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  1. Sad to see him go. Feel like he was basically forced to leave.
  2. Diarra commented on Okoro's instagram post with "Welcome bro" so Diarra probably isn't leaving.
  3. is that a reliable source? They joined twitter this month. Hope it's true though.
  4. Could we get Okoro and not have to lose anyone? Okoro said he’s sitting out next year regardless of the transfer rule change because of injuries.
  5. A-10/C-USA would be a good challenge. Both have 14 teams. C-USA has some strong teams at the top also with WKU, Louisiana Tech, and N Texas.
  6. What I don't understand is why doesn't every college player take advantage of this opportunity and test the water? Like even players who know they will probably never make the NBA can just do it for the fun of it because that's the closest they'll get to playing in the NBA.
  7. This could mean he wants to come to SLU, but since there are no scholarships, he's playing there for a year.
  8. UNCG was the first team out last year.
  9. The goat Royce Simpson in the house!!
  10. Anyone see Grandy's most recent Instagram post? What's his deal?
  11. We are trying to get into the Big Dance not the little dance.
  12. I'm sweating this game out on the couch. We HAVE to win by 10+
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