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  1. You can buy a Billiken bobblehead for $30 on https://store.bobbleheadhall.com/products/kollecticoncaa?_pos=1&_sid=ea8871933&_ss=r&variant=14314931355711
  2. The Billiken Athletics twitter page tweeted out yesterday that the first 4,000 fans get a Billiken bobblehead at the first game November 5. I'm just wondering if it's gonna be the same bobblehead that they came out with earlier this year or if it will be like an exclusive arena giveaway. Maybe it will say 2019 Atlantic 10 champions on the base?
  3. Don’t forget about Jake Barnett!
  4. Mike McCall Jr. played in the D-League for a while
  5. Any chance Davell Roby plays in the G-Legaue?
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