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  1. Xavier women's soccer schedule shows the old Billiken https://goxavier.com/sports/womens-soccer/schedule/2021
  2. On my ESPN App, it shows all the channels.
  3. I was thinking about Carte'Are Gordon being at his 4th school in 3 years. One other guy comes to mind as far as most schools in college basketball career. Zach Lofton played at 5 schools in 6 years. (San Jacinto College, Illinois State, Minnesota, Texas Southern, New Mexico State). I wonder what the record is, if these aren't them.
  4. So he’s essentially a freshman with 3 more years after this one if he takes the covid waiver as well.
  5. KC looks legit this year. They will definitely compete in the Summit.
  6. all the teams used covid as an excuse to get out of playing us this year.
  7. where'd you find the game on Youtube?
  8. Why does SIUE get 3 games in the Billiken Classic but we only get 2? I wanna play UHSP too.
  9. and you can put a current player's last name and number on the jersey as long you "have" the same last name as the player
  10. I loved seeing Rob Loe dribble with long, baggy shorts. it was awesome
  11. Who else misses the days of players wearing long, baggy shorts?
  12. So does Fred Thatch Jr. have 4 years of eligibility remaining? 2 normal years, medical redshirt, and covid extra year.
  13. They are trying to persuade Nesbitt to come to Illinois and be the FIRST in a long long time.
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