutes out of nowhere, especially not playing a wing position in the offense. Gordon only got 11 minutes and his negative additude on the bench was obvious. Something had to happen between his Fla St postgame tweet and Chirstmas.
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