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  1. Is this season's team as good as the K. Mitchell led team of 2011-2012?
  2. I did not know where else to post this. The Billikens are playing Belmont on Fox College Sports (FCSP) Uverse at this time and the game with SIU follows at 11:00 am.
  3. His grandfather was also a good basketball player. I coached an AAU team that played against him before AAU became what it is today. He has good basketball genes.
  4. Thank you, Quality Is Job 1.
  5. Who is Strickland and when did he commit? What position does he play? I've missed a lot.
  6. I don't understand why Wilken could make so many mistakes and shoot so poorly and stay in the game as long as she did and anytime Flowers made a mistake she was taken out. Regardless, the team has some talent and they were fun to watch, especially their movement on offense.
  7. Replay on FSMOH (FSM Ohio) at100:pm tonight.
  8. I just saw him at church last month. I noticed that he would miss coming sometime because of illness but I did not know what was ailing him. I found out it was cancer. He was a very nice man.
  9. Just watched the replay of the Colgate game and it is plain to see what you say about Wilken is true. Maybe the coaching staff will help her change.
  10. Hey, almaman. It's been awhile.
  11. Seton Hall is going to be tough to beat. Their guards are quick and Powell is a very good shooter. They should have beaten Michigan State but State got help at the end.
  12. I am going. UConn is my favorite team and Collier is my favorite player and has been since she was a sophomore at Incarnate Word Academy. I pull for SLU also and the 6'5" freshman should help SLU considerably in the future. I've been a UConn WCBB fan since 2000.
  13. It was awhile back but Sumner had six high D1 players on the same team including two who came to SLU, Harry Rogers and James Brown. It also had William Westfall who played for Memphis State and played against Bill Walton and UCLA in the NCAA Tournament, Marshall Rogers, who led the nation in scoring one year, Clarence Weaver who I believe played for Illinois State, and David Brent who played for Wake Forest.
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